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02 Dec 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Feedback Post your feedback on the current Project Reality release (including SinglePlayer).

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Old 2013-06-29, 05:05   #1
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Default [Official] General Feedback

Any feedback that has not it's own feedback thread can be posted here.
Please stick to constructive feedback. Your happyness about the release can be expressed in the newspost.

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Old 2013-06-29, 12:35   #2

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Default Re: General Feedback

I can't really tell if I should put this here, but I've always had the Mumble HUD on in-game until a few months ago when it crashed and I wasn't able to see it anymore (or launch the game when mumble was running for some weird reason.). I uninstalled mumble and re installed it again, but it didn't work either.

So I waited for 1.0, uninstalled everything (including mumble) today and installed the beta.

Now I still can't see the Mumble HUD in-game. Nor can I find any fixes or menu in PR mumble to opt the option off or on.

Edit: I'm an idiot. Because of the BF2 font I didn't notice it at all. Sorry for the confusion!
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Old 2013-06-29, 13:22   #3
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It should be completely integrated.
The overlay is using the ingame HUD are you sure it's not working?
Have you been on a 1.0 server talking to people?

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Old 2013-06-29, 14:01   #4

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Default Re: General Feedback


I'm in the server but can not respanw

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Old 2013-06-29, 14:02   #5
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Default Re: General Feedback

Is it just me or does autodeploy not work with the 100p servers?
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Old 2013-06-29, 14:13   #6

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Default Re: General Feedback

Autodeploy doesn't work for me, and servers are running really laggy right now
Two more servers (1EU/1US) would be great
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Old 2013-06-29, 14:16   #7
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Default Re: General Feedback

Yeah it doesnt matter what number you type, if i say Join at 70 players it tries to join a 99/100 server
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Old 2013-06-29, 14:36   #8

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Default Re: General Feedback

Keep getting 1301 error during login from time to time
Might be due to server overload at the moment, still reported
Click image for larger version

Name:	PR-error login.jpg
Views:	60
Size:	19.4 KB
ID:	7657
OS: Win 7
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Old 2013-06-29, 15:03   #9

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Default Re: General Feedback

Is the blur effects on the teaser was from the game, or something else?
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Old 2013-06-29, 15:16   #10

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Default Re: General Feedback

Just played on the US server from GB. Everything good gameplay wise, I'm dead impressed! The usual bugbears though.

Laggy servers - I understand that the whole point of the release was to stress test certain aspects of the game, most prominently the 100 player code. So far, the 8 man squads work fine, no issues there. The problem is when the number of players in the server hits 84/85, everyone lags like hell, with crashes every so often. Around 80 or so, everything was dandy.

Mumble - Apparently, people were having issues getting it to connect. I didn't have any myself, and the only thing I could see that had issues was the overlay. I see the speaker icon in the bottom right when i talk on local and squad, but i don't see any names when people are talking anywhere in either local or squad.

Autodeploy - Tried to use this function with values at 98 and 97 with what i'm assuming are 2 reserved slots (making 98 available for pubbies). It still tries to deploy with 99 in server.

Name tags - There are still some players whose name tags do not appear above their heads. The majority do, but not all.

Black Gold AAS - I deployed on the russian side on this layer so i'm only reporting what others put in global chat. When the chinese team spawned in, they had no character models, no 3rd person weapon models (so everyone was completely invisible), and they spawned in with M4s. Unless this is the new chinese combat uniform, sounds a little iffy to me.

Other than those, the actual game play is immense! The sounds are amazing, the visuals are brilliant, the overall level of immersion is beyond anything i've ever experienced on a game. The 1.0 release will be like christmas on steroids!

ROBSEDIT: As of 1.0.18, the issue with mumble has been sorted. Overlay now works.

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