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02 Dec 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-07-31, 14:20   #1
Default Windows 7 goes in history

Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end
Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end
After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end on January 14, 2020. We want you to be ready, so we're reaching out in advance to give you time to prepare.


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Default Re: Windows 7 goes in history

and i will use it for another 10 years


I only know that I know nothing. Só sei que nada sei. Sólo sé que no sé nada. So solo di non sapere nulla. Tantum scio me nihil scire. Je sais seulement que je ne sais rien. Tiedän vain, etten tiedä mitään. Ich weiss nur dass ich nichts weiss. Ek weet net dat ek niks weet nie. Wiem tylko, ?e nic nie wiem. Heoi ko ahau anake e mohio ana kahore au e mohio. Ngiyazi kuphela ukuthi angazi lutho.
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Default Re: Windows 7 goes in history

Wait... What do you care about the NSA? You're not even in America! lol!

I mean, on principle, anyone spying on our computer activities is terrible of course, and I personally hate Win10 enough to write an entire article on how to neuter it, but NSA is not that far reaching to actually affect anything in your life like it has in mine. I had to make the jump to Win10 if I wanted to use VR and the hand tracking controllers, and it was painful trying to get control of my OS back having been used to Win7. (shameless Win10 HowTo article plug: ( )

I've been messed with - For example, I own guns, and I live in America (Oregon). Normally, if I want to buy a new one, I go to the gun store, and then have to fill out a background check form that goes to the FBI while you wait in the store, you can't leave until completed (if you want to complete your purchase) and it usually takes around 15 minutes depending on date/time.

Purchased several like that. I'm not sure if it is relevant but I have a story about gov't spying on my computer activities:

After getting big into online war gaming back in 2009, joining a bunch of online groups and using trigger words a hundred times a day, I went to buy a new Gen4 Glock 17 (I think it was 2014/2015).

FBI never called back... Salesman kept apologizing, but after an hour, I cancelled the purchase and went home.

Three months later, I got the call from the shop, "You've been approved for purchase of this firearm by the FBI"

Me, "Sorry, I already purchased it elsewhere"

(so now, thanks to probably being on some list thanks to PC gaming, specifically military based games, I'll budget up to three months for a potential firearm purchase. Next one will be an AK-47, I don't expect it to go through in 15 minutes given my online activities regardless of their innocuousness. And I blame Win10 for opening that door wide open.)

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Old 2020-04-30, 19:20   #4
Default Re: Windows 7 goes in history

Yes, Windows 7 is iconic, but I also remember nostalgic days when I was coming from school to my property in Germany and played Doom on my windows XP
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Old 2020-04-30, 20:19   #5
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Default Re: Windows 7 goes in history

Not installing Windows 10...

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Old 2020-09-23, 16:15   #6
Default Re: Windows 7 goes in history

Last ive heard is that someone released a new windows 7 2020 edition.
dunno how legit it is thou
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