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21 Oct 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Community Maps Maps created by PR community members.

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Old 2021-04-05, 13:00   #1

ProfKiller_LT's Avatar
Cool 4km maps for BF2142?

Greetings, I wondered if it is possible to fix the infamous terrain issue for 4km maps for BF2142?

I tried to use "terrainCuller.setUseStitchedLods 0" on tmp.con but it has no effect. What is more, 4km maps that work flawlessly well in bf2, don't work that well in BF2142. I suppose that BF2142 doesn't recognize the terrainCuller code? And I would be very happy to know if there's some kind of solution to this?

I'm working on BF2142 "Project Remaster" and I recreated "North Mountain Pass" (it can be seen in the second image) which was a cut map from BF2142. Sadly I wasn't aware of 4km map terrain issue before I finished my map and the only one viable solution for me would be to convert it to a 2km map which would cut a big chunk of the gameplay area.

Thank you,

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Old 2021-04-18, 11:05   #2
PR:BF2 Developer
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Default Re: 4km maps for BF2142?

try putting it in your terrain.con, might be your simply not loading your tmp.con

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Old 2021-07-22, 22:10   #3

ProfKiller_LT's Avatar
Default Re: 4km maps for BF2142?

Update: putting it in terrain.con doesn't help. I suppose BF2142 cannot make use of "terrainCuller.setUseStitchedLods 0".
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Old 2021-07-23, 16:27   #4

LangMaster's Avatar
Default Re: 4km maps for BF2142?

I was trying to get some research, is for the game even possible to run 4 km maps? i know it runs with the same engine, even my self is working on a map from bf2142 so i could port it to pr with a pr in game models, though i haven't tried anything to do back for bf2142.

DISCORD - Suportík#2870
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2142, 4km map, bf2142, terrain bug
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