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01 Apr 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:Falklands General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality Falklands modification.

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Question Falklands Info & Updates

This topic is here for anyone looking for information and posts on the PR:BF2 Falklands Mini-Mod.

Blog, Highlight & News Posts:
Most of the inflammation your probably looking for can be found in the Announcement Blog post, or in one of these other posts.

Announcement Blog: Falklands (Malvinas) Mini-Mod Announcement

Update #1: A Small Falklands Teaser

Update #2: Falklands - San Carolos Landings 30th Anniversary

Update #3: Falklands Update #3

Update #4: The Argies are coming!

Update #5: Sight Unit Infantry Trilux (SUIT)

Update #6: Interview [R-DEV]Rhino - PR:Falklands

Update #7: PR:Falklands Update #7

Update #8: Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Update #9: [Map] The Falklands

Release #1: PR:BF2 Falklands v0.1 Addon Released!

Update #10: PR:Falklands v0.182 Server Side Patch

Release #2: PR:Falklands v0.192 Released!

Update #11: L4A4 Bren - Don't you think you could have brought something a little more practical?

Update #12: Shooting Pheasants with a Drainpipe

Update #13: Guess the Object (Land Based MM38 Exocet Launcher - ITB)

Update #14: I counted them all out, and I counted them all back

Update #15: PR: Falklands Update #15

Teaser #16: WIP Type 21 Frigate Revealed
Spoiler for WIP Type 21 Frigate Revealed:

Update #17: Amazon Class Remembrance

Update #18: Type 912 Director Radar - Type 21 System #1

Update #19: [Gameplay] CLOS SAM Systems

Update #20: Guess the Object (WIP Sea Skua Anti-Ship Missile)

Update #21: PR: Falklands - Aircraft Updates

Update #22: Sea Skua Anti-Ship Missile

Update #23: Super Etendard Flight Animation Teaser

Update #24: Flying Kitties! (Lynx Helicopter Series Update)

Teaser #25: Rounding off the decade - WIP Frigate, FM FAP & Super Etendard Renders
Spoiler for WIP Frigate, FM FAP & Super Etendard Renders:

Click for higher resolution image

Update #26: Corvus Chaff Launcher - Type 21 System #2

Development Assets:
If you wish to help out with the development of the Falklands mini-mod, please check these topics below and/or, shoot me ([R-DEV]Rhino) a PM.

Community Tasks:

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Default Re: PR:BF2 - Falklands Info & Updates

Updated the OP with fixed links and any new/missed update links.

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Closed Thread

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