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Default Gaming Servers Questions

Curious if any of you could help me with finding some answers.
How many slots per server are possible on the following games?

ARMA 2=?
Digital Combat Simulator=?
Battlefield 3=?

What is the cost of having Battle Recorder for PR? Where can I find a place to host these servers? I know that Alpha Networks hosts ARMA2 and PR.
For ARMA 2, would it cost extra to run the mods such as DayZ Alpha?
Is going with a host the best option, or would it be smarter to own the server that hosts the games?

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Default Re: Gaming Servers Questions


Arma2 = customizable up to 100
DCS = ???
BF3 = customizable up to 64

For BR you need disk space to store files, web server ( or ftp ) and there are no additional costs that I know. Buying server depends on what you want. You want to install and manage it by yourself you get full dedicated server as this one. If you want to buy just game server then you can get this one ( Note that those are just examples ).

Arma2 requires at least dual core machine with higher frequencies ( 3+ Ghz ), or quad with around same values. It all depends on missions you will run on it. Coop such as domination which is the least demanding coop mission ( or among the least ) will tax one core of your dual core cpu with 100% usage, while other is going to be under less load. The more AI on the server the higher cpu usage. Dayz goes this path, but its better to ask around on dayz forums about that one. I think most of them is running quad core processors.

Last question. Well it depends on what you want really. If you can its better to buy your own server and host it at home, but this requires a lot of effort, and money, you need good server machine, you need to install and configure it, you need a dedicated 100 Mbit line with at least 10 TB traffic allowed per month. If you can get all that go with it. If not buy some hosting plan.

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