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09 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Tales from the Front Share your in-game experiences playing PR:BF2.

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Old 2018-11-30, 11:53   #1
Default question and apology from snafu

so after watching some of commrade dave jihad videos and knowing the game has existed for some time now i decided to play the game. now keep in mind that the only FPS which i played was cod (singleplayer) and the only games that i play regurlaly are paradox games and using console commands no shooting skill, no map or navigation skill cant spot the enemy and by the time i see them it is too late cant tell friend from foe.

now i play a couple of games with 0k/5D more or less doing noting apart from trowing ammo and medpac i join a game dont know anything get 0K/7D but still tried to go for objective suport my team and it works i get points at least and get second on the board feels good but for some reason my brain
and i see something not too far no reason to think that it is a enemy but still i shoot and team kill the guy luckily med is there too help now i go over there to him press q to say im sorry press the gun bam shoots the guy in the leg get embarrased uninstall...keep in mind this all and more happend on the first day maybe a couple hours. now i want to try again so please tell me how to overcome these obstacles and be better.

sorry for any spelling errors and poor post composition and gramar (not a native english speaker)and if there are any people who are from reddit and saw my post on project reality sub hi and thx
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Default Re: question and apology from snafu

Kia ora Snafu

My feedback to you is just to play. The problems you are sighting are due to a lack of experience. Theres not really any secret trick to learning this stuff. You get in and play. Eventually you'll learn how to ID teammates, how to position in firefights, etc.

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