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Old 2010-09-13, 08:42   #91

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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

I have zero experience with python, but this came to mind. What if a chopper had two antennas upside down on each side that only become visible when fastropes are triggered. To trigger fastropes it would be controlled by the pilot. And if this is possible, make fastropes only available when chopper is leveled. once activated the chopper is suspended or easier to keep level. When players exit they descend with a fastrope animation and a modded parachute script to fall vertically.

Now i'm sure making the texture on the antennas alpha on and off is possible. The whole auto pilot I'm not too sure if it's possible within the engine. As for the parachute and anim, Hjid here is working on it.

Maybe player have to select fastrope kit before entering chopper? or mash that button as they exit :S?

I know I don't know what i'm talking about and I can shut up if needed.
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Old 2010-10-12, 06:23   #92
Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

Well, I had doubts about the ability to show a rope, but as for the actual nuts-and-bolts idea of fastroping, it is certainly a possibility. I've used this technique to make helicopters and boats which can drive around via python - I made a post of how to do this on the BFEditor forums, but the idea is that you apply the same principles to soldiers in conjunction with Python controlling positions.

1. You would place two ForceObjects, each with a force of, shall we say, 14.73.
2. Rotate the ForceObjects to face each other, so that one is looking directly behind, and one directly forward.
3. Python would wait until it detects they are fastroping (there's a LOT of ways to detect this, and I assume PR's Python guy will be plenty capable of working it out himself), and then rotates the forceobjects to slightly under 30 degrees of pitch. 30 degrees completely cancels gravity, so slightly less means you can adjust it.
4. As time goes on, Python can adjust the rotation of the ForceObjects to act as the tension on the rope and apply force to soldiers that are beyond the length of their position on the rope as they descend - when they run out of rope they can either stop descending, or fall to their death (whatever you want). This is a good physics-based way to do the rope, and it will let the soldiers dangle a bit instead of artificially descending perfectly.

The reason why pure Python simply controlling positions will not work is that players will die upon landing, because their velocity keeps increasing. Limitations of this method are no animations and no visible rope. Animations can maybe be overcome, finding an ideal solution for the rope problem is tougher.

Still, the principle behind it is tried and tested, you will be able to at least do the mechanics of it (which we made do with as well, although we did not have the benefit of ForceObjects, so for the carrying of vehicles they had to very gingerly touch the ground with their wheels to reduce the velocity of the vehicle).

Anyway, as far as airlifting vehicles is concerned, you need to balance the cost of ForceObjects (two networkableInfo slots together - which makes it tricky for complicated vehicles to afford) with the pitfalls of a system in which the vehicles have to be very VERY carefully lowered into position (which works absolutely fine on flat surfaces, but the slightest slope can clip the fender and make it explode). ForceObjects on a helicopter can simulate the sensation of "weight" on the helicopter from airlifting when angled downwards, but like I said; Georgian Conflict used pure python (which was not 100% ideal, but worked well enough).

Just for fun you could have the soldiers "lose grip" if the helicopter flies too quickly with the soldiers clinging on to the rope, and due to the fact that ForceObjects actually affect velocity too, they will fling off instead of falling straight down.

P.S. And helicopters which fly themselves aren't too hard to do with 3/4 forceobjects and Python either - so the notion of a helicopter which holds itself in level flight when you press a button is far from far-fetched. And before you ask, no there aren't any network problems with any of this - in fact ForceObjects behave far more predictably than engines and such, and so interpolate just about as good as planes did in BF1942 (which was good enough to let you stand on the wings - something I tested with forceobject planes, successfully). I would be delighted if either auto-controlled vehicles or fastroping was introduced into PR, maybe my proposed (and tested) methods will fit your needs.

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Old 2010-10-12, 06:38   #93
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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

Interesting post there Uber. I'll definitely have a chat with db about how much of the above is practical with python.

Sounds basically like a parachute-like force object state you would force the player into after they exit the vehicle. (unless I'm mistaken). If the above is actually possible with python it would be useful for something like fastropes and ejection seats (which would happen if python reads the vehicle is above a certain speed).

Needless to say I may just try and learn bf2 python to play around with some of this stuff myself.

Will Stahl aka "Merlin" in the Squad community
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Old 2010-10-12, 06:58   #94
Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

It's definitely similar to a parachute, but instead of having a constant force, you can angle the two opposing forceobjects to control the level of force on the soldier and keep him constrained on a rope.

And yes, ejection seats would be an absolutely perfect use of forceobjects and python (never even considered it before actually, but with strong enough forceobjects you could get a very good effect I bet).

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Old 2010-10-12, 07:04   #95
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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

For the record uber;


is one of the best sigs I've ever seen...

Will Stahl aka "Merlin" in the Squad community
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Old 2010-10-12, 07:18   #96

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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

O My Goodness, a Supersonic Kiwi.


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Old 2010-10-12, 08:41   #97
Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

LOL! Thank you very much, haha.

Ejection seats would be awesome though, and not as hard to implement (make sure to give the ForceObjects plenty of force.

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Old 2010-10-12, 13:23   #98

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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

User warned for useless post - BloodBane

[3dAC] MikeDude
Loving PR since 0.2.
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Old 2010-10-29, 03:57   #99

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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and this idea came to me. Most of it I believe is similar to existing concepts, except for the part about what actually happens when a player exits the vehicle (which deals away with exit animations and such). I have no coding experience, but I think this is a worthy idea nonetheless. Thank you in advance for reading.

So - would it be possible to do this?

- Put three grappling hooks (or fastropes, in this concept they work absolutely identically to each other,) on the exit doors of the Black Hawk, the testbed helicopter.

- The pilot has the fire option to deploy fastropes, just as he would deploying crates.

- When fired, three hooks fall off the side of the Black Hawk, in the same manner they would if it were a Rifleman Specialist hucking a grappling line down downward, and for all intents and purposes, these line are nothing more than remodelled grapples. These remain in position for between five and ten seconds before completely disappearing from the gameworld. Because the ropes disappear, it's impossible (or at least stupid) for anybody to bother not going down the ropes, because they'll simply fall to their deaths in a couple of seconds. The lines aren't neccessarily anchored to the helo at all, they're more or less just sitting in space (or anchored to the aforementioned dummy vehicle).

- The players inside the Hawk exit it. When they exit, they are falling as they would if they jumped out of the helicopter without fastropes. However, just as a conventional grappling hook works in the game, they have the option to grab on to any one of the three lines dangling off the helo, in doing so ending their fall instantaneusly and without injury (if they didn't grab the rope, they die from falling). In a way, this even mimics reality (you actually have to grab the rope).

- Animation, descent speed, is changed to fit fastropes rather than grappling hooks.

Possible Problems -
- Without further coding, players could also climb up the fastropes.
- Players could freefall unrealistically to the very bottom of the fastrope and suddenly grab hold of it, as mentioned before, ending their fall.
- The helo could fly away while the ropes remain in position, creating a weird, physics-devoid situation where the ropes are simply sitting in midair without an anchor.

Possible Solution To The Above Problem -
Force the helo to hover in position but otherwise immobilely for X number of seconds after fastrope deployment.

Possible Problem With The Above Solution -
- Deploying fastropes would cause a helicopter to go from X miles an hour to zero instantly.

Possible Solution To The... Above Problem -
- Force a pilot to be under X miles an hour before deploying fastropes.

Again, thanks. Extremely sorry if this idea has been approached before.
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Old 2010-10-29, 06:33   #100

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Default Re: [Code] Fast Roping Workshop

Originally Posted by ShockUnitBlack View Post
- The pilot has the fire option to deploy fastropes, just as he would deploying crates.
Fastropes = Grapling hook..

Grapling hook = weapon...

"Fire/drop" Grapling hook... (Like a crate)

I won't cluck for you
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