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30 Jan 2023, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Default Update hero image for

1. Is it worth it?

The mod team has limited means and can only set out for so many ends. While adding the ultra-elite counter terrorist Vatican Swiss Guards as a new faction would be cool, ultimately it would require an awful lot of time and add little to our mod.

I think so as I'm assuming an artist is a different swimlane than mapper/programming etc and this can be parallel pathed with the actual game development. My suggestion is to update the hero image from a black+white to color with assets to better communicate the depth of this game and make it seem more modern for first-time visitors.
2. Has it already been suggested?

In over a year of development, we've had quite a lot of suggestions made, many of which didn't pan out but are still re-incarnated monthly by new forum-goers. While we appreciate the ethusiasm, we'd also like you to get to know the long and glorious history of the Suggestions forum.

I don't believe so.
3. Is it already in-game?

Sometimes completely new members who have yet to play the game will suggest something which has obviously already been done. Other times a less apparent feature, like bullet drop (every bullet drops, folks) will be requested. Its always good to double-check that claymores haven't been removed from the game completely before suggesting we give them to the engineer class.

No, but there's been more assets over the years in changelogs/trailers that can be borrowed from perhaps.
4. Does it fit with the Main Aim of the Project Reality mod?

Please remember that our main pronciple aim is to promote teamwork, make the BF2 engine into a realistic yet fun tri-service battleground, and introduce British Forces. We have added to this list as 'secondary aims', like adding Insurgents etc, but please do NOT bother suggesting a complete re-design or any kind of special forces only mod, as it will no doubt be met with a brick wall from Devs.

I think so with the recent efforts to modernize UI and continued features that are added to the game. If I stumbled upon this mod's homepage, I see some videos that are nice, but I may be marginally more interested in downloading if I saw a higher fidelity hero image of a combination of infantry, vehicles, and an missle/ammo flashes, etc.
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Default Re: Update hero image for

You mean update the website header?

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Default Re: Update hero image for

Originally Posted by Outlawz7 View Post
You mean update the website header?
I would really like the option for things like this, to switch between retro and new art. Like the change you made for Project Reality main menu. I would like a toggle to switch between retro and new.

If the reality mod website is given a new look, same deal. If its possible, that is what I would want and I am sure I am not alone.

So much nostalgia in Project Reality I felt in 2016 when I started playing, I felt nostalgia on my first day playing. Partially due to the music, but most because I would have started playing in 2005 when I circled Battlefield 2 in a magazine to get for Christmas. If multi-verse is real, which in another version of the universe I have been playing PR in 2005, so its like I tapped into that universe when I started playing which made me feel nostalgia.
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Default Re: Update hero image for


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Default Re: Update hero image for

But its a "CLASSIC" .... I suppose I'm on board it is a little *Cough* outdated
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Default Re: Update hero image for

Replace the right-side brit with a MEC guy
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