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Lightbulb Solution ports for unblocking Mumble in the UAE

Since 2010, 2013 or so, playing Project Reality has been an impossibility for me since Mumble would not connect to any server, a problem that still persists to this present day. I am not the only one, as there are others around the world that suffer from a similar problem (#1, #2, #3). Fortunately I found a workaround to this problem (that works for me at least).

This tutorial/solution thread is written with UAE players in mind. I live in the UAE and Mumble is blocked. The reason for this is because VoIP services are blocked in the country, as a simple Google search would show (#1, #2, #3). Therefore, the only workaround is through a proxy. For this, you can either use:

1. VPN
Active virtual connection that will work almost 100% but will slow all your internet connections, including Project Reality, which is not desired.

2. Proxy servers
Hiding Mumble connections using proxy servers.


The focus of this thread will be about using proxy servers to hide Mumble connections from your ISP. The steps below will detail how to achieve such an objective:

Step 1: Search for websites that offer lists of proxy servers

Proxy servers live short lives as to offer better security for its clients. When using one, you will have to check if it is still up or closed. Here are some proxy websites that I use:
> Socks Proxy - Free Socks5 and Socks4 Proxy List
> Socks5 Open Proxy List sorted by reliability column, descending
> Free Proxy List ? Public Proxy Servers (IP PORT) ? Hide My Ass!

The first 3 links are blocked in the UAE, so you should use a web proxy to get around that if you want, otherwise they work just fine anywhere in the world. I personally use the last link as I will explain in the next step.

Step 2: Selecting a proxy server and port

Here you will want to pick a decent looking server that will provide a stable connection and (most importantly) work with Mumble. If you haven't already noticed, most of the links are SOCKS5 type proxy. I find this to be the most stable type of proxy to work with Mumble.

I cannot really guide you here on what specific server to select, as it varies depending on YOUR country and the PR/MUMBLE SERVER's country. You will want to pick a proxy whose server is close to one of the two above, preferably one that is close to your own for better connection.

Look for a server whose "Last checked" is very recent, meaning it is healthy. You will also want to get a server with good latency, meaning lower ms and higher speed. Also, make sure that it is a SOCKS5 proxy, NOT a SOCKS4 or HTTP/HTTPS proxy.

The SOCKS5 ports that (as far as I know) work really good with PR Mumble are: 8080, 8888, and 1080. You will want to get a good server with one of these ports. The 4th of the above links ( already has the search set for these ports.

When you find a suitable proxy, copy the long number (the IP) and the small one (the port).

Special mention: If you want a stable server that works really well for Europe, Russia, and West Asia, then use the Georgian one offered by incloak. This one works for me every time, and I have had no problems with it at all, except when it goes offline of course... 1080

In the end, this step is the most tiring and frustrating, as anything can happen to the proxy server at any time, not to mention that there is no way to guarantee a proxy will work in-game unless you test it. Be prepared to select different proxies in case of failures. Even this Georgian proxy can go offline, leaving me with options of possibly lower (or even higher) quality.

The worst case is when there are no good working proxies, meaning that playing PR is a no-go...
...unless there are no admins around, or you join a squad with no sense of communication, or the map is Insurgency.

Step 3: Using the proxy

Now it is time to use the proxy that you have chosen. From the PR Launcher -> Options -> PR Mumble -> Launch -> Configure -> Network. You should get a few fields like below:

From the drop-down menu, select SOCKS5, then fill in the details of the proxy (IP, and Port). When done, click Okay and close Mumble.

Test it out by joining a game server. You might have to minimize your game and restart mumble. If you have selected a good working proxy, then mumble should be able to connect to the game server's mumble channel.

Q: "SOCKS protocol" error
A: If this happens, then it is either you have selected a SOCKS4 proxy (it happens sometimes), or the proxy server just doesn't work with Mumble.

Q: "Authentication" error
A: This happens if the proxy server is private to an extent and only accepts white-listed clients. In this case, try another.

Q: Mumble loses connection then regains it all the time / Voice in-game comes out delayed (example: say something and others reply 40 seconds later)
A: This could mean that the connection to the server is weak, for almost any reason. Unless there is no other choice, it is best to look for another proxy.

Q: Keeps getting "timed-out" and "reconnecting" for the last 10 minutes without connecting at all
A: The proxy IP is dead. You will need to find another one or wait until it is up again, if it ever does... Could be weak connection like the above, where it will eventually connect (but with a really bad connection). At this point, it is just better to get another proxy IP.

I hope this guide helped you as much as its discovery did for me
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Default Re: Solution ports for unblocking Mumble in the UAE

Excellent post thanks for taking the time to do it.

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Default Re: Solution ports for unblocking Mumble in the UAE

Proxy Services Are Not Safe. Try These Alternatives | WIRED

Just a heads up. Dont use those as system proxy.

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Default Re: Solution ports for unblocking Mumble in the UAE

Did you ever tried the FreeGate ?! it's free , fast and always up ! it doesn't even need to be installed in your OS ! and just like the proxy servers it doesn't affect the game's connection !
All you need to do is download the app and run it , then in the mumble network settings , set the proxy type to HTTP(S) , hostname to and port to 8580 !
I've been using this app for years and I can say for sure that this is a absolutely safe program !


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