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17 Jul 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Old 2013-07-09, 15:15   #11
The Infidel

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Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Originally Posted by [R-COM]LITOralis.nMd View Post
Could you please let us know exactly which Comodo product(s) you have installed.
And if you know, which Comodo product isolated PRLauncher.exe .

We would like to get this corrected before 1.0 launches , quite a few people use Comodo products.
Sorry for the very late reply. I use COMODO Internet Security Premium. Accompanying with it is COMODO Anti-Virus and COMODO Firewall.

What was isolating the PRLauncher.exe was the COMODO Firewall. I hope you guys fix this issue. Good luck and you guys did great with the 1.0 Beta
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Old 2014-01-03, 15:03   #12
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Sorry to bump the thread - this is the only one I've found that mentions the same error number, so I thought it was more relevant than making a new one.

I am now getting the same Error 57 that the prior user started getting whenever I try to install - it seems that the problem comes when the installer tries to copy files to a temporary directory. I do have admin, but it may just be a Windows issue; as when investigating the folder, it says I require permission from myself to make changes.
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Old 2014-01-03, 15:25   #13
PR:BF2 Developer
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Antivirus problem again?
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Old 2014-01-03, 15:54   #14
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Antivirus isn't picking anything up, and I tried with it disabled: it seems to be a problem concerning how Windows 7 handles the temporary files with this particular installer. I'm always able to apply one update - and then after that, the launcher/updater attempts to overwrite the same files again with the next update, rather than properly removing them in the Temp/ProjectRealityUpdate folder. Win7 doesn't like this 'overwrite' part. Not sure whether it's Win7 or the installer, but it also likes automatically setting them to read-only.
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Old 2014-01-03, 15:57   #15
PR:BF2 Developer
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

It's an issue with your setup in some way... not sure what, but there are a lot of people using windows 7 and updating just fine, myself included

We just need to figure out what in your configuration is causing the block. Could you detail anything about your computer/windows install/setup that may be considered 'abnormal'?
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Old 2014-01-03, 16:08   #16
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Not that I'm aware, no. Haven't had the issue before with anything else, which is what's confusing me - for some reason, it's just decided that the ProjectRealityUpdate folder requires permission from whichever user (including the hidden root admin account) is actually trying to delete it at the time. Wasn't blaming the launcher, just the way that my particular setup - however it is - seems to be handling it.

EDIT: I've found a very time-consuming workaround that has allowed me to update to restart the machine in Safe Mode, delete the ProjectRealityUpdate folder from Safe Mode, restart again in normal mode, install one increment of the patch, and then repeat the process for each increment until fully patched. Has taken an annoyingly long time, but hopefully anyone else suffering the same issue with Error 57 might find this works for them.
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Old 2014-01-04, 03:36   #17
PR:BF2 Developer
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

May I ask what antivirus program you use? I know you said you disabled it, but I'm still curious.
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Old 2014-01-06, 16:09   #18
Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Bitdefender - which didn't show up any events even before it was disabled, and didn't actually stay disabled for my eventual workaround to succeed.
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Old 2014-01-07, 21:59   #19

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Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Same issue just now.

I'm still holding the dialogue up, and browsing support forums in order to find a possible solution. Antivirus software doesn't do anything - its Avast Free AV. Ill try to disable it and check permissions on folders but I never had any issues until now. Win7 X64 Ultimate. Game is retail DVD so no steam part, and its on a separate partition made for games, not in C:\Program Files ( x86 )\ or alike. Running as admin all apps related to BF2.


Ok so I managed to fix it myself.

- checked AV software quarantine and FS shields, nothing reported, so I added game folder and updater files folder to exclusion list, so it doesnt scan it, or access it, while updating.

- rechecked if all PR related apps are set to run as admin - check, all done

- closed dialogue, and attempted to launch PRLauncher again, it failed

- located prpatch files and ran file prbf2_patch_1.0.0.36_to_1.1.0.0.prpatch ( I think its called something like that ) as admin

- it flashed several times , and restarted process, or was running different patches one after another

After the last dialogue PRLauncher started on its own. I guess it was a small fil access R/W issue, or timeout, and root cause might be either file system shield from AV or prpatch not executing as admin ( no matter UAC is off, if there is a way to build this in it, you should do so, or make users manually start update process but STRONGLY advising them to run as admin )

Solved I guess. That was quick, Im still good, damn

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Old 2014-01-10, 22:55   #20
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Default Re: PR 1.0 Beta Update Error 62

Hiya Massive, hope you've been doing well,

Dev Ancientman hates UAC screens, I'll mention to him the UAC issue. It might actually be because UAC is turned completely off with a registry hack. AncientMan might not have programmed the patches for when
Policies\System\Enable LUA = 0
Just a guess.

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