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23 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default Commonwealth Forces

Let me start the thread saying that stuff along these lines have already been previously suggested, i.e a topic suggesting the inclusion of both British and Canadian forces.
I am suggesting pretty much the same thing here, but covering the entirety of the Commonwealth's armed forces throughout all the theatres they had served in.

From what I know of, most of the weapons used by the Commonwealth are in Project Reality in one form or another, example being the BREN however as a later post-war designation used by the 80's British forces, and the Sterling SMG being a successor to the STEN gun. This however can be replaced by the already implemented M1928 Thompson as they were more commonly used by the British forces compared to the American's usage of the M1928 being replaced by the M1A1 Thompson.
There is clearly no lack of SMLE rifles as we know that the American WW2 forces uses it as their sniper's weapon on choice.

One clear benefit we can achieve from Commonwealth vs Wehrmacht games would be a sense of balance. To elaborate on this point, we would see both teams using mainly bolt-action rifles, except one with a ten round magazine against a five round magazine.

In terms of vehicles, most Commonwealth forces used a lot of vehicles that we see with the current WW2 American forces, Shermans being a prime candidate under the lend lease program to give military aid to Britain.

In terms of maps, I see no clear disadvantage of recycling already implemented maps that currently use the American forces. For example, Omaha can be recycled to have British forces rather than American to substitute having to create an entirely new (and probably similar in terms of game play) Gold/Juno beach. Sure, this isn't entirely historically correct, but neither are having American soldiers not wearing the correct paratrooper uniforms and equipment.

However, the problem does arise with lack of uniforms. Commonwealth forces did not use the same helmets or share much of the American equipment that has already been implemented into PR:WW2 as we know it. This will of course will need to be made and modelled, then tested to ensure it all works rather well.
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