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07 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2017-03-02, 12:30   #1
Default Question about tracers in ww2

Hello everyone,

I know there are probably better fora around the internet to ask, but this one is special in that I am its member.

So lately I have seen some interesting gameplay videos from Fog of War game (the standalone one, not the mod for BF1 or whatever it is). I have also similair experience considering bullet tracers from another game Heroes and Generals. I have tried digging and googling around a bit, but didn't find much usefull info.

Did small arms in ww2 (I mean ecpecially bolt actions, smgs and even STG44) deploy tracers? The point is, it looks quite spectacular, especially in the new Fog of War game, but I even doubt having tracer bullets on Garand would be of any use, considering the ammo capacity.

Feel free to add any info about this topic, even if it does not directly answer my question.
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Old 2017-03-02, 14:22   #2

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Default Re: Question about tracers in ww2

Generally only machinegunners in a squad were issued tracer ammunition, since you couldn't aim with it as well as with a rifle and I don't think there were any widespread pistol or intermediate calibre tracers in use with any of the sides. Some of the riflemen could've maybe scavenged some tracer ammunition from a machinegun for its somewhat incendiary properties, but don't know how often that happened.

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Old 2017-03-03, 02:26   #3

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Default Re: Question about tracers in ww2

I mean most people probably just used ball ammo, but since most machine guns and rifles of the time fired the same round, if tracers were the only thing laying around then they probably were fired from rifles.

Using tracers in rifles is kinda a new fad, I have a feeling that more than anything the point of all infantry shooting tracers is an attempt to hide the fire of you machine guns.

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Old 2017-03-03, 16:16   #4
Default Re: Question about tracers in ww2

As a general rule, only machine guns used tracers. It's very much possible that some soldiers loaded some tracers that happened to be lying around, but those would very much be an isolated case.

Also, tracers work both ways, then arguably even more than they do now. Especially at the end of the war, when no-one wanted to be the last to be KIA, resistance was dealt with with extreme prejudice, so it would have been near to suicide to shoot something that will lead back to your position.
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question, tracers, ww2
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