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09 Aug 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2022-05-11, 11:59   #41
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Default Re: [Weapon] Hk 33

Originally Posted by izmash View Post
I've got few questions about making low poly:
1. Do scope need to have lenses on both front and back?
Yes, rounded lens (like Irl), just needs one at each end then we apply a semi-transparent texture to it.

2. What is final limit for 1p model 5k verts?
Measure in triangles rather than verts - triangles is what it ends up as ingame. Triangle count looks all okay on the face of it though, some areas like symmetry lines you can remove to cut some for final low poly.

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Old 2022-05-16, 20:45   #42
Default Re: [Weapon] Hk 33

now, i do love the MEC's G3A3, and i don't really see any problems (yes the recoil can be a bit of a pain, but i fell in love with the G3 rifle since i was little (btw the Greek and Cypriot army uses them as well to replace the German Mannlicher Schoenauer 1903 , British Lee Enfield No.4 and American M1 Garand rifles, also would love a Cyprus map, could be like the Falklands war but with lots of G3s instead of lots of FN FALs)

and again, i saw plenty of people in the forums cry about the MEC's G3A3 rifle and then they suggest about making the MEC into another boring AK based faction, oh please don't (i literally got bored alot with AK based factions though thank god that there's other OPFOR factions that aren't completely AK based (like Hamas with their old school M16s, ARF and Argentina with their FN FALs, China with their QBZ Type 95s)

to those kinds of threads i'd just make a rant and finish off with #NotMyMEC

but i do love the HK33 (and G41), and honestly i'd like to see it in Project Reality (maybe along with the HK-53 or HK-51), maybe have it for some MEC kits or have a "Reservist" or Subfaction of the MEC (i remember going around the PR forums and digging out something about having a reservist army of the IDF armed with M16s instead of Tavors, but that didn't happen)
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Old 2022-06-12, 12:09   #43
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Default Re: [Weapon] Hk 33

I have another few questions:

1. Do i need to model 5.56 round by myself or it is in game files? What about textures for it?
2. Do i need two lenses in scope modeled or only first one (I saw two lenses in most of scopes)?
3. As i saw in meshview there is entire geometry only for scope, but what is the correct way to model that.
4. Does full weapon with attachments need to be packed in one UV?
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Old 2022-06-12, 13:38   #44
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Default Re: [Weapon] Hk 33

1. We have common meshes you can re-use. What format would you need them? 3ds or obj for Blender?

2. Not sure I understand, but you will need 2 lenses for 3p mesh. In 1p probably wont matter much

3. I am not sure if this zoomLod would be done by you or the exporter later. It would include the scope (including the reticle) in a close up as well as everything that will be visible when zoomed in

4. As little materials as possible is always the best. However if you can re-use some attachment from existing weapons (e.g. other aimpoints used by MEC), re-using them would be better and also saves time

Mineral: TIL that Wire-guided missiles actually use wire
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