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26 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Highlights Highlights of what work the Devs are currently working on

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Default Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Hi guys, here to bring you a little update on what's going on with the community mod of the Syrian Conflict.

If you haven't played the latest public release yet, the Syrian Rebels and the Sbeneh Outskirts map were included into the main build! The Syrian Rebels are representing all factions fighting on the opposition in Syria. We tried to give them their own unique look and feel and unlike the Iraq Insurgents in PR the Syrian rebels have access to logistics and deployable assets and have interesting and varied kit layout. We think they will offer a good balance against the MEC and offer for some nice new tactics. Feel free to provide feedback in the appropriate places on these forums for the so far implemented Syrian work. In this post I will first discuss the assets that were implemented so far and then move on to work that is still in progress.

Sbeneh Outskirsts Map (2x2km)

Sbeneh Outskirts, the new map with the latest release is based on a real place where today there is still active fighting. The map is almost a direct replicate of the real place, [R-CON]Rabbit truly made a beautiful map. It offers dense cities, orchards and compounds and so much more to fight in. It's a unique experience each time. You got to play it to believe it. For a short video I'll link you to the release update.

You might have noticed that the MEC is fighting the Syrian rebels on Sbeneh, this is because we haven't finished the Syrian Armed Forces yet. Which is still pretty far from being done. So for now the MEC will have to be placeholder for the SAF. But as said before, when the SAF is done they will be very much different from MEC

Zu-23-2 Anti-Aircraft Cannon & Truck

A new asset for the Syrian rebels ( and in the future other factions) that you can already find on Sbeneh is Ural-truck with a mounted ZU-23-2. There is also a stationary variant available. It is a soviet 23mm twin-barrel autocannon. It was made in the 1950's but is still used by many nations and unconventional rebel forces. This weapon also led to the development of the next point of this post

Zu-23-4 Shilka Air Defence Vehicle

Not featured in the current release due some annoying bugs is the Shilka. A new Air Defence Vehicle for MEC and later for the SAF. We are fixing it to go into a alternative layer of Sbeneh as initially planned. The model was originally made by BF2:USI. The shilka is a light armored,self-propelled radar guided Air Defence Vehicle. It uses the same 23mm barrels as seen on the ZU-23-2. It's often also called 'Zeus'.


We are working on the implementation of the AKM and AKMS, a weapon that the AK series in PR is still missing now for a long time. It will be seen on the Syrian Rebels and the army and possibly also in quite a few other PR factions as it has a broad range of implementation options. We got permission from Mr. Rifleman to use his truly amazing model and wonderful textures were done by Bull. For now the Syrian Rebels will be seen with the existing AK series as they still have to be coded(deviation & recoil classes) and implemented into to the kit layouts.

Talbisah Map (2x2km)

In the works by [R-CON]Rodrigoma is a brand new Syrian map, titled Talbisah. Again based on a real place. You can expect both a dense urban area surrounded by farmland & lots of other interesting POI. The map is still being finished and layouts are still being discussed so for now you'll have to do with these beauty screenshots

GAZ Truck Series

A new truck series for the Syrian army is still WIP as well but progressing well. It is waiting for a brand new set of textures in order to be finished. It will be used as transport and logistics truck for the army and might also be used as a flatbet truck for a AA-gun or other mounted weapons.

As a new HAT for both the Syrian Rebels and the army we are making a RPG-29. The RPG-29 uses the PG-29V Tandem-warhead, one of the few warheads that can penetrate modern composite-armored MBT's.The model is nearly done but requires a talented 3D artist to finish. The original model was made by Frede.

MIG-23 & MIG-21
We also have 2 new jets in the making, the MIG-23(left on pictures) and MIG-21(right). They were made by Clivewil. They mostly lack decent PR-coding but since we have no maps in development to place these on it might take some time until you see these in-game. The MIG-21 is the most-produced supersonic jet in history, used by over 60 nations world wide. It is a fighter-jet with a 23mm GSh-23 cannon,AA missiles and 2 500kg bombs. The MIG-23 is a fighter/bomber from 1967. It features a 23mm GSh-23L cannon and can hold up to 3000kg of bombs and missiles.

T-55 Medium Tank

We might also see a T-55 for the rebels. The T-55 is a medium tank from 1955, the most produced tank in history. It features a 100mm cannon and a 7.62mm coax. It would be a excellent alternative next to PR's T-62 tank for our unconventional forces. The model requires some heavy 3D work. The original model comes from the USI-mod.

Community Modders Needed

Other then those tasks it's mostly getting the kit geometries and player models done, which will take a while. Also quite a bit of work on re-texturing existing PR assets but we should be able to handle that.

Project Reality: Syria is largely a community developed minimod and we need the help of you, the community to help finish and polish it off. Take a look at our Community tasks if you are willing to help.

For the latest updates and remaining tasks I will link you to our design plan. Also keep an eye on the comfac forums to see some of our WIP assets and all the other comfacs of course.

We want to thank everyone who has helped so far. Being both people on the PR team and the community!

Hopefully this gives you a good insight on what's going on and what is left to do. Any people willing to help with this or other comfac,contact us or just start a thread about it

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Wow, you guys have made incredible work since you started! I am very impressed, I hadn't thought you would pull this off so quickly.
Very well done, the second map looks awesome aswell.

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

When I read this highlight. I think the Syria Community Faction is a great addition to PR, I hope we will see it in PR2 as well after a few years.

We are staying up!
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Old 2014-03-18, 13:05   #4

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Holy shit, this AKMS looks gorgeous.
The assets are amazing and maps feel really Syrian.
Thank you Wouter and whole Syrian faction team!

"This is a great game to play if you want to masturbate and still accomplish something" - viirusiiseli
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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Let me point out that also a few PR Team members have also put quite some energy in helping the Syrian faction team to get the release done.

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

DAT SHILKA AND RPG = heart attack Good job.

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Amazing work! Keep it up!

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Old 2014-03-18, 13:46   #8

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight


lol i wanted to post that ... anyway looks aweomse

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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Impressive stuff! We are getting spoiled up here, man. Really like the climat of the maps and just the whole faction, just the whole thing actualy. Keep it up and thank you all for this .
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Default Re: Syrian Comfac - Update Highlight

Wow. Much Syria. Many Rebel. So Reality.

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