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20 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Highlights Highlights of what work the Devs are currently working on

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Wink PRBF2 v1.0.0.0 Changelog (First Beta)

As we move into the beta phase of our build cycle for v1.0 (we were previously on alpha builds), we thought we might show off some progress in encoded changelogs, like we used to do way back in the past. Yeah, we know they're just a massive tease, but if you look closely, you can figure out quite a lot of things from these changelogs, some of the messages are quite easy to decode...

When we get to our final release, we'll be posting the complete feature list of course, but for now, enjoy trying to figure out what's going on.

Core 16082:17251

AI: Uxxxxxd Bxxxxxxs wxxh cxxxxxt PR txxm mxxxxxs :P (yxxh we axl wxxxa kxxl oxxxxxxxs) (bloodydeed) 17183

COMMMON: Nxw bxxxd/hxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16724

COMMON: Axxxd sxxxxxxxxx.dxs sxxxxxe txxxxxe, wxxxh is uxxd on Txd Sxe. (afsoccer) 16123
COMMON: Cxxxxxxxxd sxxe uxxxxxxxxxxd sxy txxxxxxs, uxxd on kxxxxn axd txd sxe, sxxe a fxw mb's (ancientman) 16260
COMMON: Axxxd txxxxxxs/sxy/dxxxxxxxxd.dxs wxxxh is uxxd on Vxxxo Cxxy axd mxy be uxxxxl on oxxxr mxxs. (afsoccer) 16339
COMMON: Axxxd Vxxxxxm mxxxc (afterdune) 16346
COMMON: Axxxd nxw txxxxxn txxxxxxs (afterdune) 16346
COMMON: Axxxd mxxxc fxxxs fxr Vxxxxxm mxxxxxxxxxr (afterdune) 16351
COMMON: Fxxxd txe bxg wxxxe yxu cxxxxn't exxt an AxV. Sxxxxd be OK nxw. (afterdune) 16431
COMMON: Rxxxxxxd axd axxxd exxxxxxxn sxxxxs. Cxxxxxd gxxxxxe ixxxxt sxxxxs fxr fxxt sxxxxxxg Mxxx (AxxP) to mxxe txe sxxxd sxxxd fxxxxr.x
xx Axxo nxw dxxxxxt ixxxxt sxxxxs.x
xx Axxo axxxd dxxxxs sxxxxs to cxxxxxn mxxxxxxl exxxxxxxxs.x
xx Axxxd xxm sxxxxxxxp sxxxxs, xxxm sxxxxxxxp sxxxxs.x
xx Nxw kxxxe ixxxxt sxxxxs on wxxd, fxxxh, hxxd axd sxxt mxxxxxxxs.x
xx Nxw bxxxxxxxxs on axl mxxxxxxxs. Nxw rxxxxxxxs axd sxxxs/wxxxxs. (anders) 16443
COMMON: Axxxd xxxm fxxxy sxxxxs (anders) 16506
COMMON: Cxxxxxd txe exxxxxh vxxxxs to txe oxxxxxxl PR vxxxxs (anders) 16519
COMMON: Nxw bxxxxt fxxxxs/sxxxs. Mxxxd in x.xx sxxxs ixxo my sxxxxs (anders) 16567
COMMON: Rxxxxxxd oxd vxxxxxa PxM bxxxs wxxh nxw oxxs on txe axxo cxxxe mxxxl (chuc) 16683
COMMON: Axxxd wxxxxxxd txxxxxe fxr txe rxxxr (rhino) 16723
COMMON: Mxxe oxxh sxxxxs ixxo oxg axd mxxe xx% sxxxxt. Dxxxxxxxd txe sxxe fxxm (wxv) xx,xxB to (oxg) xxxxB. (anders) 16728
COMMON: Nxw JxxM exxxxxxxn sxxxxs (anders) 16737
COMMON: Axxxd xxxm sxxxxxxxxxs fxr xxxm to xxxm sxxxxs (anders) 16792
COMMON: Nxw bxxxxt hxt sxxxxs (anders) 16953
COMMON: Axxxd "Oxxxxxxxxxxxxe.nxxxxxxxxxxxp x" to dxxxxxxxxe HxG nxxxs so txe sxxxxxxs dxn't gxt in txe wxy of txe sxxxl exxxxxxn exxxxxs. (rhino) 16957
COMMON: Ixxxxxxxxxd xp cxxxxa sxxxe wxxn exxxxxxxxs or sxxxxxxxxxn oxxxxs (chuc) 17069
COMMON: Nxw AA mxxxxxe lxxk sxxxxs (anders) 17119
COMMON: Nxw Fxxt axd axxxd Bxxxxxxxk hxt sxxxxs (anders) 17205
COMMON: Axxxd cxxxxn fxxxs fxr Bxxxk Gxxd (vapoman) 17224
COMMON: Axxxd nxw sxy txxxxxxs fxr Bxxxk Gxxd (vapoman) 17225

EFFECTS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm nxxxxm (afterdune) 16352
EFFECTS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm sxxxd exxxxxs (afterdune) 16352
EFFECTS: Nxw fxxxe exxxxt by sxxxxxxx, cxxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16441
EFFECTS: Axxxd fxxxxxs to mxxxxxxxxxxxs on AK wxxxxxs, Mxx, AR rxxxxs, Mxxx, Mx, KxxD, PxM axd RxK (jxxt fxr txxt) (anders) 16502
EFFECTS: Axxxd nxw LxV xxxm dxxxxxt sxxxxxxxxxs axd mxxxxxxxxxh (anders) 16506
EFFECTS: Nxw bxxxd hxxxxxxt vxxxxl exxxxt (anders) 16513
EFFECTS: Dxxxxxxxd hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe of exxxxxxxn dxxxxs sxxxxs (anders) 16521
EFFECTS: Axxxd Mxxx cxxxxn dxxxxxt sxxxd (anders) 16566
EFFECTS: Axxxd cxxx dxxxxxt sxxxt sxxxd (anders) 16650
EFFECTS: Nxw dxxxxxt AT sxxxxs (anders) 16727
EFFECTS: Fxxxd exxxxxd sxxxxs nxt sxxxxxg lxxg exxxxh (j.f.leusch) 16787
EFFECTS: Axxxd nxw sxxxl exxxxxxn gxxxs ixxxxxxxg txe x.xxxxxm, x.xxxm, x.xxxm, x.xxxm axd xxm rxxxxs. (rhino) 16793
EFFECTS: Axxxd nxw sxxxl exxxxxxn gxxxs ixxxxxxxg txe .xxxxl, xx Gxxxe Bxxk, xx Gxxxe Sxxg, xxxxxxm LxxR Gxxxxxe, xxxxxxm HxxR Gxxxxxe, x.xxxxxm axd uxxxxxd txe xxxxl lxxk, sxxxxxr axxs lxxk axd to uxe txe nxw txxxxxe sxxxt, as wxxl as axd a lxxx axd rxxxxxd txe x.xxxxxm rxxxd. Axl txxxe rxxxxs nxxd cxxxxg, jxxt txe pxxxn mxxh rxxxt nxw oxxxr txxn txe lxxxs wxxxh sxxxxd wxxk as txxy sxxxd. (rhino) 16795
EFFECTS: Re-exxxxxxd txe nxw sxxxl cxxxxxs, axxo rxxxxxd txxm so txxy dxxn't hxxe txe _xxxxxg sxxxxx so txxy wxxxe mxxe in lxxe wxxh txe vxxx nxxxs, wxxh txe xxm axd xxxxl sxxxxs oxxxxxxxxxg txe vxxx oxxs, txe oxxxr sxxxxs wxxl nxxd to mxxxxxxy be axxxd to txe exxxxxxn exxxxxs. (rhino) 16894
EFFECTS: Dxxxxxd uxxxxd sxxxl exxxxxxxs (chuc) 16971
EFFECTS: Nxw vxxxxl sxxxxxxxs bxxxxxxxxs (wxp) (anders) 17028
EFFECTS: Nxw Gxxxxxe exxxxxxxn exxxxt.x(vxxxxl) (anders) 17028
EFFECTS: Rxxxxxd txe RxxB wxxxk txxxxxe fxxm ixs exxxxxxxn pxxxxxxe exxxxxs wxxxh wxs cxxxxxg a CxD axxxr txe wxxxk txxxxxe wxs rxxxxxd. (rhino) 17053
EFFECTS: Cxxxxxd txe pxxxe sxxxd exxxxxs so txxt txxy oxxy lxxt x txo sxxxxxs, nxt ixxxxxxy sxxxxxs as txxy mxxxt be hxxxxxg axxxxd fxr txe exxxxe gxxe axxxr bxxxg pxxxxd, exxn txxu txe sxxxd hxs oxxy oxe lxxp cxxxt wxxxh txe sxxxd is lxxs txxn xxxxs lxxg. (rhino) 17118
EFFECTS: Nxw .xxxxl vxxxxl bxxxxxxxxs (anders) 17175
EFFECTS: Rxxxxxxd gxxxxxe vxxxxl exxxxxxxn (anders) 17175
EFFECTS: Txxk axxxxxt jxt sxxxd axd mxxe it an exxxxt so it cxxxd be axxxxxxd to a txxxxxr. (afsoccer) 17218

FACTIONS: Mxxxxxxd fxxxxxxxxxxt fxr txe wxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16285
FACTIONS: Axxxd fxxxxh fxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16331
FACTIONS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm fxxxxxxs axd sxxxxxxs (afterdune) 16355
FACTIONS: Uxxxxxd axl sxxxxxxs wxxh nxw sxxxf (bloodydeed) 16433
FACTIONS: Uxxxxxd vxxxxxe sxxxxxr (bloodydeed) 17238
FACTIONS: Uxxxxxd sxxxxxxs fxr axl fxxxxxxs kxxs (ancientman) 17244

FONTS: Axxxd in axl Bxx fxxxs to rxxxxe txe dxxxxxxxxy of mxxs/bxx/fxxxxxxxxxxt.zxp (ancientman) 16243

GENERAL: Vxxxxxn bxxp to (ancientman) 16082
GENERAL: Nxw Rxxo bxxxd sxxxxt, lxt me kxxw if txxxe's axy pxxxxxxs axd sxxxf. (ancientman) 16114
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd txe bxxxd sxxxxt to fxx sxxe ixxxxs wxxh fxxe fxxxxxxxg axd axxxxxxxc bxxxxxxg of a lxxxl if it dxxxxxs txe exe is in a lxxxxs fxxxxr (ancientman) 16122
GENERAL: VxxxxxxS Ixxxxxxd GB Txxxk txxxxxxs (rhino) 16133
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd bxxxd sxxxxt, rxxxxxxs mxxxxd cxxxxt/sxxxxr fxxxxxs to wxxk pxxxxxxy, uxxxxe yxxr exxxxe rxxo fxxxt (ancientman) 16239
GENERAL: Oxxxxxxxxg axxxxxxs ixxo a sxxxxe dxxxxxxxy fxr cxxxxxxxxxs (ancientman) 16250
GENERAL: Fxxxd up a bxxxh of mxxxxxg sxxxxs axd txxxxxxs (ancientman) 16272
GENERAL: Axxxd sxxe cxxe to BxxxxxR.exe to dxxxxxy an exxxr on axy uxxxxxxt exxxxxxxn, to txy axd fxxxxe oxt wxxt's cxxxxxg txe cxxxxxs.xx (ancientman) 16289
GENERAL: Fxxxd BxxxxxR.exe to nxt cxxxh on XP (ancientman) 16302
GENERAL: Fxxxd an ixxxe wxxxe txe bxxxd axp wxxxd axxxxxe axl lxxxxxxp oxxxxxs ixxxxxd of ixxxxxxg txxm lxxe it sxxxxd (ancientman) 16327
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd txe bxxxd axp's "fxxd mxxxxxg" txxxs to oxxy axxxw rxxxxxxe pxxxs (ancientman) 16330
GENERAL: Axxxd mxxxxxg Dxxs rxxxxxxd by txe PR Bxxxxxr (afterdune) 16347
GENERAL: Rxxxxxxd sxxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn bxxk to pxxxxxxs vxxxxxn. (afterdune) 16379
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd MxC Hxxxxxxxxr cxxxxxxxxxs. (spush) 16389
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Hxxxxxxxxr cxxxxxxxxxs. (spush) 16390
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Hxxxxxxxxr cxxxxxxxxxs. (spush) 16391
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Hxxxxxxxxr cxxxxxxxxxs. (spush) 16392
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Vxxxxxxs Txxxxxxs to fxt txe oxxxr MxC vxxxxxxs. (spush) 16393
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Vxxxxxxs Txxxxxxs to fxt txe oxxxr MxC vxxxxxxs. (spush) 16394
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Vxxxxxxs Txxxxxxs to fxt txe oxxxr MxC vxxxxxxs. (spush) 16395
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Vxxxxxxs Txxxxxxs to fxt txe oxxxr MxC vxxxxxxs. (spush) 16396
GENERAL: Uxxxxxxg MxC Vxxxxxe Txxxxxxs to fxt oxxxr mxc vxxxxxxs. (spush) 16397
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd/Cxxxxxd txe Cxxxxxxn Fxxxxs Lxxxxxd xxxM txxxxxe. Txe oxd oxe wxs txxxxxxe. (spush) 16403
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd, axxxd PxA Vxxxxxe Txxxxxxs, Dxxxxt/Wxxxxxxd. Rxxxxxd txe "Bxxxxxxxr" txxt fxxm txe Uxxxxxxxd HxxxV. (spush) 16422
GENERAL: Fxxxxt to rxxxxe txxm. (spush) 16423
GENERAL: Fxxxd up txe fxxd mxxxxxg sxxxf axxxn, txe axxxxxxe pxxxs sxxxl wxxn't rxxxt, nxw it dxxxxxxxxy is.xx (ancientman) 16426
GENERAL: I cxxxxxd PR's vxxxxxn nxxxxr to x.x, bxxxxxe I fxxt lxxe it. (afterdune) 16430
GENERAL: fxxxd txe cxxxxxxg (anders) 16448
GENERAL: Fxxxd vxxxxxn to x.x.xa (ancientman) 16484
GENERAL: [WxxxxxS] Nxw PxM xp/xp sxxxt axd rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16486
GENERAL: Fxxxd #xxx. Oxxxxxxxxh .rxw fxxxs nxt bxxxg axxxd to lxxxl axxxxxxs. (ancientman) 16642
GENERAL: Fxxxd #xxx. Gxxe cxxxxxs axxxr pxxxxxxg sxxxd axxxxxxxxt wxxn uxxxg lxw txxxxxn vxxxo sxxxxxxs dxe to a mxxxxxg fxxe. (ancientman) 16651
GENERAL: Axxxd an exxxy vxxxxxn of txe nxw lxxxxxxr fxr txxxxxg. Sxxxl nxxxs lxxs of wxxk, bxt it sxxxxd lxxxxh txe gxxe axd hxxe it fxxxy fxxxxxxxxxg. Nxxe, axxxr txxs uxxxxe, yxu wxxl nxxd to uxxxxe yxxr sxxxxxxxs to mxxs/pxxxxxo/bxn/Pxxxxxxxxr.exe, as mxxs/pxxxxxo/pr.exe hxs bxxn dxxxxxd. (ancientman) 16886
GENERAL: Fxxxd txe lxxxxxxr to fxxxe axxxxxxxxxxxr axd txe axxxxxxxxxe cxxxxxxxxxxxy mxxxs on txe OS's txxt sxxxxxxs txxm axl axxxxxxxc lxxe (ancientman) 17027
GENERAL: Rxxxxxxd uxxxg a nxxxr vxxxxxn of OxxxxL, sxxxxxxxxy it mxxxxs wxxh sxxxd qxxxxxy. Gxxxs uxxxg bxx's vxxxxxn wxxl be fxxe.xx (ancientman) 17029
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd txe bxxxd axp. It's nxw in txe "bxn" dxxxxxxxy wxxh txe lxxxxxxr, as it sxxxxs txe sxxe cxxe bxxe. Mxxe a sxxxxxxt if yxu wxxt to axxxxs it exxxxy :p (ancientman) 17070
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd bxxxd axp wxxh a bxxxh nxw sxxxf. Sxxe nxw cxxxxxs axe fxxxxxxxs axe lxxxxxxxxd wxxn axxxd to zxxs, axd axy fxxe wxxh a sxxxe in txe nxxe wxxl nxt be axxxd to zxxs. (ancientman) 17116
GENERAL: Mxxe uxxxxxs to txe bxxxd axp, wxxxh is gxxxxxg mxxe axxxxxe by txe dxy (ancientman) 17153
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd txe lxxxxxxr to hxxxxe txe nxw ixxxxxl sxxxxt (ancientman) 17179
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd Oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf fxr uxe in Bxxxxxxr (j.f.leusch) 17201
GENERAL: Bxxxd axp cxn nxw mxxe fxxl txxt/rxxxxxe bxxxxs (ancientman) 17206
GENERAL: Axxxd pxxxxx axd pxxxxx fxr dxxxxe axd txxxxe sxxxxs. rxxn pxxxxx axd rxxn pxxxxx sxxxxxxs txxm. to sxxxn txe sxxxxxxxm pxxxt, uxe rxxn pxxxxxxxt (ancientman) 17236
GENERAL: Uxxxxxd mxxxxxt.cxn (bloodydeed) 17246
GENERAL: Fxxxd bxxxd axp bxxxg a dxxk, nxt bxxxxxxg sxxe lxxxxs fxxxs axd fxxxd txe lxxxxxxr axd dxxxxxxr nxt wxxxxxg txxxxxxr (ancientman) 17247

HUD: Rxxxxxxxxxxd SxxR-xx to CxxR-xx (w/ AxxG axd Bxxxd) (j.f.leusch) 16095
HUD: Uxxxxxd sxxxxxxxn ixxn dxxxxxxxxxn fxr GxxG/x (j.f.leusch) 16105
HUD: Fxxxd dxxxxxxxxe Txxs axd Mxxxxxs nxt sxxxxxg up on txe mxxxxxp (j.f.leusch) 16145
HUD: Mxxe ZxS-x AT gxn sxxw up on mxxxxxp (j.f.leusch) 16146
HUD: Mxxe axl sxxxxxxxxy AA axd Axs sxxxxxg up on txe mxxxxxp (j.f.leusch) 16149
HUD: Uxxxxxd ZxS-x mxxxxxp ixxn (if nxt lxxe we cxn rxxxxt!x (j.f.leusch) 16166
HUD: Uxxxxxd HxG mxxxxxp ixxn (if nxt lxxe we cxn rxxxxt!x (j.f.leusch) 16166
HUD: Axxxd mxxxxxxxs to Axxxs axd Hxxs (Axs axxxxxy hxd txxm)x(mxxxxxxxs axe txe sxxxl ixxxs txxt sxxw up nxxt to yxxr nxxe in txe sxxxd mxxu) (j.f.leusch) 16166
HUD: Fxxxd txe mxxt sxxxxd bxg wxxxe x lxxxs cxxxxd txe gxxe to cxxxh wxxn pxxxxxxg exxt in txe mxxn mxxu, yxt sxxxxxxxg txxm axxxxd mxxxs it wxxk jxxt fxxe xx (ancientman) 16287
HUD: Axxxxxt to fxx Gxxxxn gxxxxr CxD (j.f.leusch) 16983
HUD: Axxxd mxxxxr mxxu ixxn (a bxxxxr oxe is wxxxxxxd!x (j.f.leusch) 16999
HUD: Rxxxxxd vxxx vxxxxxe pxxxxxxn ixxxs (j.f.leusch) 17018
HUD: Cxxxxxd UK UxL dxxxxxxxxxn to Lxxxxx (j.f.leusch) 17067
HUD: Uxxxxxd Mxxx gxxxxxxxn sxxxxxxxn ixxn (j.f.leusch) 17067

KITS: Axxxd CF exxxxxxr axd sxxxxxxxxt axxxxxxxxxe kxxs (nxxxs to be uxxxxxd in pxxxxn txo) (j.f.leusch) 16100
KITS: Ixxxxxxxd txxxxxn HxT AxS-xxU mxxs to x (j.f.leusch) 16101
KITS: Axxxd nxw Mxxxxxs kxxs txxxxxxs fxxm Sxxxe (hauteclocque) 16119
KITS: Axxxd Cxxxxxxn kxt gxxxxxxxxs (wxxxxxt Lxxs fxr txxxxxg) (hauteclocque) 16181
KITS: Axxxd WxP Fxxxxh kxxs (wxxxxxt Lxxs fxr txxxxxg) (hauteclocque) 16254
KITS: Mxxxr fxxxs to fxxxxh kxxs (no nxxd to txxt) (j.f.leusch) 16278
KITS: Axxxd Mxxx SxR oxxo UxxC mxxxxxxn kxxs, AxT kxt is sxxxxxxxxd vxxxxxn (chuc) 16294
KITS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm kxxs (afterdune) 16353
KITS: Rxxxxxxd Mx Exxxxh wxxh Mx Axxxxxxt on rxxxxxxn sxxxxxxxxt (chuc) 16365
KITS: Fxxxd up kxt axxxxxxxxxs on txe Gxxxxxs wxxh txe nxw BxxS Gxxs (chuc) 16383
KITS: Fxxxd txxo in gxxxxn kxxs, sxe hxxp:x/wxw.rxxxxxxxxd.cxm/fxxxm/fxxx-pr-bxx-cxxxxxxxg/xxxxxx-cxxxxxxxg-wxd-xx-jxn-xxxx-cxxe.hxxl. Rxxo sxxxxd lxxd fxxe axxxn :D (bloodydeed) 16405
KITS: Axxxd/mxxxxxxd sxxxxxl AxT kxxs (bloodydeed) 16408
KITS: Rxxxxxd bxxxxxxxxs fxxm axl kxxs (exxxxt sxxxxr, oxxxxxr, sxxxxxr) of cxxxxxxxxxxl axxxxs (afterdune) 16414
KITS: Rxxxxxd bxxxxxxxxs fxxm axl SP kxxs as wxxl nxw (exxxxt sxxxxr, oxxxxxr, sxxxxxr) of cxxxxxxxxxxl axxxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx. (afterdune) 16415
KITS: Rxxxxxd axxxxt of pxxxxxs to x fxr axl mxxxc kxxs. Txxs cxxxxs #xxx. (afterdune) 16429
KITS: Rxxxxxd ixxxxxxxxy gxxxxxe fxxm AxL kxxs. Txxs cxxxxs #xxx. (afterdune) 16430
KITS: Axxxd MG (GxxG) Kxxs wxxh pxxxxxxxxxr wxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16432
KITS: Mxxxr fxxxs (no nxxd to txxt) (bloodydeed) 16440
KITS: Uxxxxxd Fxxxxh kxxs (axxxd mxxxxxg Rxxxxxxn AP axd Sxxxh txxxxxxs) (hauteclocque) 16475
KITS: Axxxd rxxxxxn pxxa kxxs fxr dxxxe (ancientman) 16480
KITS: Rxxxxxd ixxxxxxxxy fxxm Fxxxxh kxxs.x I mxxn kxxs (afterdune) 16514
KITS: Gxxe cxxxxxn hxs bxxxxxxxxs bxxk (afterdune) 16514
KITS: Uxxxxxd GxR, UxA, US, CF pxxa kxxs to txe nxw kxt lxxxxt (bloodydeed) 16517
KITS: Uxxxxxd txe Fxxxxh UN kxt, oxd oxe wxs mxxxxxg bxxe UN hxxxxt cxxxr (spush) 16528
KITS: Axxxd nxxxr (axd bxxxxr) UxA Kxt txxxxxxs (spush) 16541
KITS: Axxxd GxxG to Bxxt, UxxC, US Axxy, IxF axd Cxxxxxxn MG kxxs (chuc) 16551
KITS: Uxxxxxd Fxxxxh kxxs cxxxxxxxxe wxxh dxxxxt cxxo hxxxxt axd fxxxd bxxxk sxxt on bxxxxxxxs (spush) 16556
KITS: Rxxxxxd SxD ixxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16558
KITS: Axxxd nxw MxC kxt gxxxxxxxxs (wxxxxxt Lxxs fxr txxxxxg) KxxS: Mxxxxxxd Fxxxxh kxxs wxxxxxs (bxxxxxxs wxxe mxxxxd up) (hauteclocque) 16564
KITS: Mxxxxxxd sxxxxg on MxC kxxs. I've axxxd it to mxxe kxxs as wxxl. (hauteclocque) 16583
KITS: Axxxd sxxxxxh txxxxxe to uxxxxxd MxC kxxs (spush) 16588
KITS: Axxxd MxxxB ExxxN axd MxxxG AxxG to rxxxxxxxxe US Axxy axd UxxC mxxn mxxxxxe gxxxxr kxxs (ixxxxxxxt vxxxxxxs hxxe gxxe to txe axxxxxxxe MG kxxs) (chuc) 16590
KITS: Re-rxxxxxd ixxxxxxxxxxs fxxm MxC kxxs (chuc) 16592
KITS: Sxxxxxd txe PxM ixxo txe MG kxt rxxe (chuc) 16617
KITS: Rxxxxxxd PxM wxxh RxK (Axxxxs) on uxxxxxxxxxxxxl axxo rxxxxxxn kxxs (chuc) 16617
KITS: Axxxd pxxxxxs in pxxxe of sxxxxxs on Mxxxxxe Gxxxxr kxxs (chuc) 16623
KITS: Axxxd axxxxxxxe MxC MG kxt (chuc) 16623
KITS: Axxxd Mxx oxxo Mxxxxxa axd Hxxxs axxxxxxxe gxxxxxxxr kxxs (chuc) 16627
KITS: Rxxxxxxd Gx wxxh Mxx on MxC AA axd HxT kxxs (chuc) 16631
KITS: Sxxxxxxy dxxxxxxd txxxxxe on MxC kxt gxxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16633
KITS: Rxxxxxxxxd kxxxxxxs to dxxxxt txn on MxC kxt gxxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16633
KITS: Rxxxxxxd pxxxxxs on MG kxxs to sxxxxxs (chuc) 16635
KITS: Uxxxxxd MxC kxt gxxxxxxxxs, rxxxxxd bxxxxxxk, rxxxxxd kxxxxxxs axd axxxxxxd txe sxxn axd hxxxxt pxxxxxxn axxxg oxxxr txxxxs (chuc) 16678
KITS: Uxxxxxd PxM dxxxxxxs wxxh nxw PxM (chuc) 16685
KITS: Axxxd Rxxxxm to Rxxxxxn axxo rxxxe kxxs (chuc) 16703
KITS: Rxxxxxxxxd sxxe wxxxxxs on txe uxxxxxxxxxxxxl fxxxxxxs (sxxs me ixxxxxxxxs) (chuc) 16704
KITS: Axxxd axxxxxxxxxe kxxs fxr ME ixxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16714
KITS: Rxxxxxxd Gxxxx wxxh Axxx PxO-x on Txxxxxn axt mxxxxxxn (chuc) 16714
KITS: Axxxd Axxx PxO-x to Mxxxxxa axt mxxxxxxn (chuc) 16714
KITS: Axxxd RxK to pxxxxxy axxo rxxxxxxn kxxs on uxxxxxxxxxxxxl fxxxxxxs (chuc) 16714
KITS: Axxxd Rxxxx to axxxxxxxe axxo rxxxxxxn kxxs on uxxxxxxxxxxxxl fxxxxxxs (chuc) 16714
KITS: Axxxd Hxxxx to FR Mxxxxxxn cxxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16761
KITS: Axxxxxxd Nxxxv ixxxxxxxxs to axl IxF axxo rxxxxxxn kxxs (chuc) 16970
KITS: Sxxxxxxxxxxd IxF kxt pxxxxxy wxxxxn lxxxxxt to be Mxxn x TxR, Axxxxxxe x Mx (chuc) 16972
KITS: Sxt Txxxx Mxxxxxxxd rxxxxx to oxxy txe mxxn Oxxxxxr kxt (chuc) 16972
KITS: Rxxxxxxd sxxxxd Exxxxxd wxxh Mxxxn ZF on Mxxxxxa, HxxxS axd Ixxxxxxxt sxxxxr kxxs (chuc) 17063
KITS: Mxxxr txxxxs, cxxxxxxxd CF PxxA Axt Kxxs (bloodydeed) 17171
KITS: Fxxxd cxxxh on txxxxxn mxxs (bloodydeed) 17178
KITS: Axxxd gxs mxxk (axxxxxxxc cxxxxe oxxy) to Mxxxxxa rxxxxxxn (chuc) 17232

MATERIALS: Uxxxxxd Mxxs wxxh nxw axxxxn wxxl mxt, pxxxxxxxxe pxxxxxc mxt, fxxd gxxxxxc mxt, bxxxxxxxxe dxxr axd gxxe mxxs axd a "rxxxxxxxxt" mxt fxr uxe on jxt wxxxxs so txxy txxe dxxxxe on nxxxxl txxxxxn. (rhino) 16108

MENU: Rxxxxxd uxxxxxxd Gxxxl MxR axd SxxR-xx w/ MxxS sxxxxxxxn ixxxs (j.f.leusch) 16095
MENU: Fxxxd rxxxxxn Sxxx HxD nxt sxxxxxg up (j.f.leusch) 16110
MENU: Axxxd hxxxxxr mxxxxxp ixxn (rhino) 16137
MENU: Axxxd Bxxxxxxg Hi-Pxxxr ixxn to txe rxxo, mxy nxxd to be ixxxxxxd in sxxe axxxs bxxxd fxxe txxxg (rhino) 16192
MENU: Axxxd in rxxxxxxd Bxx mxxu sxxxf to rxxxxe txe dxxxxxxxxy of mxxs/bxx/mxxxxxxxxxt/sxxxxr.zxp (ancientman) 16244
MENU: Axxxd in rxxxxxxd Bxx cxxxxn sxxxf to rxxxxe txe dxxxxxxxxy of mxxs/bxx/cxxxxxxxxxxxt/sxxxxr.zxp (ancientman) 16248
MENU: Axxxd in rxxxxxxd Bxx oxxxxxs sxxxf to rxxxxe txe dxxxxxxxxy of mxxs/bxx/oxxxxxxxxxxxxt/sxxxxr.zxp (ancientman) 16266
MENU: Axxxd wxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxxxxs to txe sxxxxxxxu fxr axl fxxxxxxs exxxxt vxxxxxm axd sxxxxxxxxxxr (bloodydeed) 16284
MENU: Axxxs uxxxxxd wxxh PxM ixxn (chuc) 16304
MENU: Sxxxxxxd pxxxxxxn of Axxxm. Rxxxxxxn axd Sxxxxxxxxt in sxxxxxxxe. Fxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16307
MENU: Uxxxxxd wxxh pxxxxxxxxxr ixxxs fxr SxS axd GxxG vxxxxxxs (chuc) 16326
MENU: Axxxd fxxxxh fxxxxs fxxxs (bloodydeed) 16335
MENU: Rxxxxxd uxxxxxxd fxxxxh fxxxxs axxxs (bloodydeed) 16340
MENU: Axxxd Vxxxxxm ixxxs to axxxs (afterdune) 16348
MENU: Axxxd Vxxxxxm fxxg ixxxs (afterdune) 16349
MENU: Axxxd Vxxxxxm wxxxxn ixxxs (afterdune) 16350
MENU: Axxxd Vxxxxxm vxxxxxe ixxxs (afterdune) 16350
MENU: Axxxd sxxxn wxxxxn mxxxxxxxxxxn to vxxxxxm fxxxxxxs, sxxe sxxxl wxxxxn ixxn fxxxs (bloodydeed) 16406
MENU: Axxxd vxxxxxxxxxxt ixxn pxxxxxxxxxr (uxxs exxxxxd ixxn) (bloodydeed) 16407
MENU: Axxxd fxxxxxxe ixxxxxxxr mxxu fxxe (afterdune) 16419
MENU: Uxxxxxd Gxxxxxxx.txt fxxe (I txxxk txxs is vxxy oxxxxxxd nxw txxt we no lxxxxr ixxxxxe vxxx sxxxf. We nxxd to cxxxk txxs!x (afterdune) 16419
MENU: Fxxxd Vxxxxxm fxxxs (txxy wxxe uxxxxe dxxn)x Fxxxs #xxx. (afterdune) 16424
MENU: Axxxd MG kxt pxxxxxxxxxr ixxxs, rxxs #xxx. Cxxxxxxxe nxt uxxxxxd yxt. (bloodydeed) 16434
MENU: Uxxxxxd cxxxxxxxe wxxh Mxxxxxe Gxxxxr kxt, rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16439
MENU: Axxxd rxxxxxa wxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxxxn axd sxxe mxxxr fxxxs (bloodydeed) 16487
MENU: Uxxxxxd Mxxxx wxxxxn ixxn (it wxs bxxt-uxxy :o)x Txxs fxxxd #xxx bxw. (afterdune) 16512
MENU: Fxxxd GxxxxxxA wxxxxn sxxxxxxxn ixxxs, cxxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16516
MENU: Axxxd nxw mxxxxxe gxxxxr kxt ixxn (chuc) 16520
MENU: Uxxxxxd MG kxt ixxxs (chuc) 16560
MENU: Fxxxd Gx Ixxxxxxxt sxxxxxxxn ixxn cxxxh rxxs #xxx (chuc) 16622
MENU: Uxxxxxd axxxs wxxh a fxw nxw wxxxxn ixxxs (chuc) 16705
MENU: Axxxs uxxxxxd wxxh nxw RxK axd Axxx vxxxxxt rxxxxxd ixxxs (chuc) 16713
MENU: Uxxxxxd Fxxxxh wxxxxn sxxxxxxxn ixxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx (hauteclocque) 16762
MENU: Axxxd GxC xxx, VxB axd VxxI vxxxxxe ixxxs (hauteclocque) 16832
MENU: Axxxd Lxxxxxc, AxX-xxxC axd Pxxxxxr jxxp vxxxxxe ixxxs (hauteclocque) 16834
MENU: Axxxs uxxxxxd wxxh vxxxxxs ixxxs (chuc) 17084
MENU: Axxxd MxxxxxxxxxT wxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxxxn (bloodydeed) 17169
MENU: Uxxxxxd wxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxxxn sxxxxm wxxh txe lxxxxt cxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 17176
MENU: Axxxd pxxxxxxxxxr wxxxxn ixxn fxr rxxxxxxxxxxxv, fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxh, ixxxxxxxxxxl, rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 17177
MENU: Uxxxxxd cxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 17184
MENU: Axxxd mxxxxxg Sxxx vxxxxxe ixxn (bloodydeed) 17237

NOTE: Bxxe txxxxxxs wxxe axxxd fxr txxxe oxxxxxs txxt nxxxxd txxm bxt no cxxxxm txxxxxxs wxxe axxxd, sxxh as _xxxxxxxd, _xg, exc. (afsoccer) 16338

OBJECTS: Axxxd fxxxxh fxxxxs cxxxxxd pxxt, fxxxs, bxxxxxxxs, exxxxxs, rxxxxxxxxt, cxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16333
OBJECTS: Axxxd sxxxxxs uxxd fxr fxxxt txxe on Bxxxk Gxxd:x
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxm
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xx mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm (afsoccer) 16336
OBJECTS: Axxxd txe fxxxxxxxg oxxxxxs uxxd fxr fxxxt txxe in Pxxxxxxk Bxy, Op Mxxxxn axd Vxxxo Cxxy:x
xx exxxxxs/sxxxxxxx/exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe
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xxx(pxxt x of x) (afsoccer) 16337
OBJECTS: Pxxt x of x axxxd txe fxxxxxxxg oxxxxxs uxxd fxr fxxxt txxe in Pxxxxxxk Bxy, Op Mxxxxn axd Vxxxo Cxxy:x
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xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn axd axl axxxxxxxxd sxb-oxxxxxs (afsoccer) 16338
OBJECTS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm fxxxs, rxxxy pxxxxs, sxxxxy oxxxxxs axd vxxxxxe dxxxxs (afterdune) 16345
OBJECTS: Axxxd rxxxxxxxxxxxx.dxs txxxxxe. (afsoccer) 16362
OBJECTS: Ixxxxxxxd txe cxxl dxxxxxxe fxr txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxg fxxm x (xxm) to x (xxxm)x (afsoccer) 16410
OBJECTS: Cxxxxxd cxxxxm lxxxxxxxs fxr "pr/ixxxxxxxxl/mxxxxxxxe/mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm" dxe to oxxxxxxl oxxs bxxxg bxxxxd. (afsoccer) 16413
OBJECTS: Axxxd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxp, xxxxxxxxxxxxb, axd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe fxr uxe on Fxxxs Rxxd vx.x Axxxd gxxxs (bxxxxxd oxxxxxs) to mxxxxxxxxxp axd lxxxxxxxxxxxxxe as txe xp vxxxxxxs dxd nxt wxxk cxxxxxxxy.x Fxr gxxw vxxxxxn, uxe txe _xxt sxxxxx. (afsoccer) 16420
OBJECTS: Axxxd sxxxf uxxd on Sxxxxxxa (exxxxt txe txxxs, txxxe axe lxw qxxxxxy axd wxxl be pxxxxd wxxh txe mxp, mxxxxxs pxxxxe do nxt uxe txxm) (outlawz) 16447
OBJECTS: Fxxxd pr/bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so it cxxxd be lxxxxxxxxxd pxxxxxxy; axxo ixxxxxxxd cxxxxxxxxxxe fxxm x (xxxm) to x (xxxm) fxr axl vxxxxxxxxs of txxs wxxl so it wxxxxn't dxxxxxxxr at sxxh a cxxxe dxxxxxxe.x Fxxxs wxxe pxxxxxxd by cxxxxxs to Ixxn Rxxxe. (afsoccer) 16545
OBJECTS: Fxxxd mxxxxxxy/oxxxxxs/mxxxxxxxxa so it cxn nxw hxxd a lxxxxxxp xxxx Nxw sxxxxxxxxh lxxxs exxxxxy txe sxxe axd no nxxd to do axxxxxxg to mxxs axxxxxy wxxh txxs oxxxxt.xx bxt if yxu wxxt to go bxxk axd lxxxxxxp it, it's nxw pxxxxxxe. (afsoccer) 16604
OBJECTS: Axxxd LxD fxxxs axd mxxh fxr wxxxxxxxxxxxxx sxxxe txxxe wxxe nxxe axd gxxe cxxxxxs wxxxxxt txxm. (afsoccer) 16656
OBJECTS: Axxxd Jxxxxxxxxxxxxxm (amokandy) 17234

PYTHON: dxxxo's pxxxxc txxxl #x. (dbzao) 16151
PYTHON: Mxxxxd PR:V pxxxxn cxxxxxs. Mxxxd cxxxxxxs to Wxxl wxxk on txe txxxxxs cxxe nxxt. (dbzao) 16160
PYTHON: Fxxxxg ixxxe wxxh rxxxxxxg rxxxy pxxxxs. (dbzao) 16165
PYTHON: Axxxd wxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxxxxs pxxxxn bxxxxxd (bloodydeed) 16286
PYTHON: Mxxe uxxxxxxxxxxxxr uxxxxe by txe IxF. Fxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16321
PYTHON: Bxxxs do no lxxxxr cxxt txxxxxs. Rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16322
PYTHON: Axxxd Vxxxxxm's Nxxxxm sxxxxxr (afterdune) 16344
PYTHON: Mxxxxd fxxxxxxd fxxxs, axxxd FR vxxxxxxxs, rxxxxxxd sxxe uxxxxxxxxxxd db cxxxxxs. Oxxxr rxxxxxxxxxxxxs wxxl fxxxxw wxxn oxxxr pxxxxn cxxxxxs hxxe bxxn dxxe. (bloodydeed) 16398
PYTHON: UxV dxxxn't exxxxe axxxxxe; x mxn to rxxxxxxe. Axxxxt of nxxxxd ixxxxxxxxs to gxxe cxxxxxxxr ixxxl rxxxxxd fxxm x to x; txxe fxr ixxxxxxxxs to dxxxxy rxxxxxd fxxm xxx to xx sxxxxxs. (bloodydeed) 16399
PYTHON: rxxxxxxxxxs no lxxxxr exxxxe. Oxxxxxn txxxs nxw x exxxxxs wxxxxn xxm. No dxxxy bxxxxxn sxxxxxg rxxxxxs. Rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16401
PYTHON: Rxxxxxd kxt axxxxxxxxn dxxxy fxr axl ixxxxxxy kxxs, fxxxs #xxx. Axxxw txo mxxxxs pxr sxxxd, fxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16402
PYTHON: Rxxxxxxd sxxe uxxxxxxxxxxd cxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16404
PYTHON: Ixxxxxxxxxd axl lxxxxt cxxxxxs to axl pxxxxn cxxxxxs. Rxxs #xxx. (bloodydeed) 16409
PYTHON: Dxxxxxxd mxxxxr on <xxm mxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16411
PYTHON: Rxxxxxd nxxd of mxxxxr fxxxxxxxxxn. Cxxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16412
PYTHON: Dxxxxxxd kxt rxxxxxt at rxxxxxxxxxs; Axxxd kxxxxxxxxt sxxxxm to uxxxxxxxxxv, fxxxs #xxx. (bloodydeed) 16421
PYTHON: Uxxxxxd pxxxxn wxxh MG kxt, rxxs #xxx. (bloodydeed) 16435
PYTHON: Ixxxxxxxd nxxxxr of L-AT kxxs to x pxr txxm. Dxxxxxxxd nxxxxr of H-AT kxxs to x pxr txxm. (bloodydeed) 16436
PYTHON: Fxxxd nxt bxxxg axxe to gxt axy kxxs fxxm vxxxxxxs (fxxxxxy!xx fxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16444
PYTHON: Axxxd FF-vxxxxxe kxt rxxxxxt (bloodydeed) 16446
PYTHON: Axxxd dxxxxxxxt dxxxxxxxs to dxxxxxy RP's dxxxxxxxg on mxxxxxe. xxxm on xxm, xxm on xxm, xxm on xxm (mxxxt gxt cxxxxxd)x Nxxxs txxxxxg! (bloodydeed) 16504
PYTHON: Fxxxd #xxx. Jxxxxxg oxf txxl bxxxxxxxs, oxt of hxxxxxxxxxs, exc axd sxxxxxxxg by dxxxxxxg yxxr kxt no lxxxxr wxxxs. Txe uxxxxxd kxt nxw sxxxxs axxxe yxu ixxxxxd of bxxxw yxu, pxxxxxm be sxxxxd. (ancientman) 16686
PYTHON: Axxxd axxxxxxxxxh x _xxxxxxxxe vxxxxxn to pxxxxn. Fxxxs #xxx,x#xxx (bloodydeed) 17012
PYTHON: Ixxxxxxxxxd Sxxxxxxh txxxxxs axxxxxxxxt fxr Fxxxxxxxs. Fxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 17162
PYTHON: Axxxd axxxxxy to rxxxxxt oxxxxxr kxt on cxxxxs (ixxxxxxxxs) (bloodydeed) 17181
PYTHON: Uxxxxxd kxt axxxxxxxxxxs fxr axl fxxxxxxs (ancientman) 17244

SHADERS: Fxxxd bxxxk sxxxs on txxxxxn fxr cxxxxxn gxxxxxxs cxxxs (ancientman) 16212

SOLDIERS: Axxxd nxw Mxxxxe sxxxxxr txxxxxxs fxxm Sxxxe (hauteclocque) 16118
SOLDIERS: Axxxd axxxxxxxxxe Mxxxxxs xp axxs fxxm Sxxxh (hauteclocque) 16120
SOLDIERS: Axxxd txo mxxxxxg nxw Mxxxxxs sxxxxxr txxxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16121
SOLDIERS: Axxxd nxw Cxxxxxxn sxxxxxr txxxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16182
SOLDIERS: Axxxd Fxxxxh sxxxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16253
SOLDIERS: Fxxxd fxxxxh sxxxxxxs sxxxxg vxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 16279
SOLDIERS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm sxxxxxxs, mxxxxy as txxy axe (afterdune) 16354
SOLDIERS: Uxxxxxd hxxd txxxxxe pxxxs of Vxxxxxm NxA sxxxxxxs (afterdune) 16360
SOLDIERS: Nxw Rxxxxxl sxxxxm by Fxxxxxxxxxx, cxxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16442
SOLDIERS: Nxw fxxxxxxxxxxxxs, nxw dxxxxxxxxxxs, dxe sxxxxs exc. Nxw bxxy ixxxxt sxxxxs on cxxxxxn mxxxxxxxs. (anders) 16443
SOLDIERS: Uxxxxxd Fxxxxh sxxxxxxs (axxxd lxxxt sxxxxxr axd Sxxxh rxxxxxs) (hauteclocque) 16476
SOLDIERS: Mxxxr ixxxxxxxxxxs to rxxxxxl, rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16518
SOLDIERS: Uxxxxxd txe Fxxxxh sxxxxxxs txxxxxxs, cxxxxxd txe cxxxxxxxxe sxxe fxr dxxxxt axd sxxxxxxxd it (spush) 16527
SOLDIERS: Axxxd nxxxr (axd bxxxxr) UxA AxU sxxxxxr txxxxxxs (spush) 16540
SOLDIERS: Txxxxd up txe bxxxxxxxxs on txe Fxxxxh sxxxxxxs dxxxxt cxxxxxxxxe (spush) 16555
SOLDIERS: Axxxd DxxK axd Mx Bxxxxxxg hxxd pxxxs (Txxxxxn axd UxxC rxxxxxxxxxxy) fxr axxxxg ixxo xp sxxxxxxxxy pxxxxxxn vxxxs (chuc) 16565
SOLDIERS: Cxxxxxxxd sxxxxxxxxxxxs to bxxxxxxxxxxxs fxr xp vxxxxxe hxxxs (chuc) 16573
SOLDIERS: Axxxd gxxxxn hxxxs fxxxxd to txe sxxxxxxxxy Mxx (chuc) 16573
SOLDIERS: Axxxxxr uxxxxe to rxxxxxl, rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16652
SOLDIERS: Axxxd US hxxd x wxxxxxxd fxxe pxxxt (spush) 16664
SOLDIERS: Uxxxxe #x to rxxxxxl (by fxxxxxxz)x rxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 16769

SOUNDS: Fxxxd Axxx xp sxxxd (hauteclocque) 16385
SOUNDS: Mxxxd a sxxxxxxxe of sxxxxs txxt axxxxs jxxt cxxxxxxxd to txxxr pxxxxr lxxxxxxxs.xx Cxxe on mxn, kxxp it oxxxxxxxd, dxn't jxxt pxt sxxxxs axl oxxr txe pxxxe in rxxxxm fxxxxxs.xx (ancientman) 16483

STATICS: Fxxxd vxxx dxxxxxxxxxe hxxxxxy sxxxxxn dxxxxxxxxxxg axxxr x hxxr (j.f.leusch) 16125
STATICS: Axxxd cxxxxxxxxxxxxxs, rxxxxxxxxxl, axd lxxxxxxxxxxn sxxxxxs. (afsoccer) 16126
STATICS: Uxxxxxxd txxxxxxs fxr pr/mxxxxxxy/rxxxxxxxxxl to pr/txxxxxxs. (afsoccer) 16127
STATICS: Fxxxd Axxxxn vx cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's cxxx mxxh axxxxxxg pxxxxxs to mxxe ixxxxe txe cxxxxxxd axd sxxxt oxt (rhino) 16129
STATICS: Rxxxxxd UxS Exxxx's cxxl axd lxd dxxxxxxxs (rhino) 16134
STATICS: Fxxxd ixxxxxxy/ixxxxxxxxxs/cxxxxxxxxx txxxk fxxe so lxxxxr pxxxxxxxt dxxn't cxxxe pxxxxxs to fxxl to txxxr dxxxh. (afsoccer) 16179
STATICS: Uxxxxxd UxS Exxxx Sxxxxy Oxxxxt Lxxxxxxxs axd Rxxxs (rhino) 16194
STATICS: Uxxxxxd UxS Exxxx Wxxl Dxxk Sxxxxy Oxxxxt, mxxxxg it oxf txe bxxk mxxh, oxxo txe ixxxxxxr mxxh axd ixxxxxxxg ixs lxxxxxxn axd sxxe, as wxxl as mxxxxg it axxxxt bxxh lxxd vxxxxxxs axd sxa vxxxxxxs, as wxxl as rxxxxxxg axd rxxxxxxxg txxm (rhino) 16196
STATICS: Axxxd Bxx lxxxxxxp sxxxxxs (ancientman) 16274
STATICS: Ixxxxxxxd cxxl dxxxxxxe fxr wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd, wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt axd wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxc fxxm x to x so sxxxxc wxxxxn't dxxxxxxxr at xxxm. (afsoccer) 16300
STATICS: Axxxd axl Vxxxxxm sxxxxxs (afterdune) 16355
STATICS: Fxxxd mxxxxd up txxxxxe pxxxs on Mxxxxxxy axxxxxa (chuc) 16684
STATICS: Uxxxxxd txe UxS Exxxx wxxh fxxxd sxxxxy oxxxxxs wxxh txxxe lxxxxxxxs, txxxs oxt txxt txe rxxxxs sxxxxxg dxxxn't axxxxxxy cxxxxxl txxt rxxxxs, bxt ixs x/x txe rxxxxs, so to gxt a xxm rxxxxs, yxu nxxd to sxt it to xm. hxxp:x/i.ixxxr.cxm/Fxxxg.jxg (rhino) 16759
STATICS: Fxxxd txe sxxxxy rxxxxs's fxr txe mxxxxr pxxxxd sxxxxy pxxxxs, txxxs oxt txxt txe rxxxxs sxxxxxg dxxxn't axxxxxxy cxxxxxl txxt rxxxxs, bxt ixs x/x txe rxxxxs, so to gxt a xxm rxxxxs, yxu nxxd to sxt it to xm. (rhino) 16770
STATICS: Fxxxd txe sxxxxy rxxxxs's fxr txe mxxxxr pxxxxd sxxxxy pxxxxs axxxn, axxxxxxy txxxs oxt txxt yxu nxxd to sxt txe rxxxxs to xx% of wxxt yxu nxxd to gxt wxxt yxu nxxd, nxt xx% as I lxxt txxxxxt. So if yxu wxxt a rxxxxs of xxm yxu nxxd to sxt yxxr rxxxxs to xxm. (rhino) 16835
STATICS: Fxxxd up txe Cxxxxxxxp wxxh a nxw vxxxxxn. Axl pxxxs axe nxw oxe, txi cxxxt is xxk axd txe wxy it wxs sxt up it wxxn't hxxxxxg txe lxxs, oxxy wxxxxxg fxxxs, dxxw cxxxs axd LM sxxxe bxxxg oxe oxxxxt. We sxxxxd lxxk ixxo rxxxxxxxg txe oxd cxxxxxxxp wxxh txxs vxxxxxn. (rhino) 16879
STATICS: Rxxxxxd txe "UxI" vxxxxxn of txe Cxxxxxxxp, wxxxh I'm pxxxxy sxxe ixn't in uxe on axy PR mxxs, jxxt txxxxg up sxxxe in txe rxxo. (rhino) 16879
STATICS: Axxxd txe cxxxxd vxxxxxn of txe txxt vxb to txe rxxo, oxxy txe oxxn oxe wxs in bxxxxe. (rhino) 16879

VEGITATION: Axxxd jxxxxe oxxxxxxxxh (afterdune) 16355
VEGITATION: Axxxd txe Sxxxxs to txe rxxo (rhino) 16879
VEGITATION: Axxxd txe mxw sxxxxs txp lxd txxxxxe wxxxh wxs mxxxxxg. (rhino) 17053
VEGITATION: Ixxxxxxxd cxxl dxxxxxxe on txe sxxxxs, mxy nxxd to rxxxxt fxr nxxxxl uxe bxt txxs is nxxxxd fxr PR:F (rhino) 17173

VEHICLES: Fxxxd BxP-x bxxxxxxxr sxxt ixxxs bxxxg ixxxxxe (j.f.leusch) 16085
VEHICLES: Fxxxd txxxxxxxl fxxxxxxxt RxK-xx zxxxxd vxxw (j.f.leusch) 16086
VEHICLES: Gxxe VN-x axd BxxM-x sxxxxs a bxt mxxe lxxxxxl fxxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16097
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxd Pxxxxxr CxV GxxG mxxs to x (j.f.leusch) 16099
VEHICLES: Fxxxd rxxxxxn SU-xx CxD (j.f.leusch) 16109
VEHICLES: Fxxxd T-xx cxxxxa gxxxxr axxxxxt sxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 16113
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Txxxxxo lxxxxxg gxxr (j.f.leusch) 16124
VEHICLES: Axxxd nxw MxC dxxxxt vxxxxxe txxxxxxs fxxm Sxxxh (T-xx, BxP-x, Uxxl Txxxk axd BxxM-x) (hauteclocque) 16128
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxd txe dxxt bxxr lxxxr oxf txe Sxxxxxr's dxxxxt txxxxxe (rhino) 16131
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxd Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd.dxs to xxxxxxxxx as pxr txe dxxxxt txxxxxe sxxe (rhino) 16132
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd UH-xx rxxxr txxxxxxs (by Sxxxh) axd axxxd oxn rxxxxs fxr txe IxF vxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16135
VEHICLES: Oxxxxxxxd Hxxxxxr Fxxl Txxk lxxs axd cxxs axd axxxd GB vxxxxxn (rhino) 16136
VEHICLES: Axxxd VxB AxC (hauteclocque) 16255
VEHICLES: Axxxd Lxxxxxc Txxk (hauteclocque) 16256
VEHICLES: Axxxd VxxI AxC (hauteclocque) 16257
VEHICLES: Axxxd AxX-xxxC Wxxxxxd Txxk (hauteclocque) 16258
VEHICLES: Axxxd Gxxxxx lxxxxxxc axd sxxxxxt txxxxs (hauteclocque) 16259
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Fxxxxh vxxxxxxs sxxxd pxxxs axxxxxxxg to txe nxw PR rxxo fxxe sxxxxm (hauteclocque) 16269
VEHICLES: Axxxd mxxe fxxxxh fxxxxs vxxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16334
VEHICLES: Axxxd axl Vxxxxxm vxxxxxxs (afterdune) 16355
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd txxxxxxs axd txxxxxe pxxxs of Vxxxxxm hxxxxxxxxxs (afterdune) 16360
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxd Hxxy fxxxy (afterdune) 16360
VEHICLES: Fxxxd mxxxxxg sxxxxs fxxm Vxxxxxm vxxxxxxs (afterdune) 16372
VEHICLES: Fxxxd mxxxxxg sxxxxs fxxm Fxxxxh vxxxxxxs (afterdune) 16373
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Sxxxxxr RxM sxxxd (afterdune) 16374
VEHICLES: Axxxd Uxxxxxxxd HxxxV. Mxxxxxs sxxxxd axd uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd if wxxxxd. Cxxxs/AxT nxt rxxxy yxt. (bloodydeed) 16418
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd Uxxxxxxxd HxxxV Wxxxxxxd txxxxxe (sxxxxd mxxxh oxxxr US Wxxxxxxd vxxxxxxs in txxxs of bxxxxxxxxs) (spush) 16449
VEHICLES: Axxxd gxxxxn mxxx fxxm dxxxe axd mxxxxd in txe txxxk fxxm txe ixf vxxxxxn so txxy've gxt txe sxxe sxxxxxxs (ancientman) 16479
VEHICLES: Axxxd/Uxxxxxd dxxxxt vxxxxxt, lxxt txe txxxxxe txe nxxxxl sxxe, cxn be rxxxxxd if nxxxxd. (spush) 16491
VEHICLES: Axxxd dxxxxt vxxxxxt fxr txe Wxxxx axd WxxxxA (spush) 16492
VEHICLES: Axxxd dxxxxt vxxxxxt fxr txe AxV Txxxxx (spush) 16493
VEHICLES: Fxxxd up txe PxA pxxxxxxxxxr jxxp to fxt txe rxxxxxxxxs (spush) 16494
VEHICLES: Nxw Cxxxxxk sxxxxs (anders) 16503
VEHICLES: Gxxxxn Mxxx rxxxxxd (amokandy) 16505
VEHICLES: Axxxd uxxxxxxxxxxx exxxxe sxxxxs (anders) 16506
VEHICLES: Axxxd HxxxV sxxxxs (anders) 16506
VEHICLES: Axxxd txe re-txxxxxxd Z-xxW, axxxg wxxh cxxxxxt, axd nxxxxxs (spush) 16507
VEHICLES: Axxxd re-txxxxxxd Z-x bxxxd oxf of Z-xxA (spush) 16508
VEHICLES: Axxxd re-txxxxxxd Z-xx (spush) 16509
VEHICLES: Nxw Axxxxxx sxxxxs (anders) 16510
VEHICLES: GB dxxxxt Cxxxxxk txxxxxe gxxxn a dxxxxxxxt lxxxxxr cxxxxr, txxs wxs dxxe uxxxg txe oxxxxxxl PxD.x(txxxe is a txxxxd on txe cxxxxr sxxxxxxxe in txe pxxxxxe fxxxxs) (rudd) 16515
VEHICLES: Nxw axxxxxxxxe sxxxxs; uxxx, uxx, mxx, uxxxxxxxxxxxxr, kxxxa, axxxxe, axx, axxz, mxx, mxxx, hxxxc, exxxx, txxxr (axxo fxxxxh)x mxxxxn, lxxx (anders) 16523
VEHICLES: Lxxxxxd Txxe xx AxV sxxxxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16524
VEHICLES: Nxw cxxi cxr sxxxxs axxxd (anders) 16526
VEHICLES: Nxw dxxxxxxe sxxxxs (anders) 16526
VEHICLES: Nxw bxxxxxxb sxxxxs (anders) 16526
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd Mxxxxxa Txx Txxk txxxxxe (spush) 16552
VEHICLES: Axxxd RU txxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16566
VEHICLES: Axxxd Mxxx exxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16566
VEHICLES: Fxxxd up txe H-xx wxxh nxw lxxs, cxxs axd oxxxr fxxxs. Axxo cxxxxxd txe mxxn pxxxt pxs so txxs nxxxs txxxxh txxxxxg to cxxxk nxxxxxg is oxt of pxxxe. Sxxe cxxxxg wxxk sxxxl nxxxs to be dxxe. (rhino) 16669
VEHICLES: Axxxd txe rxxt of txe lxxxxxxxxxe sxxxxs axd cxxxxxd up txe txxxxxxxxs (anders) 16672
VEHICLES: Sxxxxxd txe Exxx Mxxx bxxxs fxr txe nxw oxxs (rhino) 16709
VEHICLES: Sxxxxxd oxt oxd Txxx dxxxxxs fxr txe nxw oxxs (rhino) 16744
VEHICLES: Ixxxxxxxd HxxxV mxxxxxd TxW axxo to x (j.f.leusch) 16745
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd VxB. Cxxxxs #xxx (hauteclocque) 16764
VEHICLES: Fxxxd up txe H-xx sxxe mxxe, cxxe is pxxxxy mxxh cxxxxxxe nxw, mxxxxxs txxxxxe sxxxl nxxxs fxxxxg up txxu (rhino) 16780
VEHICLES: Nxw nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt exxxxe sxxxxs (anders) 16808
VEHICLES: Nxw NxA Zxxx exxxxe sxxxxs (anders) 16813
VEHICLES: Fxxxd up txe A-xH wxxh bxxxxr cxxs, bxxxxr fxxxl lxxs axd lxxs of oxxxr sxxxl fxxxs. (rhino) 16830
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxxd txe rxxxxt pxxxxxxxxxs on txe A-xH, A-xx axd Su-xx wxxh Hxxxa xx or S-x rxxxxxs lxxxxd oxt of txe mxxxxxxs fxxxxr. (rhino) 16831
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd Pxxxxxr CxV sxxt pxxxxxxn ixxn (j.f.leusch) 16836
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd VxB, VxxI, AxX-xxxC, Lxxxxxc axd GxC xxx sxxxxxxn pxxxxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 16837
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd VxxI nxt txxxxg dxxxxe wxxn in dxxp wxxxr/uxxxxxxxxr (j.f.leusch) 16838
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd VxxI sxxxxxxxxn, hxxxxxxxy fxxxxg #xxx (j.f.leusch) 16839
VEHICLES: Axxxd a "GB" vxxxxxn of txe RxxB wxxh a Lxxx GxxG on ixs gxn mxxxt, nxxxs an axxo bxx axd txe cxxxxxt axxo bxxt. (rhino) 16842
VEHICLES: Axxxxxt to fxx xxxxl txxxxxxxxs hxxxxg a axxo ixxxxxxxr. Cxxxxs #xxx (j.f.leusch) 16852
VEHICLES: Fxxxd rxxxxxn Hxxxc mxxxxxg rxxxxxxxxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx (j.f.leusch) 16856
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd NxA ZxU-xx, T-xx (WxP)x Zxl-xxx axd ZxS-x (j.f.leusch) 16857
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Mxxxxxxl bxg on txe gxxxx of Up-Axxxxxd Hxxxxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx (hauteclocque) 16878
VEHICLES: Fxxxd WZ-xxxA gxxxxr axxxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16923
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Bxxxx pxxxxxxxr axxxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16981
VEHICLES: Fxxxd PxR dxxxxxxxxt axxxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16982
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxd ZxU-xx-x gxn dxxxxe (j.f.leusch) 16984
VEHICLES: Rxxxxxd ExC-xx (oxxy lxxt txe sxxxxs) (hauteclocque) 16986
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Zxs-x CxD (j.f.leusch) 16987
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Mxxxxx CxD (j.f.leusch) 16996
VEHICLES: Axxxd xp mxxh to RxxB, axxxxxxg Mxs to sxxw xp mxxxl. (rhino) 17005
VEHICLES: Fxxxd CxD fxxm bxd txxxxxe pxxh on txe NxA's UxZ's dxxk MG mxxxt, bxt uxm, ixs jxxt a cxxe, txe MG is hxxxxxxg in mxd axr.xx hxxp:x/i.ixxxr.cxm/wxxxx.jxg (rhino) 17013
VEHICLES: Txxp fxx to txe Axxxxxx sxxxxxxxs ixxxxs, I nxxd txe oxxxxxxl sxxxxxxr txxxxxe to mxxe it cxxxxxxxy, as txe cxxxxxt oxe is axxxxxxy x/x of txe oxxxxxxl fxxxt txxxxxe. Cxxxxs #xxx (hauteclocque) 17017
VEHICLES: Fxxxd VxB exxt lxxxxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 17050
VEHICLES: Axxxxxt to fxx txxxxxxxxx RxK sxxxxs oxf (j.f.leusch) 17051
VEHICLES: Dxxxxxd txe uxxxxxxd sxxc txxxxxe fxxm txe UxxD, axxxxxxh it's txxxxxxs nxxd a sxxxxxs oxxxxxxl, xxxxs at txe mxxxxt, mxxt txxxn up by sxxxxw mxxs wxxxh sxxxxd be pxxt of txe Dxxxxxe txxxxxxs as AO mxxs. (rhino) 17053
VEHICLES: Oxxxxxxxd axd Fxxxd up txe UH-xD/C txxxxxxs, ixxxxxxxxxg txe sxxxxw mxxs ixxo txe dxxxxxe txxxxxxs as AO mxxs, axd fxxxxg sxxc/axxxa axd dxs fxxxxt ixxxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx #xxx (rhino) 17057
VEHICLES: Uxxxxxd AS xxx Pxxxxxr (WxP) (j.f.leusch) 17066
VEHICLES: Axxxd txe nxw Lxxx GxxG to txe WxxxK Lxxxxxxxr. It sxxxl uxxs txe oxd, bxxy GxxG axxo bxx axd axxo bxxt, nxxd to lxxk ixxo rxxxxxxxg (nxt wxxxh rxxxxxxxg txe axxo bxxt uxxxl txe axxo bxx hxs bxxn rxxxxxxd)x (rhino) 17117
VEHICLES: Axxxd FN MxG GxxG axxxd vxxxxxxs of txe RxxB Bxxt (oxxy ixxn sxxxt vxxxxxxs, no sxxxxs) (rhino) 17117
VEHICLES: Fxxxd CxxxS GxxG oxxxxxxt axd sxxxl exxxxxxn sxxxxxxs on txe Pxxxxxr (chuc) 17122
VEHICLES: Fxxxd Axx dxxxy CxD (j.f.leusch) 17182
VEHICLES: Axxxd nxw rxxxxxxxxxx (vapoman) 17224
VEHICLES: Axxxd cxxxxxt (nxt pxxxxxxy cxxxd yxt) fxr fxxxxt fxxe (bloodydeed) 17248
VEHICLES: Fxxxd cxxxh on nxa sxxxxxt txxxk (ancientman) 17249
VEHICLES: Axxxd fxxxxxxxs to bxxxxxxxxs (ancientman) 17250

WEAOINS: Uxxxxxd txe ZxU-xs dxxxxe sxxxxxxs (rhino) 17010

WEAPONS: Sxxxxxxy txxxxxd Mxxxxi/Mxxx sxxxxxxxxxxxn (j.f.leusch) 16083
WEAPONS: Axxxd sxxxxxxxxxs to xp fxxxxg sxxxd of hxxxxxxd AA (no nxxd to txxt) (j.f.leusch) 16084
WEAPONS: Sxt QxC-xx mxxxxe vxxxxxxy to xxx m/s (no nxxd to txxt) (j.f.leusch) 16088
WEAPONS: Fxxxd dxxxxxxd AR-xxT (sxxxxd axd ExxxN) zxxm in sxxxd (j.f.leusch) 16089
WEAPONS: Axxxxxt to fxx Cxxx/Cxxx sxxxxs axxxxxxxn ixxxe wxxn wxxxxxg zxxxxd in (j.f.leusch) 16090
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd uxxxxxxd axxo cxxxxxr fxxm rxd sxxxxl sxxxe (j.f.leusch) 16091
WEAPONS: Sxt Mx mxxxxe vxxxxxxy to xxx m/s (no nxxd to txxt) (j.f.leusch) 16093
WEAPONS: Fxxxd sxxxxd Lxe Exxxxxd No.x wxxxg axxo lxxxxt (nxw xx rxs in txxxl) (j.f.leusch) 16094
WEAPONS: Sxt CxxR-xx w/ AxxG mxxxxe vxxxxxxy to xxx m/s (no nxxd to txxt) (j.f.leusch) 16096
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd Lxxxx (j.f.leusch) 16104
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd vxxx Gxxx (j.f.leusch) 16105
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw QxZ-xx pxxxxl (hauteclocque) 16111
WEAPONS: Axxxd txe nxw FxB xxx bxxxs to txe rxxo fxr uxe on txe Q-x (rhino) 16115
WEAPONS: Axxxd Mxx xp axxxxxxxn fxx (sxxxxxxxe) fxxm Cxxc (hauteclocque) 16139
WEAPONS: Axxxd Mxx wxxh fxxxxxxxxl sxxxxs (mosquill) 16140
WEAPONS: Axxxd fxxxxxxxxl bxxxxp sxxxxs to mxxxxxxe wxxxxxs (mosquill) 16143
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd cxxxxxxxs mxxxxs fxxm sxxxxxxxxy Mxs (j.f.leusch) 16158
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd ZxU-x wxxh nxw dxxxxxxe dxxxxe vxxxxs, so it cxn axm dxxxxxxy up axd exxt pxxxxs (rhino) 16162
WEAPONS: Re-Axxxd uxxxxxd axd oxxxxxxxd Bxxxxxxg HP xxm Pxxxxl (rhino) 16187
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd rxxxxxxg cxxxxxxxxxxxxxs fxxm sxxxxxxxxy mg's, it cxxxxxs if it dxxxn't hxxe txxm (ancientman) 16241
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd uxxxxxxd AI fxxxxxs fxxm vxxxxxs wxxxxn (no nxxd to txxt) (j.f.leusch) 16281
WEAPONS: Mxxxd HxxxV mxxxxxd TxW ixxxxe txe TxW HxxxV fxxxxr (j.f.leusch) 16282
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Mxx axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16293
WEAPONS: Axxxd Mxxx SxR (chuc) 16295
WEAPONS: Txxxxxxxd up Qxxxx axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16297
WEAPONS: Axxxd PxM (chuc) 16299
WEAPONS: Axxxd MxxxB, MxxxG axd GxxG (chuc) 16325
WEAPONS: Axxxd MxxxB axd GxxG sxxxxxxxxy wxxxxxs (chuc) 16325
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd sxxxxs on axl sxxxxd wxxxxxs to be hxxxxw in xp (chuc) 16325
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd rxxxxl axxxxxxxxs on mxxt wxxxxxs (nxt axl yxt) (chuc) 16325
WEAPONS: Fxxxd up BxxS on Exxxn axd SxxxT sxxxxs (chuc) 16325
WEAPONS: Axxxd fxxxxh fxxxxs wxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 16332
WEAPONS: Axxxd axl Vxxxxxm wxxxxxs (afterdune) 16355
WEAPONS: Fxxxd a txxxxxe pxxh of cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe.bxxxxxxxxxh (afterdune) 16356
WEAPONS: Fxxxd txxxxxe pxxxs of vxxxxxs Cxxxxxe wxxxxxs (afterdune) 16357
WEAPONS: Fxxxd txxxxxe pxxxs of axxxxxr cxxxxxxd of wxxxxxs (afterdune) 16358
WEAPONS: Fxxxd txxxxxe pxxxs of yxt axxxxxr wxxxxn (afterdune) 16359
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd #xxxxx to #xxxxx, pxxxxe fxx hxxp:x/wxw.rxxxxxxxxd.cxm/fxxxm/fxxx-pr-bxx-cxxxxxxxg/xxxxxx-cxxxxxxxg-sxt-xx-jxn-xxxx-cxxe-x.hxxl#pxxxxxxxxxx (bloodydeed) 16363
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Cxxxxx Axxxxxxt wxxh nxw Cxxxxx Axxxxxxt on Mx, Mx Mxxx (rxxxxxxxg txe exxxxh) axd Mxxxx rxxxxs. (chuc) 16366
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Kxxxxxs Axxxxxxxs Fxxxxxxp wxxh Gxxxxxd on Mx axd Mxxxxs (chuc) 16366
WEAPONS: Exxxxxxd bxxxxl on Mxxx AxxG axd ExxxN (chuc) 16367
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd cxxxh bxg wxxh oxd xxx rxxxd bxx on txe Mxxx ixxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16367
WEAPONS: Fxxxd mxxxxxg sxxxxs fxxm Vxxxxxm wxxxxxs (afterdune) 16372
WEAPONS: Fxxxd mxxxxxg sxxxxs fxxm Fxxxxh wxxxxxs (afterdune) 16373
WEAPONS: Fxxxd Sxxxxxv axxxxg sxxxd (afterdune) 16374
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd xxx rxxxd cxxxh bxg wxxh xxx rxxxd bxx on Cxxx ixxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16377
WEAPONS: Exxxxxxd bxxxxl on Cxxx Exxxn (chuc) 16377
WEAPONS: Hxxxxxxd oxt mxxe xp sxxxxs (chuc) 16386
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd rxxxxl axxxxxxxxs on MxC rxxxxs (chuc) 16386
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp bxxt axxxxxxxn fxr Sxxxx (nxxxs sxxxd to be sxxxxd) (chuc) 16388
WEAPONS: Rxxxd Sxxxx rxxxxxe (chuc) 16388
WEAPONS: Axxxd oxxxxp mxxxxxs. Txxs cxxxxs #xxx. (afterdune) 16400
WEAPONS: Rxxxd Mxxxn Nxxxxt ixxxxxxxxs axxxxxxxxs (exxxxt rxxxxd fxr nxw) (chuc) 16417
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd sxxxxd fxxe axxxxxxxxs fxr dxxxxxxxxe wxxxxxs (Lxxs, Gxxxs axd Dxxs) (chuc) 16417
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd rxxxxxe on Mxxx AxxG (chuc) 16417
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxd sxxe wxxxxxs, so txxy (dxn't) uxe a fxxxxxxe ixxxxxxxr wxxn zxxxxd in (afterdune) 16419
WEAPONS: Gxxe gxxxxxe txxxs txe "mxxe" cxxxo rxxe bxxxxn (afterdune) 16425
WEAPONS: Fxxxd mxxxxxg gxxg txxxxxe (ancientman) 16427
WEAPONS: Exxxxxxd cxxxxxxg hxxxxe on txe Axxx sxxxxs (chuc) 16428
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd txe ixxxxxxxxy gxxxxxe. It wxxl oxxy be a mxxxxy nxw. (afterdune) 16430
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxd fxxxxg, rxxxxd axd dxxxxxt sxxxxs fxr mxxt hxxxxxxd wxxxxxs.x(Wxxl pxxt a fxxl lxxt lxxxr) (anders) 16443
WEAPONS: Mxxxxxxd dxxxxxxxn on Gxxxxn axd Rxxxxxn rxxxxs to txxt in txe axxxa as a pxxxf of cxxxxxt. Cxxxxxs axe dxxxxxxxd mxx mxxxxxxt dxxxxxxxn by x/x axd mxx fxxxxg dxxxxxxxn by x/x; bxt sxxxxe rxxxs axe txe sxxe, so txxs wxxl fxxl qxxxe axxt mxxe axxxxxxe. Lxxs, Mxxs, Sxxs (pxxxxxs axy mxxe Gs txxt I've fxxxxxxxn?x axd dxxxxxxd mxxxxxxn axe uxxxxxxxd fxr nxw. Txxxe cxxxxxs axe NxT to be txxxxd in lxxxl as sxxxxe txxxs nxxd to be dxxxxxxxt on sxxxxr FxS nxt yxxr cxxxxxxr FxS. Nxxe txxt txe MxC mxxxxxxn is axxo cxxxxxd dxe to hxw txe Gxr Mxxxxxxn rxxxe is nxt sxxxxxxe, so dxn't be axxxxxd if uxxxg a MxC mxxxxxxn kxt on axxxxxr mxp fxr nxw. Txxs cxxxxt wxs dxxe axxxr uxxxxxxg axxxr Axxxr's cxxxxt. (rudd) 16445
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd xp hxxxxw sxxxe fxr txe Mxx (chuc) 16450
WEAPONS: Hxxxxxxd oxt Hxxx txxe on txe Gxxx Hxxx (chuc) 16478
WEAPONS: Axxxd LxT dxxxxxt exxxxxxxn sxxxxs (anders) 16501
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw KxxD dxxxxxt sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16502
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw Sxxxxxxn rxxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16502
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxxx rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16511
WEAPONS: Nxw Mx pxxxxl xp/xp sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16511
WEAPONS: Nxw MxxxxxW sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16513
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd (Fxxxxh) ixxxxxxxxy gxxxxxe (afterdune) 16514
WEAPONS: Nxw Nxx Exxxxxd rxxxxd axd sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16521
WEAPONS: Nxw PxM bxxxd dxxxxy sxxxxs (anders) 16521
WEAPONS: Nxw SxS/Sxxxxxv sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16521
WEAPONS: Nxw SxD sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16521
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxxs fxr AR-xx sxxxxs rxxxxs (chuc) 16522
WEAPONS: Axxxd uxxxxxd AI rxxxxs fxxm mxxxn (outlawz) 16525
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxd Mxxx/Axxx sxxxt sxxxxs to be mxxe sxxxxxr to txe oxxxr Axxx sxxxxs (anders) 16526
WEAPONS: Nxw sxxxxd rxxxxd sxxxxs fxr Cxxxs nxw Axxx axxxxxxxxs (anders) 16529
WEAPONS: Nxw FxxxL rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16529
WEAPONS: FxxxS rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16529
WEAPONS: Nxw Nxxxxxo sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16529
WEAPONS: Nxw FxxxL sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16531
WEAPONS: Mxxe SxG axd oxxxr AT wxxxxxs sxxxd mxxe pxxxxxxl wxxh lxxxxr txxl (anders) 16531
WEAPONS: Mxxe Nxx Exxxxxd sxxxxxxxxd bxxxxxxr axd lxxxxr axd dxxxxxxxd hxxxxxxg sxxxxs (anders) 16531
WEAPONS: Mxxe a mxxe pxxxxxxl sxxp sxxxd to Cxxxs nxw Axxx UxL vxxxxxxs (anders) 16531
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Mxxx sxxxxs (anders) 16532
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Mxxx sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16533
WEAPONS: Fxxxd Pxxx cxxxxxxg (Bxg #xxx) (chuc) 16539
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw mxxxxxg txxxxxxs fxxm Sxxxe-Oz (chuc) 16542
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxn axd ixxe axxxxxxxxs fxr Qxxxx (to be rxxxxd oxt to axl pxxxxxs) (chuc) 16543
WEAPONS: Nxw xp rxxxxd sxxxd fxr Cxxc's nxw Qxxxx pxxxxl axxxxxxxn (anders) 16546
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp rxxxxd axd ixxe axxxxxxxxs fxr axl pxxxxxs (chuc) 16548
WEAPONS: Gxxe gxxxxxe txxxs txe "mxxe" mxxxxr axxxn, axxxxs' mxxxxxe cxxxxt hxd oxxxxxxxxxn my Txxs fxxxs #xxx. (afterdune) 16550
WEAPONS: Axxxd bxxxc fxxxxxxxxxxxy on txe GxxG/Mxxx (chuc) 16551
WEAPONS: Axxxd up sxxxxxn fxxe rxxxxl (chuc) 16551
WEAPONS: Axxxd Mxxx AxxG pxxxxxxxxxr (chuc) 16551
WEAPONS: Nxw FxxxS sxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16553
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxx sxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16553
WEAPONS: Nxw pxxxxl rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16553
WEAPONS: Fxxxd sxxxxxg on txe SxD fxxxxxxp (chuc) 16559
WEAPONS: Nxw SxD sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16561
WEAPONS: Nxw AK wxxxxxs sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16561
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd PxM sxxxt sxxxd to be mxxe bxxxy (anders) 16561
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd FF MxxxxI wxxh Axxxxxxt (wxxn't uxxd axd wxn't be uxxd) WxxxxxS: Rxxxxxd bxxxxxt on FxxxS w/ Axxxxxxt (hauteclocque) 16563
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxxd vxxxxe fxr Qxxxx rxxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16566
WEAPONS: Axxxd AK wxxxxxs xp sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16566
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxxx rxxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16566
WEAPONS: Axxxd xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxn axd axxxxxr ixxe axxxxxxxn fxr txe GxxG sxxxxs (chuc) 16571
WEAPONS: Axxxd Dxxxxr bxxxxp axxxxxxt oxxo Bxxxxxh Lxxxx Axxxs (BxxS fxxxxxxn nxt dxxe yxt) (chuc) 16574
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxxx sxxxt sxxxxs, txxxxxr axd rxxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16575
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd RxF of AxxxxU to xxxxxM (sxxxd hxxn't bxxn axxxxxxd) (chuc) 16578
WEAPONS: Sxxxxd dxxn QxZ-xx xp bxxp txxxxxe (hauteclocque) 16581
WEAPONS: Fxxxd vxxxxxe hxxe ixxxxe txe exxxxxxn pxxt on txe FxxxS sxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16582
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxxd xp axxxxxxxxs on txe GxxG (chuc) 16584
WEAPONS: Axxxd xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxxs to MxxxB exxxn axd MxxxG axxg (chuc) 16584
WEAPONS: Axxxd fxxxl txxxxxxs to GxxG sxxxxs (chuc) 16584
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd Cx exxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16585
WEAPONS: Axxxd sxxxl Cx exxxxxxxe cxxxxe (nxt cxxxd or axxxxxxd yxt) (chuc) 16585
WEAPONS: Axxxd Cx GxxG (chuc) 16590
WEAPONS: Axxxd fxxl axxo fxxxxxxxxxxxy to Mxxx SxR (chuc) 16597
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxxxd mxxxxs on hxxxxxxd GxxG sxxxxs fxxm Txm (chuc) 16598
WEAPONS: Nxw Txxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16602
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16602
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Mxxx sxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16605
WEAPONS: Axxxd Mxxx dxxxxy sxxxd (anders) 16605
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Mxx axd Mxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16606
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxn fxr Axxx, AxxxxU, Gxxxl, Sxxxa axd Axxx Gxxx (chuc) 16615
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp dxxxxy axd rxxxxd axxxxxxxxs fxr Mxxx Gxxxxxxxn (chuc) 16615
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd axd rxxxxxd PxM to bxxxxe lxxe a GxxG (rxxxxxxg uxxxxxxxxd mxxe exc) (chuc) 16615
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxxxd SxS axd SxS bxxxxxt axxxxxxxxs axd mxxh (chuc) 16615
WEAPONS: Axxxd sxxxxxxxxy GxxG sxxxxs (chuc) 16616
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxd Mxx Exxxn rxxxxxxxe in txe BxxS cxxe to pxxxt to txe GxxG vxxxxxt of txe Mxx Exxxn (chuc) 16624
WEAPONS: Axxxd GxxG Mxx wxxh xxx rxxxd bxx (chuc) 16626
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd LxG Mxx Exxxn (chuc) 16626
WEAPONS: Fxxxd txe UxxC txxt on txe Kxxxr kxxxe txxxxxe (spush) 16629
WEAPONS: Txxxd dxxn mxxxe sxxxxxxxxxy wxxn zxxxxxg in wxxh uxxxxxxxxd Lxxs (chuc) 16634
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxxxd axxxxxxxxs on Mxx GxxG (chuc) 16634
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp Cx sxxxxxl (lxxxe cx pxxk) axd sxxxl Cx cxxxxe axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 16637
WEAPONS: Sxxxxd PxM dxxxxy axd rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16641
WEAPONS: Nxw AK-xxU, AK-xx axd Gxxxl rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16641
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd Gxxxl RxF to xxx (chuc) 16645
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd xp axxxxxxxxs on Axxx ixxxs, RxK Axxxxs axd SxD (no sxxxd exxxs rxxxxxxd) (chuc) 16645
WEAPONS: Axxxd xp mxxxxs of txe nxw QxZ sxxxxs (chuc) 16653
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxxs fxr QxZ sxxxxs (chuc) 16653
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw Qxxxx rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16655
WEAPONS: Nxw Qxxxx/Txxxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16658
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp AxxxM axd AxxxxU dxxxxy axxxxxxxn (chuc) 16660
WEAPONS: Nxw Cx pxxxt sxxxd (anders) 16661
WEAPONS: Nxw AK-xxM dxxxxy fxxxxxg sxxxk sxxxxs (anders) 16663
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxx sxxxt sxxxd (anders) 16665
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Qxxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16665
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Mxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16665
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxx xp rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16667
WEAPONS: Nxw Sxxxxxv rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16668
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxxx rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16670
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxd txe Hxxy Mxx Mxxxt's cxxxxa to vxxw xp mxxxl ixxxxxd of xp as it cxxxd sxe mxxxxxg fxxxs in txe sxxe of sxxe of txe cxxxxxxs (rhino) 16673
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxx rxxxxd axd dxxxxy sxxxxs (anders) 16674
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxxx sxxxxxxxxd (anders) 16676
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd sxxe wxxxxn cxxxxxxxn mxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16677
WEAPONS: Fxxxd cxxxh at txe exd of lxxxxxg on mxxs uxxxg rxxxxxxd (ancientman) 16681
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd Gxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16687
WEAPONS: Nxw Qxxxx rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 16690
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd xxxx on Axxx sxxxxs (chuc) 16694
WEAPONS: Axxxd RxxxxM axd RxxxxM Sxxxxd (axxxxxxxxs nxt dxxe yxt) (chuc) 16695
WEAPONS: Nxw Qxxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16698
WEAPONS: Nxw Sxxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16698
WEAPONS: Sxxxxd xp rxxxxd sxxxxs fxr Gxx, Qxxxx axd Qxxxx (anders) 16698
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd xp hxp-fxxe axxxxxxxxs on mxxt wxxxxxs (chuc) 16701
WEAPONS: Axxxd dxxxxxxd mxxe fxr Rxxxxm (chuc) 16701
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd oxd PxxH wxxh oxe fxxm BF:Kxxxa (chuc) 16706
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp dxxxxy axxxxxxxn fxr txe PxxH (chuc) 16706
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxxxd xp hxxxs on PxxH (chuc) 16706
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw, rxxxxxd Mxxx xxxxb GxB (Dxxb Bxxb) axd txe MxC xxxxxb GxB to txe rxxo (rhino) 16708
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd txe Exxx Mxxx bxxxs (rhino) 16710
WEAPONS: Nxw Lxxxx rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16712
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd Axxxxs RxK (chuc) 16715
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw RxK (chuc) 16715
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw Rxxxx (wxxxxn, nxt txe RxxxxM) (chuc) 16715
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd PxxH rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16716
WEAPONS: Nxw Lxxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16721
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxxxxxxxn rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16722
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd MxxxxI wxxh Eo-Txxh wxxh nxw mxg (txe sxxxxxxt oxe) axd nxw xp axxxxxxxxs (rxxxxd oxe nxxxs to be fxxxd) (hauteclocque) 16725
WEAPONS: Lxxxxxd TxW, Mxxxn axd HJ-x lxxxxh vxxxxxxxxs to xx m/s (j.f.leusch) 16726
WEAPONS: Nxw RxK sxxxxxxxxxs axd dxxxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16727
WEAPONS: Nxw Sxxxxxx rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16729
WEAPONS: Fxxxd up txe Txxx mxxxxxe, oxxxxxxxd it, axxxd lxxs, fxxxd cxxs axd rxxxxxd txe txxxxxe sxxe to x/x ixs oxxxxxxl sxxe (rhino) 16743
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxxd AT-xx Sxxxxr AxxM txxxxxxxg sxxxd to xxx m/s (j.f.leusch) 16747
WEAPONS: Exxxxxd rxxxxxg pxxxxxs on gxxxxxxs (so txxt txxy'll pxxxxxxy rxxl dxxn sxxxxs exc) (chuc) 16752
WEAPONS: Exxxxxxd Fx gxxxxxe exxxxxxxn rxxxxs to xxm (chuc) 16752
WEAPONS: Axxxd mxxe sxxxl exxxxxxn rxxxxs (sxxxxxe nxxxs to exxxxe txe wxxxxxs mxxxh up wxxh txe cxxxxxxxxxxxg sxxxl exxxxxxn. I axxxd a x.xxxxx, x.xxxxx axd a x.xxxxx sxxxl exxxxxxn) (chuc) 16752
WEAPONS: Axxxd Hxxxx fxr txe Fxxxxh Fxxxxs (hauteclocque) 16760
WEAPONS: Axxxd x.xxxxx TT axd x.xxxxx sxxxl exxxxxxxs (chuc) 16765
WEAPONS: Axxxxxxd sxxxl exxxxxxxs on sxxe wxxxxxs to txxxr cxxxxxxxxxxxg cxxxxxxs (chuc) 16766
WEAPONS: Fxxxd up TxW, MxxxN axd HJ-x exxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 16782
WEAPONS: Axxxd txe nxxxr axxo txxxxxxs to txe rxxo, oxd oxxs sxxxxd be dxxxxxd axd uxxxxxd txe GB GxxG xp mxxxl to uxe txe cxxxxxt sxxxt, axxxxxxh axl txe mxxxs nxxd to be uxxxxxd wxxh txxs,xx axy oxxxr wxxxxxs uxxxg txe nxw rxxxxs. (rhino) 16784
WEAPONS: Fxxxd up ExxX, Pxxxxxxr axd Pxf-x fxxxxg exxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 16785
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd FxxxS fxxxd bxxxxxxs. Cxxxxs #xxx,x#xxx, axd #xxx (hauteclocque) 16789
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd bxxk txe pxxxxxs fxr hxxxxxxxxxxs axd sxxxxs/txxxs/exc. (anders) 16791
WEAPONS: Fxxxd txxxxxe nxxxs of txe Cx GxxG txxxxxxs, _xxxxxxxd txxxxxe wxxn't lxxxxxg bxxxxe, exxxxt sxxxe wxxl nxxd ixs pxxxs fxxxd fxr txe fxxxd nxxe. Axxo fxxxd txe Cx mxxh in txe rxxo to uxe txe nxw txxxxxe axd txe cxxxxxt axxo txxxxxe. (rhino) 16797
WEAPONS: Nxw ZxU sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16807
WEAPONS: Nxw Axx dxxxxy axd axm sxxxxs (anders) 16823
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxxx axm sxxxd (anders) 16823
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxxx dxxxxy axd rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16823
WEAPONS: Nxw Gxxxxxxxn sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16824
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxxxxxxxxxxs to txe Hxxxa xx axd S-x Rxxxxxs wxxxh sxxxxd hxxxxxxxy fxx txe fxxxd wxxg axxxxxxt fxxxxg ixxxxxxxe rxxxxxs fxr pxxxxxs oxxxxxe txe axxxxxxt. (rhino) 16831
WEAPONS: Axxxd txe xxxxl pxxxxxxxxe fxxm PR:V axd mxxxxxxd txe vxxxxs fxxm PR:V to be mxxe in lxxe wxxh txe pxxxxxxxxxs sxxe. (rhino) 16833
WEAPONS: Exxxxd txe Mxx Gxxxxxe Lxxxxxxr to uxe txe cxxxxxt axxo txxxxxxs sxxxt in txe cxxxxxt lxxxxxxn axd dxxxxxd ixs oxd oxe, axy oxxxr wxxxxxs uxxxg ixs sxxxt nxxxs to rxxxxxxt ixs txxxxxxs to /oxxxxxs/wxxxxxs/cxxxxn/txxxxxxs/axxo/ (rhino) 16841
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Qxxxx xp axxxxxxxxs. ixxxxxxxg rxxxxxxxxd txe dxxxxxxd mxxe (chuc) 16846
WEAPONS: Mxxxxd mxxxxxxs axd txxxr vxxxxxxxxs in oxe fxxxxr (j.f.leusch) 16850
WEAPONS: Axxxd dxxxy to uxe to dxxxxxxe axd TxT (j.f.leusch) 16854
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Bxxxxxxxxs axd GxxD zxxm sxxxxxs to axxxxxxxxy rxxxxxt hxw lxxxxxg txxxxxh a sxt of bxxxxxxxxs lxxxs lxxe (chuc) 16859
WEAPONS: Axxxd xp dxxxxy axxxxxxxn fxr Qxxxx dxxxxxxd (nxxxs axxxo sxxxxd) (chuc) 16862
WEAPONS: Fxxxd Ixs on sxxxxxxxxy GxxG (rhino) 16863
WEAPONS: Axxxd a cxxxxa to txe sxxxxxxxxy GxxG so it dxxxn't nxxd to be axxxt of txe mxxxt ixs on. (rhino) 16864
WEAPONS: Axxxd a Pxxxe Hxxxxr GxxG bxxxd, mxxxxy fxr PR:F bxt nxxxs wxxk, ixxxxxy sxxxxd uxe ixs oxn bxxxd (cxxxxxxxy fxxxxd up on txe mxxxl wxxh it sxxxk on axxxxxr) axd nxxxs axxo bxxt x bxx/bxg, lxxe txe GxxG on txe RxxB. (rhino) 16866
WEAPONS: Nxw FxxxL sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 16870
WEAPONS: Axxxd go pxxxe sxxxxs fxr GxxG's (anders) 16881
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to Gxxxx axd Mxxx sxxxxs (chuc) 16887
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd txe SxxW/NxxW, rxxxxxxg dxxxxy txxe fxxm xx.xx to x.x sxxxxxs (chuc) 16892
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd txe nxw axxo txxxxxe sxxxxs to xxxxxxxxxx, axl sxxxxs/wxxxxxs uxxxg txxs txxxxxe nxxd txxxr Uxs fxxxd to axxxxxxxxxe txxs cxxxxe. (rhino) 16894
WEAPONS: Nxw MxxxxG dxxxxy pxxxe axd rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16912
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd Mxx dxxm cxxxxxxy to xx rxxxxs (rxxxxxm pxxxxxxs) bxt ixxxxxxxd oxxxxxl dxxxs cxxxxxd by x (x+x lxxxxd nxw) (chuc) 16928
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd uxxxxxxd to hxxe bxxh xp axd xp mxxxxs, as wxxl as nxt to uxe txe vxxx mxxx txxxxxe axd txe gb mxxxxi txxxxxe, axd mxxe ixs oxn xxxxxxx txxxxxe. (rhino) 16929
WEAPONS: Axxxd "Rxxxt cxxxk sxxxt in" to txe sxxxxxxxxy Lxxx axd Cx Gxxxs. (rhino) 16932
WEAPONS: Fxxxd wxxxd fxxe sxxxd fxxe in wxxh txe Mxxxx (chuc) 16938
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd Pxxx, ixc axxxxg pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to it (chuc) 16942
WEAPONS: Axxxd 'wxxe' gxxxxxe wxxxxn (chuc) 16943
WEAPONS: Axxxd 'wxxe' to cxxxxxxn axd uxxxxxd kxxs (chuc) 16946
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxxxx rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16951
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxxxx sxxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16952
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd axxo txxxxxe wxxh lxxxxd yxxxxw rxxxd (rhino) 16956
WEAPONS: Axxxd xxxxl Axxo Bxxt axd axxxxxd it to txe Hxxs (rhino) 16958
WEAPONS: Fxxxd txe Mxx Gxxxxxe's Uxs to mxxxh txe nxw axxo txxxxxe x rxxxxxd sxxe fxxxs on txe lxxx, xp gxxxxxe axd mxxe it uxe txe gxxxxxe txxxxxe on txe xp sxxxt axd rxxxxxd xp txxxxxe sxxe to xxxxxxx. (rhino) 16961
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xxxm, xxxm, x.xx x xxxm axd x.xx x xxxm rxxxxs (rhino) 16966
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd Exxx, rxxxxxd dxxxxy txxe fxxm xx.xx to x.x sxxxxxs (chuc) 16967
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw x.xx x xxm cxxxxxs. (rhino) 16968
WEAPONS: Fxxxxxxd up mxxxn nxxxxt ixxxxxxxxs axxxxxxxxs (nxxxs sxxxxs) (chuc) 16969
WEAPONS: Nxw Nxxxxt sxxxt axd rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 16973
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd ZxU-x gxn dxxxxe (j.f.leusch) 16985
WEAPONS: Fxxxd up txe Mxx txxxxxxs, bxxxxxxg txe txxxxxxs dxxn fxxm oxxr xxb, to x.xxb (rhino) 16990
WEAPONS: Fxxxd xxxxxs mxxxxxg mxxu ixxn (j.f.leusch) 16993
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd oxd Mxxx mxxxxr (j.f.leusch) 16995
WEAPONS: Fxxxd wxxxe bxx in HxD of axxxxt axl sxxxxxxxxy axd dxxxxxxxxe wxxxxxs (j.f.leusch) 17000
WEAPONS: Fxxxd sxxxxxxxxy TxW lxxxxxg wxxxg bxxp mxp (j.f.leusch) 17000
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd Mxx rxxxxt sxxxxxxy (j.f.leusch) 17006
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd txe Mx Gxxxxe Gxn's sxxxl exxxxxxn lxxxxxxn (rhino) 17011
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Mxx wxxh mxxxxg pxxxs axd oxxxr sxxxl fxxxs, Nxxxs Axxxxxxxxs. (rhino) 17024
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd txe Mxx rxxxxt wxxh Lxxs axd bxxxxr cxxs (rhino) 17024
WEAPONS: Nxw dxxxxy sxxxxs fxr nxw axxxxxxxxs on CxxxxxxxX, UxxxxxxxxxxxxR axd Cxxxxxxxx (anders) 17032
WEAPONS: Fxxxd sxxxxxxxg gxxxxs on txe FN FxL sxxxxs as wxxl as a fxw mxxh fxxxs axd axxxd xp txxxxxxs. (rhino) 17033
WEAPONS: Rxxxxe Mxxxn Nxxxxt ixxxxxxxxs axxxxxxxxs (hxxxxxy txxxxxh txe Sxxxxd Mxxxn) (chuc) 17038
WEAPONS: Axxxd a lxxx, xD fxxxl lxd to txe FN Fxxs (rhino) 17046
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxxxd Mxxxn Nxxxxt sxxxxr axxxxxxxxs (Axxo is BxxS cxxxxxxxxe, rxxxxxxs cxxxxg) (chuc) 17054
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd Mxx, mxxxxxxd it ixxo a GxxG-sxxxe wxxxxn (chuc) 17058
WEAPONS: Nxw Nxxxxt sxxxxr rxxxxd sxxxd (anders) 17065
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw AxxxxU fxxm Mxxxxxxa (chuc) 17074
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd oxd bxxxxxs wxxh txe nxw bxxxxxs on txe Axxx sxxxxs (chuc) 17074
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd dxxxxxt Axxx bxxxxxt wxxh hxxxxr qxxxxxy Axxx bxxxxxt (hxxxxxxd kxxxe wxxxxn txxt is) (chuc) 17075
WEAPONS: Fxxxd up Sxxxxxxxg gxxxxs, bxxxxt Uxs axd axxxd lxxxxd rxxxxs on txe FN MxG GxxG Sxxxxs. (rhino) 17076
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp axxxxxxxxs fxr sxxxxl (chuc) 17078
WEAPONS: Fxxxd GxxG axd FN FxL fxxxl lxd txxxxxxs axd axxxd lxd dxxxxxxxs axd uxxxxxd dxxw cxxxs fxr txe Gxxxs (rhino) 17086
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw bxxxxxs to Mx, Pxxx, Pxxxxx axd Nxxxv LxG (chuc) 17090
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw bxxxxxs to a bxxxxxxd of wxxxxxs (chuc) 17093
WEAPONS: Axxxd Bxxxxxh Lxxx, axd Lxxx SxxT (chuc) 17093
WEAPONS: Rxxxd Mxx xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxn (chuc) 17093
WEAPONS: Rxxxd FN FxL xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxn (chuc) 17093
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Lxxx (rhino) 17111
WEAPONS: Axxxd fxxxxxxxd FN MxG Gxxxs. Txxs ixxxxxxs hxxxxxxd vxxxxxxs, sxxxxxxxxy vxxxxxxs axd bxxxd vxxxxxxs. Axxo rxxxxxd axl oxd vxxxxxxs. (rhino) 17117
WEAPONS: Axxxd a x.xxxm Axxo Bxxt, mxxxxy fxr txe nxw FN MxG Gxxxs bxt cxn axxo be uxxd on oxxxr x.xxxm bxxt fxd wxxxxxs (pxxxxxxxg txxy hxxe bxxn mxxe to txe cxxxxxt sxxxs)x (rhino) 17117
WEAPONS: Re-sxxxd FN MxG GxxG xp txxxxxxs wxxh no mxxs (fxxm .pxxs oxxxr txxn txe nxxxxl wxxxh dxxn't hxxe a .pxd)x cxxxxxg txe txxxxxe sxxe dxxn fxxm xx.xxb to x.xxb fxr txxxs txxxxxxs (rhino) 17121
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd cxxxxa pxxxxxxn sxxxxxxy on sxxxxxxxxy gxxxs (chuc) 17123
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to txe Mxxx SxR (chuc) 17129
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw xp pxxxxl rxxxxd axxxxxxxn (chuc) 17131
WEAPONS: Fxxxd bxxxd sxxxxxg xp mxxh in xp by axxxxg dxxxy gxxxx mxxh. (rhino) 17133
WEAPONS: Fxxxd sxxxxxxxxy gxxg sxxxxxg xp mxxh in xp by axxxxg dxxxy gxxxx mxxh. (rhino) 17134
WEAPONS: Axxxd a dxxxy lxxx to gxxxx of txe sxxxxxxxxy Gxxxs (nxt txe bxxxd vxxxxxxs, txxy dxxn't nxxd it)x wxxxh is a cxxxe of txe gxxxx lxxx, as dxxxxxs/pxxxxxxxxs in vxxxxxxs txxxe wxxxxxs wxxxe mxxxxxd on, lxxe txe RxxB wxxxe sxxxxg txe xp mxxxl axd txxxxxxs, exxn txxu txxy wxxxe nxt uxxxg txe wxxxxn wxxxh is vxxy bxd fxr pxxxxxxxxxe axd wxxh axl txe nxn-wxxxxd pxxxs axd no mxxs, it dxxn't lxxk vxxy gxxd exxn fxxm a vxxy sxxxt dxxxxxxe axxy. Txxs nxw lxd mxxxs pxxxxxxxxs dxn't sxe txe xxt pxxxxn mxxxl, uxxxxs txxy gxt on txe wxxxxn, as txe cxxxxxs fxr txe wxxxxn fxxxe lxxx, wxxxh is txe mxxn xp mxxh axd if it hxs a sxxxe, lxxx fxr txe sxxxe mxxxl. (rhino) 17135
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd dxxxxxg oxf of txe Gxxxs, wxs cxxxxxg a bxg cxxxxa ixxxe wxxh txe nxw "rxxxt cxxxk sxxxt in" sxxxp wxxxe txe cxxxxa wxxxd sxxy on txe dxxxxd cxm axxxr dxxxxxg. (rhino) 17136
WEAPONS: Nxw pxxxxl xp rxxxxd sxxxxs (anders) 17139
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd FxxxL rxxxxxxxxxd (anders) 17141
WEAPONS: Axxxd AxxxT pxxxe axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 17154
WEAPONS: Axxxd Axx Pxxxe Axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 17154
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Mxx axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 17156
WEAPONS: Axxxd Mxxxx (chuc) 17156
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to PxxH axd Mxx (chuc) 17159
WEAPONS: Ixxxxxxxd mxg lxxxt of Mxx Lxxs to x axd axxxd a rxxxxd axxxxxxxn fxr it (chuc) 17164
WEAPONS: Axxxd txxxxxxxxxt xp sxxxe axd nxw bxxxxxs on txe Lxe Exxxxxd (chuc) 17167
WEAPONS: Rxxxd dxxxxy axxxxxxxn on Lxe Exxxxxd (chuc) 17167
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs on Lxe Exxxxxd (chuc) 17167
WEAPONS: Cxxxxxd up axxxxxxxxs on Rxxxxxxxn xxx (chuc) 17172
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs axd nxw sxxxxxn sxxxxs to Sxxxxxxk (chuc) 17172
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs axd nxw sxxxxxn sxxxxs to Bxxxxxi Mx/Lxxxxx, Mxxxxxxg xxx (chuc) 17185
WEAPONS: Nxw Mxx dxxxxy/rxxxxd axd axm sxxxd (anders) 17186
WEAPONS: Nxw sxxxxl dxxxxy sxxxd (anders) 17187
WEAPONS: Axxxd nxw bxxxxxs to Nxxxv, axxxxxxxxs to fxxxxw (chuc) 17193
WEAPONS: Uxxxxxd Rxxxx axxxxxxxxs (chuc) 17193
WEAPONS: Nxw Nxx sxxxxr dxxxxy sxxxd (anders) 17209
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxd txe Axx dxxxxy sxxxd (anders) 17210
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd Nxxxv (chuc) 17213
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxd AxxG axd Mxxxo Nxxxv (chuc) 17213
WEAPONS: Txxxxxd Mxxxxi sxxxxs xp rxxxxd axxxxxxxn (chuc) 17220
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to Mxxxxi sxxxxs (chuc) 17223
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to Mxx (chuc) 17227
WEAPONS: Rxxxxxxxxd Rxxxx (chuc) 17227
WEAPONS: Axxxd pxxxe axxxxxxxxs to AxxxM (chuc) 17230
WEAPONS: Fxxxd sxxxxxxxn ixxn on txe sxxxxxxn so txe nxxxa kxt dxxxn't cxxxh (ancientman) 17236
WEAPONS: Nxw Nxxxv rxxxxd axd sxxxxxxxxxs (anders) 17241

Levels 1:348

LEVELS: Fxxxd up a bxxxh of mxxxxxg axxxxxt sxxxxs on a fxw mxxs (ancientman) 67
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd axl mxxs sxxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn uxxxg a nxw mxxxxd wxxxh "sxxxxd" wxxk a lxt bxxxxr in dxxxxxxxxg txe sxxxd bxg. (ancientman) 68
LEVELS: Cxxxxxxe rxxxxp of Ixxn Exxxe, ixxxxxxs: Uxxxxd of exxxxr fxxxs; fxxxd sxxxxxxh sxxxn bxg #xxx; fxxxd ixxxxxxxe txxxxxn cxxxxxxxxs #xxx; fxxxd ixxxxxxxt txxxxxn cxxxxxxxxxn #xxx; fxxxd axd cxxxxxd nxw rxxxxs fxr axl lxxxxs #xxx; axxxxxd mxxxxe #xxx; fxxxd sxxxn txxe fxr Gxxxxxe #xxx; ixxxxxxd sxxxxxxxxxg txxxxxn; axxxd xxx lxxxr; axxxd jxt cxxxxt zxxe cxxe; hxxd-pxxxxd OG axxxs to fxx bxxxk lxxxs on lxxs; fxxxd txxs of fxxxxxxs; axxxd a fxw mxxe txxxxxxxxs axd lxxxs to axl lxxxxs exxxxt sxxxxxxh; axxxd mxxxxr sxxxxxs; re-lxxxxxxxxxd txe txxxxxn; cxxxxxd nxw mxxxxxp; fxxxd txxxxxn sxxxxxxs; cxxxxxd lxxxxxxxxxxn; mxxxd fxxg nxxxs so txxy sxxw on mxp; fxxxd axxy nxxxxr to x exxh txxm axd mxxe it oxf mxp; fxxxd fxxxxxxg rxxxs axd ixxxxxxxxxxxs; axxxxxd fxxxxs on t-sxxxxd bxxxxxxxs; fxxxd lxxs of z-fxxxxxxg; mxxxd mxxxs on sxxxxxxh lxxxr; axxxd lxxxxxs to bxxxxr fxxg; cxxxxxd sxxxt vxxw to ixxxxxe pxxxxxxxxxe at mxp lxxd; axd axxxd gxxxxl axxxxxt sxxxd. (afsoccer) 91
LEVELS: Axxxd Vxxxxxm lxxxxs (AxS xx axd Sxxxxxxh xx) to Bxxxxxxxa axd Txd Sxe (afterdune) 127
LEVELS: Axxxd Bxxxxe of Ia Dxxxg (afterdune) 129
LEVELS: Axxxd Dxxg Dxxg (afterdune) 130
LEVELS: Fxxxd txe pxxh fxr txo sxxxxs in Ixxn Exxxe's Axxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn fxxe. (afsoccer) 132
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxxxxxy fxxxxr cxxxxxd of nxn-exxxxxxxxs/mxxs, nxw GxO, nxw lxxxxxxxxxxxxxs (cxxxxxr hxs bxxn mxxxd) sxxxxxxxxxg txxxxxn mxxxxxxd sxxxxxxy. Sxxe oxxxxxxxxxxxs in uxxxxxxxxxh axd oxxxxxxxxh (pxxxxe mxxxxxn if FxS is sxxxxxxxxxxxy dxxxxxxxt txxn xxx pxxxxe txxxxxs) Sxxxl nxxxs lxxxxxxxxxxxs to be rxxxxd. Mxp wxs txxxxd in Lxxxl on axl lxxxxs bxxxxe rxxo. (rudd) 133
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy, fxxxd a vxxxxxe fxxg on sxxxxxxh (rudd) 134
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy cxxxxxd cxxxxa sxxxn lxxxxxxn (rudd) 135
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy exxxxr GxO wxxh fxxxd sxxxxxxh (rudd) 136
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy, txxxxxd Lxs (rudd) 137
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy mxxe cxxxxxxg (rudd) 138
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy.x.Exxxxxxxy I dxxn't rxxo txe lxxxxt sxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn. Dxd a cxxxxxp to exxxxe axl cxxxxxd fxxxs hxxe nxw bxxn rxxxxd. (rudd) 141
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Txd Sxe's vxxxxxe sxxxn txxxs on AxS xx axd Axxxx; Rxxxxxd txxxxxs fxxm xxx to xxx fxr AxS; dxxxxxxd hxxxxxp sxxxxxxy; cxxxxxd fxxxxxxxxt gxxw oxxxxxs; fxxxd cxxxxs on sxxxxxxh lxxxr (fxxxd #xx)x (afsoccer) 144
LEVELS: MxxS Axxxd lxxxr xxx to Axxd Kxxl x-Dxxr
xx MxxS Axxxd MxC to lxxxr xx on Axxd Kxxl -Dxxr
xx MxxS mxxxxxxd vxxxxxxs axd fxxxs on lxxxxs xx xx axd xxx on axxd kxxl -Dxxr
xx MxxS axxxxxxd axxd kxxxs txxxxxs -Dxxr (rudd) 145
LEVELS: MxxS Bxxxxt, mxxxxxxd x/x bxxxxxs axd gxs sxxxxxn axxa -Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, axxxd lxxxr xxx, hxs sxxe fxxxs bxt mxxxxxxd vxxxxxxs fxxm xx -Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, mxxxxxxd lxxxr xx fxxxs axd vxxxxxxs -Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, txxy mxxxxxxxxxxxs to lxxxr xx -Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, lxxxr xx axd xxx nxw hxs txxk txxp bxxxxxxe to pxxxxxt mxxxxxa fxxm exxxxxxg dxxxs fxxg axxa, bxt Txx sxxxxd be axxe to pxxs txxt bxxxxxxe-Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, axxxd cxxxxt axxa bxxxxd fxxxxxy, oxxxxxe fxxxe, rxxxxxn vxxxxxxs sxxxxd be axxe to go txxxxxh it bxt IxF ixxxxxxy sxxxxxxt -Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, Axxxd cxxxe sxxxxxt bxxxxxs on txp of axl x bxxxn bxxxxxs, txxxe axe ixxxxxxxe uxxxl bxxxt -Dxxr
xx MxxS Bxxxxt, axl bxxxxxs axe dxxxxxxxxxe on nxw -Dxxr (rudd) 146
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Gxxs axd txe ixxt.cxn fxr Fxxxxh Fxxxxs on Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn.xx(Fxxm bxxxxxxe) (afsoccer) 147
LEVELS: Axxxd oxxxxxxxxxxxxt.zxp axd oxxxxxxxxxxxxr.zxp fxr cxxxxm sxxxxxs axd txxxxxxs.xx(fxxm bxxxxxxe) (afsoccer) 148
LEVELS: Dxxxxn Fxy.x Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr axd ixxxxxxxxl oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs.x Uxxxxxd Gxxs, txxxxxn, lxxxxxxxs, oxxxxxxxxh, sxy.cxn, axd Sxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn.x Bxxxxxxe sxxd axl bxxs axe fxxxd, bxt rxxxxxe is dxxn so I cxn't rxxxxxxxe bxg x's.x(fxxm bxxxxxxe) (afsoccer) 149
LEVELS: Rxxxxxxd rxxx as zxp fxxxs sxxxxd nxxxr exxr be cxxxxxxxd to txe rxxo. Mxp cxxxxm oxxxxxs go in txe mxxxxxe/oxxxxxs fxxxxr, axd txe bxxxd axp axxxxxxxxxxxy hxxxxxs txxm. Axxxd txe sxxxf in txe zxp to txxs fxxxxr. (ancientman) 150
LEVELS: Axxxd Bxxxr Cxxxxxs mxp to rxxxxxe Ixxn Exxxe.x Uxxxxxd Gxxs wxxh lxxxr sxxxn txxxs, dxxxxxd sxxe fxxxs axd rxxxxs, axxxd CxC mxxe, fxxxd a fxw mxxe fxxxxxxg sxxxxxs, pxxxxxd MxC mxxn wxxh dxxt mxxxxxxl, axd fxxxd sxxe bxd uxxxxxxxxxh. (afsoccer) 151
LEVELS: MxxS Kxxxn, axxxd lxxxr xxx
xx MxxS Kxxxn, txxy mxxxxxxxxxxxs to fxw bxxxxxxxs
xx MxxS Kxxxn, axxxxxxd txxxxxs fxr xxx
xx MxxS Kxxxn, axl dxxxxxxxxxe dxxxs/gxxxs axe nxw in sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn
xx MxxS Kxxxn, rxxxxxd mxxxxxxe axxxxt of vxxxxxxs fxxm txxxxxn mxxn on xx xx axd xxx lxxxxs. (deer) 152
LEVELS: MxxS Kxxxxxk, rxxxxe txxxxxxs uxxxxxxxxxd bxxxxr, ixs sxxxxxxr to txxxxxs fxxg nxw, x exxxxxxxs.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, axxxd lxxxr xxx
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, mxxxxxxd lxxxr xx vxxxxxxs axd fxxxs
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, x nxw fxxxs on xxx axd xx axe oxxy cxxxxxxxxxe by rxxxxa, sxxxp axd bxxxxe, txxxe wxxxs as bxxxxxxg pxxxxs to pxxxxxt gxxxxxxy be sxxxxxxxe on fxxxt x fxxxs.x axxo to mxxe mxxxxxa dxxxxd axd rxxxxa axxxxk.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, mxxxxxxxd cxxxxt axxa to pxxxxxt mxxxxxa fxxm bxxxxxxg sxxxxxxs to txxxxxxg cxxp txxxxxh mxxxxxxn, txxy axe fxxxxd to uxe txe bxxxxe rxxxe mxxxxg it sxxxxxxxxxxxy mxxe dxxxxxxxt to dxxxxd fxxxt fxxxs.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, rxxxxxxxxg sxxxxy txxxk on txxxxxxg cxxp fxr mxxxxxa, txxs is lxxt oxxe mxxxxxa lxxxs sxxxp, txxs is kxxxa rxxxxxxd nxw wxxn rxxxxa cxn mxxe it ixxxxxxxxe to bxxxg sxxxxxxs fxxm mxxxxxxe.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, mxxxxxxd cxxxxt axxa to rxxe oxt axxa nxxxh fxxm txxxxxxg cxxp, it wxs lxw dxxxxxxd axd nxxxr mxxxt to be in gxxxxxxy, axxo pxl bxxxxxxg fxxxxxxxs txxxe wxxxt gxxd fxr gxxxxxxy, it mxxe it txo dxxxxxxxt to fxxxy cxxxxxe txxxxxxg cxxp.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, mxxe hxxxxxxxe cxp rxxxxs sxxxxxr to pxxxxxt sxxxxxxxxs
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, nxw rxxd oxt of rxxxxxn mxxn
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, nxw rxxd fxxxxxxg lxxxxh fxxxxxxy fxxm wxxt sxxe to mxxe mxxxxg mxxe dxxxxxxxt
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, axxxd nxw fxxxxxxxxxxxxs to txxxxxxg cxxp, txxxxxxs fxxg, sxxxp, bxxxxe, mxxxxe hxxl
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, axxxd nxw nxxxxxxxxxxxg AT gxxs axxxxd mxp fxr mxxxxxa
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, cxxxxt axxa fxr mxxxxxa oxxy at sxxxxxxn exxe of txe mxp, to mxxe it sxxe hxxxxn fxr rxxxxa to bxxxd fxxxxxxxs axd to pxxxxxe mxxxxxa dxxxxxxxe txxxxxs ixxxxxd of oxxxxxxxe.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, rxxxxa hxs txxxxt bxxxd of x txxxxxs pxr mxxxxe if mxxxxxa hxs axl fxxxs
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, rxxxxa hxs txxxxt bxxxd of x txxxxxs pxr mxxxxe if mxxxxxa hxs txe fxxg on wxxt sxxe of txe bxxxxe.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, axxxxxxd txxxxxs, rxxxxs wxxe mxxh sxxxxr txxn mxxy oxxxr mxxs
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, bxxxxxxd txxxxxs, mxxxxxa lxxt xx txxxxxs pxr fxxg txxy lxxt, nxw it sxxxxd be fxxr
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, nxw sxxxxxxs on sxxxh fxxxxxxy bxxxxxxg
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, bxxxxxd mxxxxe rxxxe fxxm sxxxh fxxxxxxy to lxxxxh fxxxxxxy, oxxy wxxt axd exxt rxxxxs cxn be uxxd wxxxxxt gxxxxxxxg hxxk.x
xx MxxS Kxxxxxk, nxw wxxxxxxxxxs on wxxt rxxxe bxxxxxn sxxxh axd lxxxxh fxxxxxxy. (deer) 153
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy Rxxxxxxg rxxxs to rxxxxxe txxm in a mxxxxe to cxxxxxt a mxxxxp (rudd) 157
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk bxy re-axxxd rxxxs (rudd) 158
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy sxxxl txxxxxn LM cxxxxe (rudd) 159
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk bxy cxxxxxd up uxxxxxxxxxh.rxw (rudd) 160
LEVELS: Rxxxxxd nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy to dxxxe (ancientman) 172
LEVELS: MxxS bxxxxt, rxxxxxg x nxw lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs wxxxh i fxxxxt to "axd" bxxxxe rxxxxxg. (deer) 173
LEVELS: MxxS Kxxxxxk, rxxxxxg x fxxxxxxxn lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs (deer) 174
LEVELS: MxxS Kxxxxxk, rxxxxxg x fxxxxxxxn rxxxs. (deer) 175
LEVELS: Txxxxxxxxxy dxxxxxxd Sxxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn in Ixxt.cxn to gxt exxxxxxxn dxxxxxt sxxxxs to wxxk. (anders) 179
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy gxxxxq fxxxxr wxs nxt cxxxxxxxy cxxxxxxxd, bxt nxw is. (rudd) 181
LEVELS: Rxxxxxd "pxx_" lxxxxxxxs (afterdune) 183
LEVELS: Fxxxd ixxxxs wxxh wxxxxn lxxxxxxs on AxT lxxxr uxxxg dxxxxxxxt fxxxxxxs,fxxxs #xxx (bloodydeed) 185
LEVELS: Pxxxxxxk bxy, ixxxxxxxd txe nxxxxl sxxxe fxr dxxd txxxs to lxxk mxxe nxxxxxl axd hxxe txe ixxxxxxxe fxxe (rudd) 186
LEVELS: Oxxxxxxxn Axxxxr x rxxxxxd cxxxxs of cxxxr, dxxxxl axd lxxxxxxxl txxxxxxs txxt wxxe ixxxxe txe Wxxxr fxxxxr.x.fxxxxxxm. (outlawz) 187
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Ixxn Rxxxe, to ixxxxxe axxxxg a xxxp lxxxr axd Cxxxx lxxxr; Fxxxd axl fxxg bxxs; Fxxxd fxxxxxxg sxxxxxs; Axxxd Mi-x txxxxxxxt hxxxxxxxxr fxr Rxxxxa on axl lxxxxs exxxxt CxC; Uxxxxxd sxxxxxxxxxg txxxxxn; Re-lxxxxxxxxxd txxxxxn; Re-lxxxxxxxxxd axl sxxxxxs sxxxe txxy hxd hxxxxxxe lxxxxxxxs; hxxxxxxxxd UG axxxs to cxxxxxt UG lxxxs; Rxxxxxxd txe Cxxxxxxxxxxxxs fxxg; Mxxxd txe Rxxxxxn AxV so it wxxxd be exxt-axxe; Rxxxxxd OG cxxxt fxxm xx,xxx to xx,xxx to hxxp wxxh pxxxxxxxxxe; Sxxxxxxd rxxxr sxxxxxxy so vxxxxxxs cxn cxxxs mxxe exxxxy; Fxxxd z-pxxxxxg sxxxxxs.x Fxxxd #xxx.x Fxxxd #xxx.x Fxxxd #xxx. (afsoccer) 188
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd txe xxxp lxxxr fxr Ixxn Rxxxe. (afsoccer) 189
LEVELS: Cxxxxxxxd GxO cxxxxxs to Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn fxr bxxxxxxe.x Uxxxxxxd lxxxxxxxxxxn ixxo txe exxxxr fxxxxr fxr sxxe kxxxxxg.x Cxxxxs #xxx. (afsoccer) 190
LEVELS: Rxxxxxxd Ixxn Rxxxe mxxxxxp wxxh bxxxxr oxe. (afsoccer) 191
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Ixxn Rxxxe: Mxxe hxxxxxd mxxe rxxxd; Uxxxxxd cxxxxxxxs axd mxxxxxp; Dxxxxxd sxxe uxxxxxxd fxxxs. (afsoccer) 192
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd mxxxxxp fxr Ixxn Rxxxe. (afsoccer) 193
LEVELS: Fxxxd txo bxxs on Txd Sxe.x Fxxxd #xxx, sxxxxxxg on cxxxxxxe.x Fxxxd #xxx, rxxxxxxxxd txxxxxn axd pxxxxd rxxxxxxxe axxxg exxe of mxp. (afsoccer) 198
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Sxxxxa Vxxxxy.x Axxxd Cxxxx wxxh no CxS or hxxxy axxxxs.x Uxxxxxd Cxxxx wxxh sxxe exxxa vxxxxxxs.x Rxxxxxd sxxe txxxs axxxxd txe hxxxxxxs.x Cxxxxd #xxx. (afsoccer) 203
LEVELS: Nxw Qxxi GxO (txxxxd in lxxxl) nxw xx, xx axd xxx lxxxxs. Nxw xx vxxxxxn is mxxe sxxxxxxxxxl txxn pxxxxxxxxy. xx axd xxx axe pxxxxy mxxh txe sxxe axxxt fxxm exxh txxm gxxs a txxxs hxxo. Nxw .dxxc fxxe to fxxxxw (rudd) 214
LEVELS: Qxxi nxw .dxxc fxxe to axxxw xxx mxxe (jxxt an exxxa hxxxxr/txxxk x txxxs hxxo pxr txxm) (rudd) 215
LEVELS: Cxxxxxxd Sxxxxxxa fxxxl wxxh lxxxxxxxs axd Gxxs (outlawz) 244
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Bxxxr Cxxxxn Gxxs so axl vxxxxxxs hxxe txxxxxxxxe of xxxxx. (afsoccer) 270
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Sxxxxa Vxxxxy Gxxs so vxxxxxxs hxxe txxxxxxxxe of xxxxx.x Axxo fxxxd #xxx wxxxe bxxh sxxxxd txxxxxh fxxxe. (afsoccer) 271
LEVELS: Fxxxd up nxxxt vxxxxxn of fxxxs rxxd so it lxxxs dxxxxxxxt cxxxxxxp txxxxxxs (ancientman) 272
LEVELS: Fxxxxxxd uxxxxxxg Fxxxs Rxxd.x Axxxd sxxxxxxxxx lxxxr wxxh fxxt; fxxxd sxxe oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs; uxxxxxd txxxxxn; hxxxxxxxxd uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs; uxxxxxd rxxxs; uxxxxxd txxxxxn lxxxxxxxs; sxt vxxxxxxs to txxxxxxxxe of xxxxx. (afsoccer) 275
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Txd Sxe vxxxxxxs so txxxxxxxxe is xxxxx. (afsoccer) 276
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Ixxn Rxxxe so vxxxxxxs hxxe txxxxxxxxe of xxxxx. (afsoccer) 290
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd axl mxxs sxxxd dxxxxxxxs. Sxxxxxn't hxxe axy wxxxd ixxxxs wxxh txxm axxxxxe, hxxxxxxxy.xx (ancientman) 291
LEVELS: Sxxxxxxa- fxxxd #xxx, fxxxd #xxx (outlawz) 292
LEVELS: Axxxd Lxxxxxr exxxxr fxxxs (no lxxxxxxxs) (outlawz) 293
LEVELS: Fxxxd txe bxxxxe gxxxxh axd txe wxxxxxxxxe ixxxe. (hans.martin.slayer) 312
LEVELS: MxxS,Kxxxn Mxxxr bxg fxxxs (deer) 314
LEVELS: MxxS, Bxxxxt sxxxl bxg fxxxs axd gxo axxxxxxxxxs (deer) 315
LEVELS: Sxxxxt Exxxe uxxxxxd Gxxs wxxh nxw sxxxxxxxxs, sxxxl nxxd to cxxxe txe axxxxxxxy (amokandy) 316
LEVELS: [Fxxxxxxh Wxxt] Fxxxd a fxxxxxxg pxxxxxxe/ wxxl/ dxxxxxxr/ bxxxxxxg. (hans.martin.slayer) 317
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Rxxxxl, to ixxxxxe vxxxxxe sxxxn txxxs, axxxxg lxxxxxxxxxs, axxxxg a xxx ixxxxxxxxy lxxxr, axd axxxxg a nxw Axxxx lxxxr bxxxd on txe xxxx Bxxxxe of Mxxxxxxxu (i.e. Bxxxxxxxk Dxxn) wxxh nxw sxy exxxxxxxxxt, sxxxxs, axxxxs, exc.x US mxxt rxxxxe cxxxxxn axd exxt cxxy (vxa cxxxxxg fxxxs) wxxh mxxxxxl lxxe of txxxxxs.x Txxxxr: lxt me kxxw if yxu txxxk it's txo hxxd or txo exxy.x Cxxxxs #xxx. (afsoccer) 319
LEVELS: Re-axxxd sxxe Rxxxxl fxxxs txxt I axxxxxxxxxxy rxxxxxd. (afsoccer) 321
LEVELS: Rxxo is gxxxxg me sxxe gxxxf, cxxxxxxxxg Bxxxxxg Sxxxs x.x in sxxxxxxs. Cxxxxxxxs+dxxxxxxxxs. (rudd) 322
LEVELS: Bxxxxxg sxxxs x.x gxxxxxxe axd OG fxxxs (rudd) 323
LEVELS: Bxxxxxg Sxxxs x.x exxxxxs (rudd) 325
LEVELS: MxxS, Axxd Kxxl sxxxl bxg fxxxs axd gxo cxxxxxs (deer) 326
LEVELS: bxxxxxg sxxxs lxxxxxxxxxxxs (rudd) 327
LEVELS: Bxxxxxg sxxxs txxxxxn Lxs (rudd) 328
LEVELS: bxxxxxg sxxxs ixxt.cxn (rudd) 329
LEVELS: Re-cxxxxxxxd Axxxx fxxxs fxr Rxxxxl. (afsoccer) 330
LEVELS: Bxxxxxg Sxxxs Gxxxxxxe fxxxs (rudd) 331
LEVELS: Lxxxxxxp axxxxxs fxr Bxxxxxg Sxxxs (rudd) 332
LEVELS: Axxxd cxxxxxxxr mxxxxxs to Txd Sxe Axxxx.x Mxxxd PxA's cxxxxxd AxV axd nxw it is exxxxxxe.x Cxxxxs #xx. (afsoccer) 333
LEVELS: Axxxd Fxxxxt Fxxe (amokandy) 336
LEVELS: Uxxxxxd Bxxxk Gxxd to vxxxxxn x, it hxs hxd a cxxxxxxe oxxxxxxl. (vapoman) 337
LEVELS: Bxxxk Gxxd. Rxxxxxd uxxxxxxd cxxxxn axd oxxxxt fxxxs. Uxxxxxd exxxxr fxxxs. (vapoman) 338
LEVELS: Fxxxd up txe rxxxxxxd fxxxxt fxxe cxxxxt (ancientman) 341
LEVELS: Fxxxd Fxxxxt Fxxe (amokandy) 343
LEVELS: Bxxxk Gxxd x Axxxd mxxxxxg oxxxxxs nxxxxd fxr bxxxk gxxd. (vapoman) 344
LEVELS: Fxxxd cxxxh on fxxxxxxh wxxn rxxxxxg on dxxxxxxxd, a sxxxxxr cxxxxt hxxe txe sxxe nxxe as a rxxxxxr oxxxxt, in txxs cxxe, a sxxxxxr cxxxxd uxxxg wxs cxxxxxxxxxg wxxh txe nxw uxxxg kxt (ancientman) 347
LEVELS: Rxxxxxd lxxxxxg of Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn on Kxxxn, as txxs cxxxxd a cxxxh on dxxxxxxxd wxxn lxxxxxg to axy mxp AxxxR Kxxxn. Yxu cxxxxt lxxd sxxxxc oxxxxxs dxxxxxxxxxy vxa gxxxxxxe, it dxxs nxt wxxk, txxs hxs bxxn txxxd mxxy vxxxxxxs axo to no axxxl xxx (ancientman) 348

LEVLES: bxxxxxg sxxxs x.x uxxxxxd fxxxs (rudd) 309

MAPS: Axxxd rxxt lxxxxs fxxxxr (ancientman) 1
MAPS: Sxxxxxxg to cxxxxt axl xxxx axd xxxx mxp pxxk mxxs uxxxxxxxxxd (ancientman) 3
MAPS: Fxxxxxxd axxxxg axl txe mxxs (ancientman) 9
MAPS: Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr fxr Sxxxxa Vxxxxy (afsoccer) 18
MAPS: Axxxd Op Gxxxt Txxxn's Exxxxr Fxxxs (rhino) 19
MAPS: Axxxd mxxxxxp.pxg to Vxxxo Cxxy (afsoccer) 20
MAPS: Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr axd oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr Bxxxk Gxxd. (afsoccer) 21
MAPS: Axxxd Mxxxxxh Cxxy (vx)'s Exxxxr Fxxxs x Dxxn't ixxxxxe axl fxxxs as sxxe axe nxt cxxxxxxxxt wxxh vx as txxy axe txe sxxxt of vx.x (rhino) 22
MAPS: Axxxd mxxxxxp.pxg to Sxxxxa Vxxxxy (afsoccer) 23
MAPS: Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr, mxxxxxp.pxg axd oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr Txd Sxe. (afsoccer) 24
MAPS: Axxxd Al Bxxxxh's Exxxxr Fxxxs, mxxxxxg exxxxr cxxxxxxxxs, dxxxxl mxxs axd GxO.cxn is dxxxxxxxxy oxd, sxxe Lxs mxxxt be oxd. (rhino) 26
MAPS: Axxxd Qxxxxxg's Exxxxr .cxn fxxxs, nxt gxxxg to uxxxxd txe oxxxr exxxxr fxxxs dxe to pxxxs to pxxxe txe mxp oxt. (rhino) 26
MAPS: Axxxd Kxxxxn Dxxxxt's Exxxxr Fxxxs, Mxxxxxg Exxxxr GxO.cxn (rhino) 26
MAPS: Axxxd bxxxxxt dxxa fxxxxr to Txd Sxe. (afsoccer) 27
MAPS: Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr, bxxxxxt dxxa, axd oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr Vxxxo Cxxy. (afsoccer) 28
MAPS: Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr axd oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn. (afsoccer) 29
MAPS: Uxxxxxxd oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr Bxxxk Gxxd. (afsoccer) 30
MAPS: Uxxxxxxd exxxxr fxxxxr vxxxxxxs of Gxxs fxr Fxxxs Rxxd. (afsoccer) 31
MAPS: Uxxxxxd xx fxxxs in Op Mxxxxn rxxo. (afsoccer) 32
MAPS: Axxxd exxxxr fxxxxr, bxx pxxxt dxxa, axd oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr Pxxxxxxk Bxy. (afsoccer) 34
MAPS: Uxxxxxd x txxxxxn lxxxxxxxs, sxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn, UG, axd ixxxxxxxp fxr Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn. (afsoccer) 35
MAPS: Uxxxxxd txo fxxxs fxr Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn. (afsoccer) 36
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Txd Sxe to ixxxxxe pxxxt lxxxxxxxs fxr lxxxt sxxxxxs, dxxxxr txxxxxn ixxxxxs, axd rxxxxxd fxxxxxxg sxxxxc txxe. (afsoccer) 37
MAPS: Txd Sxe uxxxxxd wxxh nxw oxxxxt lxxxxxxxs, as wxxl as sxxxxxl mxxxr cxxxxxs to txe txxxxxn, cxxxxxxp, axd oxxxxxxxxh. (afsoccer) 46
MAPS: Uxxxxxd nxxxxxxs fxxxs fxr Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn fxr bxxxxxxe. (afsoccer) 47
MAPS: Dxxxxxd cxxxxn axd oxxxxt's cxxxxxt in Txd Sxe as it's nxw in txe cxxe fxxxs (ancientman) 58
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Kxxxxxa x axxxd cxxxxxxxxxxxxs, nxw ixxxxxxxxy Gxxs, mxxxxxxd sxxxxc oxxxxxs (outlawz) 85
MAPS: Kxxxxxa Ixs Gxxs axxxn, txxs txxe wxxh pxxxxxxy rxxxxxd cxxxxs (outlawz) 87
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Kxxxxxxl, GxO, sxy, rxxxxxd lxxxxxxp axxxxxs axd txxxxxxs ixxxxe txe Lxxxxxxxl fxxxxr xx (outlawz) 90
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Lxxxxxr Vxxxxy Ixxxxxxxxy Gxxs, ixxt.cxn x sxy .cxn wxxh nxw sxxxxxxs (outlawz) 125
MAPS: Fxxxxg a fxw bxo bxxs fxxm Kxxxxxxl's lxxt uxxxxe (outlawz) 131
MAPS: Axxxd Pxxxxxxk Bxy cxxp, cxxxxxs on Jxxn Gxxe, cxn't fxxxxe oxt wxy. (outlawz) 140
MAPS: Fxxxd pxxxxxxk bxy cxxp (outlawz) 143
MAPS: Re-cxxxxxxxd txe cxxxxm oxxxxxs axd txxxxxxs fxr Oxxxxxxxn Mxxxxn (fxr bxxxxxxe) by pxxxxxg txxm in txe oxxxxxs fxxxxr. (afsoccer) 155
MAPS: Axxxd lxxxxxg bxxxxxxxxxs fxr bxxxxxxxxxxxs axxxn (bloodydeed) 161
MAPS: Axxxd Sxxxxxxa, nxt lxxxxxxxxxd in cxxe of nxw ixxxxs (txxe rxxxxxxxxxxxg exc) (outlawz) 162
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Sxxxxa Vxxxxy, to ixxxxxe GxO axxxt cxxxxxs on Axxxx axd Axxxx, cxxxxxd Axxxxx lxxxr, uxxxxxd mxxxxxp, fxxxd dxxk lxxxs on sxxe txxxxxn lxxxxxxp lxxxs on exxxs of mxp, rxxxxxd a fxw mxxe cxxp fxxxd sxxxxxs fxr oxxxxxxxxxxn. (afsoccer) 163
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Fxxxs Rxxd, to ixxxxxe nxw sxy sxxxxxxs fxr SxD axd AxT, mxxxd Mxxxxxa mxxn bxxe so it wxxn't vxxxxxe fxxm lxxt fxxg, rxxxxxt Fxxxxxxs fxxg cxxxxxxxxy, dxxxxxd bxxxxe oxt of Bxxxxxh mxxn axd cxxxxxd bxxk exxt rxxd wxxh Cxxs, re-lxxxxxxxxxd axl sxxxxxs axd txxxxxn, dxxxxxd oxe rxxxe axd mxxe sxxe fxxg rxxxi sxxxxxr, axd mxxe mxxxr cxxxxxs to axxxxs.x AxT lxxxr is nxxxt vxxxxxn, wxxxh is sxxxl a WxP. (afsoccer) 166
MAPS: Uxxxxxd dxxc fxxe fxr Axxd Kxxl, Bxxxxt, Kxxxn axd Kxxxxxk to ixxxxxe xxxp lxxxr (bloodydeed) 167
MAPS: Uxxxxxxd txe nxxxt sxy txxxxxe fxr Fxxxs Rxxd axd axxxd cxxxxxxxxxxxxs.cxn. (afsoccer) 168
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Gxxs fxr Dxxxxn Fxy wxxh nxw axxxt sxxxn txxxs axd dxxxy txxxs.x(fxxm bxxxxxxe) (afsoccer) 169
MAPS: Uxxxxxxd Nxxxxxxxn Vxxxxy mxp (axa Dxxxe) fxr pxxxm.x We sxxxl nxxd txe fxxl exxxxr fxxxxr bxt txe mxp is sxxxl WxP.x Txxxxxs pxxxxe cxxxk fxr bxxs so mxp cxn be lxxxxxxxxxd axd fxxxxxxxd. (afsoccer) 170
MAPS: Uxxxxxd Op Gxxxt Txxxn, to ixxxxxe nxw vx.x axxxt sxxxn txxxs axd dxxxy txxxs; txxm-lxxxxd axxxxs; fxxxd sxxxn pxxxxs nxt hxxxxg "Oxxxxxxxxxxxxe.sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe" exxxxxd.x Fxxxd #xxx.x No oxxxr cxxxxxs wxxe mxxe. (afsoccer) 176
MAPS: Axxxd uxxxxxxxd hxxxxe fxr txxxxxg to kxxxxxa, kxxxxxxl axd rxxxxl (ancientman) 177
MAPS: Nxw sxxxd dxxxxxxxs fxr axl mxxs (ancientman) 178
MAPS: Fxxxd Sxxxxxxa txxxxxn.cxn (outlawz) 180
MAPS: Rxxxxxd pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxg to bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxg (afterdune) 182
MAPS: Rxxxxxd pxxxxxxxxxxxxg to dxxxxxxxxg (afterdune) 182
MAPS: Fxxxd CxD ixxxe on pxxxxxxk (bloodydeed) 184
MAPS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy mxxxxxxd nxn-axxxs lxxxxxxxs (rudd) 279
MAPS: Pxxxxxxk Uxxxxxxg exxxxr GxO cxxxxxc fxxxs (rudd) 280
MAPS: Qxxi GxO mxxxxxxd in rxxxxxxe to fxxxxxxk. Sxxxl nxxd to axxxxxs ixxxxs of HxT Lxxxxxxxxd axd nxn-uxxxxxxxxd TxW hxxxxe. (rudd) 286
MAPS: Pxxxxxxk cxxxxxxxxg oxxxxxxxxh cxxxxxxxxs (rudd) 294
MAPS: Pxxxxxxk, rxxxxxd xx lxxxr fxr sxxxxxxxxy axd fxxxr txxxxxg rxxxxxxxxxxs. Cxxxxxxxd DxD ixxxxs, Rxxxxxn bxxt ixxxxxxd DxD is ixxxxxxd. Nxxe, do NxT cxxy axd pxxxe cxxxxt axxxs to bxxxk mxxxxr pxxxxxxxt, txxy sxxm to hxxe a txxxxxxy to sxxxw up. Pxxxxd nxw DxD fxr txxs pxxxxxe. Txxxxd Dxxs in lxxxl, to txxt mxxxxr pxxxxxxxt exxxxy uxe rxxn sxxxxxr dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Axxo fxxxd vxxxxxxs sxxxxxxg on txp of exxxxxxxr. Rxxxxxn AxV txxxn oxf dxxxy axd rxxxxxxxxxxd sxxxxxxy to axxxw exxxy/exxt. Cxxxxs #xxx xx#xxx axd #xxx (rudd) 295
MAPS: Pxxxxxxk Bxy uxxxxxxg GxO axd lxxxr in txe exxxxr fxxxxr (dxxs nxt rxxxxxe txxxxxg) (rudd) 296
MAPS: Pxxxxxxk dxxxxd txe Axxxx sxxxf (rudd) 297
MAPS: Dxxxxxd Ixxn Exxxe as it is Bxxxr nxw (bloodydeed) 303
MAPS: axxxd CQ xx lxxxr wxxh oxd sxxxxl fxxg lxxxxt xxx axxxd mxxxxxs to axl CQ lxxxxs; axxxd uxxxxxxxd hxxxxs to axl lxxxxs in exxxxxxe fxr nxxxxl hxxxxs (exxxxt ixf lxxxxt, mxy be to oxxxxxxxxxd)x fxxxd sxxe bxxxxd sxxxxs (e.g. bxxxxxxg bxxe exxxs, fxxxs #xxx)x rxxxxxd vxxw dxxxxxxe fxxm xxx to xxx; oxxxxxxxd txxxxt cxxxt sxxxxxxy fxr CQ xx (rxxxxxd to xxx txxxxxs)x cxxxxxs dxxe by Kxxn (bloodydeed) 305

Localization 576:593

LOCALIZATION: Uxxxxxd axl pxxxxs.uxxt to ixxxxxe Vxxxxxm lxxxxxxxxxxn. (overduin) 584
LOCALIZATION: Axxxd Mxxxxxe Gxxxxr Lxxxxxxxxxxxs (bloodydeed) 585
LOCALIZATION: Axxxd mxxxxxk lxxxxxxxxxxn (overduin) 587

LOCALIZATON: Uxxxxxd exxxxxh lxxxxxxxxxxn wxxh fxxxxh fxxxxs (bloodydeed) 582

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That's cool shit

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I can see the matrix...

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Wow Good looking
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Also, 7th. Beat that.


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Default Re: PRBF2 v1.0.0.0 Changelog (First Beta)

oh shit... so many to encode...

Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Adriaan View Post
I can see the matrix...

Can you give me your ?
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Default Re: PRBF2 v1.0.0.0 Changelog (First Beta)

That's one big ass changelog!

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Default Re: PRBF2 v1.0.0.0 Changelog (First Beta)

I dont even understand this gibberish if there arent any Xs.
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