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Old 2006-04-14, 22:18   #391
Supporting Member

Gucio_G's Avatar

Nickname: Gucio_G
Age: 18
Location: Poland
Internet Connection: 512 kbps (could be less or more)
BF1942: -Played it somewhat- (<-very short)
BFV: -Didn't Play it-
Other Fav Games: Half-Life Series, Incubation
Clans: not BF2, CS but short and nothing seriously.
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?: Great need of teamwork
Comments: I'm gonna thank You for this mod, it runs faster and plays better than normal game, and thanks to it i could participate in the PR tourney without great glitches.
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Old 2006-04-14, 22:57   #392

Mechs's Avatar

Nickname:Lawson[1ACD] or Mechs2004
Age: 17
Location: Chicago, IL U.S.
Internet Connection: 2.5MB
BF1942: -Played it a lot-
BFV: -Played it a lot-
Other Fav Games: Americas Army, Operation Flashpoint, Gran Turismo
Clans: 1st Air Cav or 1st Cav 6 months
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?: I can hit what I shoot at and you that it is more tactical.
Comments: I love the mod so much that I joined the PRMM tourney thats going on since my clan mates don't really like the mod . I shall convert them one of these days .
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Old 2006-04-14, 23:15   #393

H1tman's Avatar
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Location:Chicago IL
Internet Connection:dsl
BF1942: -Played it a lot-
BFV: -Played it somewhat-
Other Fav Games: bf2 mohaa cod1 or 2
Clans: about 6 years and im am currently a ejod delta squad tanker in the pr torny , also played in twl for a year
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?hysics
Comments:luv the mod keep up the good work and cant wait for pr .3
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Old 2006-04-15, 05:46   #394

the_keen_edge's Avatar
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Location:India (For a year. I am american though)
Internet Connection: DSL
BF1942: -Didn't Play it-
BFV: -Played it somewhat-
Other Fav Games: Halo 1&2, Homeworld
Clans: Sadly i have not been in a clan yet....I guess you could sorta call the tourney one though.
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?:Its awesome what you guys have done with the game...I really get into it with all the tactcs and squad based play its Vanilla all most people care about is stats and gettin to this or that chopper, with PR people have a job...theres no noobs who punish for runnin into your LMG fire...thanks guys!
Comments:Er...Well I'm 14 yeas...and I know most people my age say this but I'm not a bloody immature little squeaky voice kid. And I can only play on weekends because I'm a week boarder at my school...but thats worked out for me so far so yeah...
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Last edited by the_keen_edge; 2006-04-22 at 22:25..
Old 2006-04-15, 13:01   #395

Location:Plymouth, UK
Internet Connection:2Mb cable
BF1942: Didn't Play it
BFV: Played it a lot
Other Fav Games: [max 3.] Half Life 2, Counter Strike, Ghost Recon
Clans: ZiiP - 1 yr (ish)
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?: Removal of X killed Y!
Comments:This Mod has stopped me from becoming jaded with BF2, the add-ons were so disapointing I was losing hope!
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Old 2006-04-18, 02:05   #396
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Location:Edinburgh, UK
Internet Connection:adsl 2meg
BF1942: -Didn't Play it-
BFV: -Played it somewhat-
Other Fav Games: [max 3.] Call Of Duty 1 and 2, MOH
Clans: [If yes, how many years, leagues?] Was clanleader for Blackrats MOH and COD clan. (CMOHL, MGL). Ran it for good couple of years. Moved into BF2 With ZiiP and helped Dark Jester set it up.
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?: being able to remove or change vehicles on maps.
Comments:Very impressed with the MOD so far and would love to contribute further to its development.
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Old 2006-04-19, 19:10   #397

Agent0range's Avatar

Nickname: Agent_0range
Age: 19
Location: Redditch, UK
Internet Connection: 1MB ADSL
BF1942: -Played it a lot-
BFV: -Played it a lot-
Other Fav Games: Counterstrike Source, Red Orchestra, Forgotten Hope
Clans: Cubed CSS (Jan - present) Eurowarriors BF2 (July '05 – Dec '05) Elitewarriors BF2 (Christmas '05 – present) – All of these clans I played for actively in the Enemy Down leagues.
What is your favourite element about PR up till now?: The intensity and level of excitement it brings to infantry combat. I enjoy playing as an Infantryman in vanilla BF2, and for me Project Reality has made it far more enjoyable and fun.
Comments: Great job with the mod, keep up the brilliant work! I would love to get more involved with the creation of this mod, and help out any way I can.

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Old 2006-04-21, 21:13   #398
Retired PR Developer

A.J.Sawyer's Avatar

Location:London UK
Internet Connection:2MB/ps
BF1942: -Played it a lot-
BFV: -Played it somewhat-
Other Fav Games: F.E.A.R., Operation Flashpoint, Rainbow Six-Raven Shield
Clans: PR tournament, don't know if that counts? and |-TC-|Clan
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?:The team work, its just so much fun working and moving like a team of real soldiers.
Comments:I have a good eye for flaws, what works well, I know about the military and how they work. I would love to help the mod in anyway i can as it has made me realise why I love gaming I did also try to find that sound effects CD but I could not find it, so I want to help in another way

You did not bear the Shame
You Resisted
Sacrificing your Life
For Freedom, Justice and Honour
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Old 2006-04-21, 23:47   #399

Location: Basel, CH
Internet Connection:1500kbit
BF1942: played alot (if DC counts)
BFV: not a second
Other Fav Games: there's not one worth to mention
Clans: PR tournament
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?: team work, not many of these kiddies running arround with nooblauncher and suicide bombers
Comments: if i get into something i'm realy on it and care about. so if i find bugs you get to know for sure
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Old 2006-04-24, 08:15   #400

Nickname:[PR]ARRC. Bluefrog777
Internet Connection: DSL
BF1942:Played it somewhat
BFV: -Played it a lot
Other Fav Games: [max 3.] Close combat first to fight, Act of War, Vampire:bloodlines
Clans: TC and PR tourniment
What is your favorite element about PR up till now?:ZOOM function of vehicles, and the type of spirited cooperative players the mod attracts
Comments: I am a very Cooperative person and can give not just constructive feedback but the reason and theory behind the feedback I also participated in a beta tested Maps in Project reality
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Last edited by Winterfrost; 2006-04-24 at 08:26..

beta, sign, testing
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