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Old 2006-11-07, 17:52   #1
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Smile Project Reality v0.4 Update - November 7th

Hey Gents,

We've been toiling away on v0.4. We're putting together the "release candidate" build in the next day or so, then running that through some final testing before releasing on Saturday, November 11th.

As posted on our discussion forums, this will be our "biggyest" release to date. By that I mean there's more content and game play changes in this release than in any prior release. But there's a few things that are a little sloppy that we'll get to with a v0.41 update.

Here's a few screenshots from "Operation Ghost Train" showing off the British Troops in Woodland camo.

And here's a little game play tip: On Operation Ghost Train in the tunnel there is a flag in a service room. The flag is behind some doors that can be breached with C4. That's not the tip!

After you secure the flag you will want to repair the doors so the enemy also has to get some C4 into the area to breach the doors and cap the flag. That's not the tip either!

The tip is... don't lock yourself into the room by repairing the doors from the inside



We'll be doing a couple more updates before the release on the 11th, including making our Player Guide public ahead of time, though it will probably be in chunks as we finish it off.

Just a few more days to go!


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Old 2006-11-07, 17:54   #2
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Originally Posted by [R-DEV]eggman
The tip is... don't lock yourself into the room by repairing the doors from the inside
That one is going to get me

Yay! I am in the first one.

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Old 2006-11-07, 17:56   #3
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hope you like the screens guys

PS. hehe, egg might want to use some HTML or w/e for the front page

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Old 2006-11-07, 18:10   #4

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wow, im going insane.
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Old 2006-11-07, 18:18   #5
Napalm Nation

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Originally Posted by [R-DEV]Rhino
hope you like the screens guys
Yeah they look absolutely feckin' awesome! I can't wait to get stuck in.

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Old 2006-11-07, 18:20   #6

Holly cow!!! I am waiting for it
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Old 2006-11-07, 18:26   #7
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T'was fun being the chinese on that picture taking session... finding Rhino and picking him off, lol.
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Old 2006-11-07, 18:37   #8
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Do you need someone with a high grasp of the english language to go over the community release instructions and check paragraph ordering, adequate descriptions and grammar correctness? I might know a writer with the skills to do the job, one who has already edited a scifi authors second novel.

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AH man, sarcasm is so hard to get across the web, even if we are both british
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Old 2006-11-07, 18:38   #9
Frank Hennessy

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can't wait any longer... arrgh

sorry for my bad english!
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Old 2006-11-07, 19:06   #10
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god i feel like a kid with ADHD on sugar

note: i don't have ADHD

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Closed Thread

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