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12 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2015-07-30, 00:05   #1

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Thumbs down Vehicle damage smoke is ridiculous.

I was playing Fallujah West today and was trying to kill some APCs with Bombcars.

So I drove to B9, parked my bombcar safe, and observed the enemy movements.
This was going well until a lonewolf enemy disturbed me, so I drove back to main.

After being in main I dorve to the same position.
Befor I reached my hiding spot I took some damage and the bombcar began to smoke.
I didnt care because the car was still-intact.
So I parked it in the little garage (no garage, just a little shelter) of that house, bailed out and started to observe again.

Meanwhile obtained the LAV intel about me. He was looking at my house (obviously saw the smoke) and destroyed my car thru the children's hospital. ( 2-3 walls no windows)

And I thought he was hacking. I mean he shot that good thru a children's hospital, and destroyed my bombcar.
After confronting him he said "I saw the smoke" and I was like "*************"

And my problem with this is, and probably with all smoke effects on vehicles, exepct tanks and APCs.
That they are way too big and ridiculous. I mean you lost close to 25% of the vehicles health and it starts smoking like a Cleveland smokestack.
25% can you reach very fast on some vehicles amd why do they start to smoke like Snoop Dogg.

Ok you need to know when a vehicle reached a certain amount of damage. But that much smoke.

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Old 2015-07-30, 02:49   #2

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Default Re: Vehicle damage smoke is ridiculous.

The insurgent vehicles begin smoking on the first medium speed collision with anything. It really is ridiculous... especially for bomb cars.

This is especially recurrent on maps like Fallujah and where there are obstacles in every corner and direction.

"Sometimes you just gotta use torture tactics."
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Old 2015-07-30, 03:02   #3

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Default Re: Vehicle damage smoke is ridiculous.

Even on tanks/apcs it is irritating because it will either block the drivers or gunners camera.

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Old 2015-07-30, 10:41   #4
Default Re: Vehicle damage smoke is ridiculous.

This is a big big big problem in 1.3. For all vehicles you take TOO much ground damage, EVEN the off-road vehicles. And then when you start smoking it's this huge pillar that lets enemies know where you are even though you're in cover. That and you can't see much through the smoke yourself because it's nearly always positioned on the camera.
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