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25 Feb 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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African Resistance Fighters Discussion pertaining to the African Resistance Fighters (ARF) faction.

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Old 2009-12-11, 21:34   #1
Arrow [suggestion][weapon] napalm

I think it would be a good thing to add for the ARF fighters as it seems that this is going to be a more brutal faction for PR. I think that the ARF fighters should be equipped with napalm. EoD already has them all we have to do is ask really nicely and they may give them to us along with the f4s. I saw that the militia did not have planes or helis, but seeing as the African guerillas are fairly well equipped, i think we should give old soviet and american models. If we ask Eod for both the f4 and the napalm, we could equip those to the ARF side and give SOD (stand off dispenser i think) clusters for the frenchie/BLUFOR side. Wut do yall think?
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Old 2009-12-11, 22:59   #2
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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

could be a commander asset maybe?
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Old 2009-12-11, 23:37   #3
Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

i think thats a good idea, but if we want it to be a commander asset i suggest a fuel air bomb for the ARF and a daisy cutter for the frenchies. commander assetts are supposed to be big explosion, and most of our maps are going to be 4km so that will make a nice proportional boom.
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Old 2009-12-13, 18:08   #4
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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

I agree napalm should be a commander area strike option... for certian map factions

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Old 2009-12-13, 18:31   #5
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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

lolz all we now is someone to make and code it hmmmm....
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Old 2009-12-13, 19:23   #6
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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

Eod have a kickass napalm effect, however I don't know if this would really work well in pr

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Old 2009-12-13, 19:28   #7
Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

Well, theres always the Lag problem. When someone tried implementing Cluster bombs, it was put down because of the issue of lag problems. Napalm could have the same effect, but until then, someones gonna have to make a proof of concept.
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Old 2009-12-13, 19:58   #8

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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

Originally Posted by [R-CON]Rudd View Post
Eod have a kickass napalm effect, however I don't know if this would really work well in pr
I never quite liked EoD, all the textures and effects seem low quality compared to the rest of the mods out there
Not sure why, but the napalm effect looked terrible to me

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Old 2009-12-14, 01:55   #9

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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

I agree with you deltafart, though the idea of napalm in project reality would be quite cool and something new entirely to pr, though I wouldn't make it a commander asset
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Old 2009-12-14, 02:00   #10
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Default Re: [suggestion][weapon] napalm

1) I dont think that the UN allows Napalm or white phosphorus to be used now adays (but armies still use it)
2) when this video was first shown on the PR froms someone asked if this effect would be used for the molotovs and one of the Devs said something along the lines of "were working on it"

not the napalm you wanted but no more ugly molotov fires

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