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18 Oct 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Closed Thread
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Old 2012-06-03, 18:26   #1
PR:BF2 Developer
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Thumbs up Falklands 128 Play Testing #1 - 3rd of June

Hey all!

For the rest of today, Sunday the 3rd of June we are going to be play testing The Falklands Mini-Mod on the PRTA EU#1 128 player server!

This map will be running only on the PRTA EU#1 128 server for just tonight. Any other servers that try to run this map will be black listed until they have taken the map off of there rotation as this map/mod is in no state to be released quite yet and we want to keep our testing focused onto one server.

You are welcome to point your friends to this topic but please do not re-upload these files or distribute them in any other way other than referring people to this topic.

This is very much a BETA version of the mini-mod and as such, has a lot of place holders and bugs in it. Also due to the map's size there are quite a few side effects from it, which I'll go into more detail later.

This is just a play test, so please just play normally but if we ask you to not do anything then please respect our wishes to help us with testing.

We would very much patriarchate it if you could report any bugs you find, and leave feedback on the map/mod in the appropriate topics below:
Falklands Testing Feedback
Falklands Testing Bug Reports

You are welcome to post Screenshots, Videos and banter from this testing sessions on the web but PLEASE, state in them that it is the BETA version of this map/mod, especially if its showing something buggy or a place holder

Download Removed

Server Info:
PRSpy Link: Project Reality - PRSPY - Server and player browser and tracker - Create a buddy list - Launch PR directly
Name: PRTA EU 01 Falklands test pw:sm
Server Password: sm

Issues You Should Be Aware Of:
  • Kit requesting from vehicles and supply depose doesn't work but there are plenty of crates around vehicles to request Pilot/Crewman kits from and around the supply depose to request other kits from.
  • There are arrows in the corner of the mini-map. These are navigation arrows to help pilots find there way back to base, since the bases are outside of the minimap's border. Just follow the degrease marked on these arrows in the direction your heading from that arrow point back to base.
  • There are currently no deployable HMGs
  • When near the edge of the map your gun and other models will appear to be a bit screwed up, this is a side effect of big maps. As you get nearer the centre of the map this will become less apparent.
  • Any MEC stuff are just placeholders for Argentine ones, logos, player models, etc.

We hope you enjoy the new map/mod!

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Old 2012-06-03, 18:28   #2
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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

holy balls.

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Old 2012-06-03, 19:01   #3
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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

Lets do this!

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Old 2012-06-03, 19:10   #4
Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

sounds awsome but it would be way awsome whan it will finished testing and make a REAL bf2 event!!!!!!!!
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Old 2012-06-03, 19:27   #5

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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

It's a quick download - awesome map, would be a million times better if we got more players on!

In-Game Name: SmukeUK
Wild_Bill: Smuke, you are a true ninja!.
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Old 2012-06-03, 20:23   #6
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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

Join us, its awesome

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Old 2012-06-03, 20:47   #7
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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

I WOULD if I'd be at home with my gaming rig instead of being with my netbook out here... -.-
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Old 2012-06-03, 22:09   #8
Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

On my way. On a related note, I'm pretty sure my computer's going to shit itself over this one.
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Old 2012-06-03, 22:16   #9
Jafar Ironclad
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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

So bloody epic.

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Old 2012-06-03, 23:03   #10
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Default Re: Falklands 128 Play Testing Tonight!

Thank you Jafar for some great Air combat. The view was amazing.

Xact Wicca is The Joker. That is all.
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Closed Thread

128, 3rd, falklands, june, play, testing, tonight
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