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19 Jan 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Bugs If you find a bug within PR:BF2 (including PRSP), please report it here.

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Old 2020-07-06, 18:27   #1
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Default Bug with mi-24 hind-f

Hi guys i have been playing pr a lot last time and sometimes i'd like to fly a helicopter for example when i am playing russians i want to hop in to mi 24 hind-f but idk why is there poping out a big sign YOU CANNOT OPERATE THIS VEHICLE POSITION! can somebody explain it to me pls

Deutchland BIG country and i like PR cuz its realistic and fun :b
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Default Re: Bug with mi-24 hind-f

Some vehicles in coop mode are only available to bots
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Default Re: Bug with mi-24 hind-f

prta is known for his lack of "authority" on cheaters, your server your rules if you want to close an eye on him do so ~ A guy (who was proven to be a cheater next day) right after reporting another cheater

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