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26 Apr 2018, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 04-16-2012, 03:56 PM   #1
Default Project Reality Griefing

You all experienced that one guy that TK'ed your own squad, that guy that made you scream in rage, he got to the bottom of your nerves.

Now, in some extreme cases, there are people that RECORD griefing and upload it to YouTube, and in some retardedly extreme cases, they buy multiple CD keys to make griefing his main source of entertainment.

Now I found a guy on YouTube, called ---- aka ----, that does all of that;
He has a youtube channel full of PR griefing videos.

---Video removed---

Now, is it morally correct or wrong to enjoy these kind of videos?

How do feel about griefers?

Have you ever been griefed?

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Old 04-16-2012, 04:22 PM   #2
Default Re: Project Reality Griefing

Seeding round for a TG password night, Shijia Skirmish. I was on the Chinese team, and my squad had been doing well, and we were ahead in kills, with the flags evenly split. In the last 5 minutes of the round, one guy in our squad typed "I am British" and TKed all of us. We lost the round by 3 tickets. My opinion on griefing should be apparent.
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Old 04-16-2012, 04:25 PM   #3
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Default Re: Project Reality Griefing

mygot is still around?
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Old 04-16-2012, 04:28 PM   #4

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Default Re: Project Reality Griefing

Originally Posted by vistamaster01 View Post
Now, is it morally correct or wrong to enjoy these kind of videos?
No. You must realize that when you watch it the video gets a view. The more views his videos get, the more it encourages him to do that. So leave the trolls alone and delete this thread i say.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Mark Twain

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Old 04-16-2012, 04:29 PM   #5
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Default Re: Project Reality Griefing

I think everyone should be against greifing, the way to stop it is ignore them, report them and only go ona dmined servers, griefers get pissed off when they can't grief so make it impossible for them.

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Old 04-16-2012, 04:32 PM   #6
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Discussing griefers in an open forum is the fuel that feeds their addiction. Best course of action is to report them to the admins to get them banned. We talk to each other so bans are pretty much global for people like this.

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Old 04-16-2012, 04:32 PM   #7

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Default Re: Project Reality Griefing

Do not advertise griefer videos, you are just encouraging them. This whole thread stinks of flame bait.

Thread closed.

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Closed Thread

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