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Old 2008-09-13, 12:58   #1
Default Can anyone play on dial up???

hi guys and i have to say i love this game. BUT!!! i cant play it anymore. Im not completely sure but i think it is because of my throttled internet to dial up speed. I am getting the "losing key packets" pb error. Ive tried every fix under the sun including the pbsvc/pbsetup fix about 20 different ways so if u tell me to do it again i will hunt you down.

I can play normal bf2 fine, i also have a relatively low ping of 30 or below because i only play australian servers and i am from australia. Ive tried those packet commands ingame but no luck.......

Ive stopped my firewall...ive ported everything on my router and i even unistalled AVG even though i new it wasnt doing anything. I have no viruses that can be found....

so all i can say is that it must be my there any fix?? can others play on 56k??

p.s i know there are like 2 other threads for this but they are no help to me so if you flame me i couldnt give a !@#$
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Old 2008-09-13, 13:18   #2
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Default Re: Can anyone play on dial up???

You obviously aren't on dial up if you can play BF2 online as BF2's minimum bandwidth requirements are something like 128 kbps.

If you are indeed on dial up the you are out of luck for BF2 and it's mods.

If you service is being "throttled" to dial up like speeds then I'd suggest contacting your ISP and have them check your connection.
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Old 2008-09-13, 13:28   #3
Default Re: Can anyone play on dial up???

My internet company emailed me

"This is an automatically generated email to advise you that you
have reached your off-peak download limit and your
off-peak service will be throttled to
64 kbps until 20/09/2008."

Its weird also because shouldnt i be getting like 50+ ping on bf2 and pr? My upload rate stays the same '256kbp' so i dont know if that has anything to do with it. But yes i am deffinatly on 64kbps because my max download is 6.8kbps
when it used to be 170kbps. And i can bf2 packet loss error
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Old 2008-09-13, 17:16   #4
Default Re: Can anyone play on dial up???

My suggestion would be to either talk to your isp and switch to an unlimited download service, or bin that isp and go with one who will do a reasonable unlimited package.

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Old 2008-09-14, 03:55   #5
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Default Re: Can anyone play on dial up???

I think the U.S. gov't has laws passed so that all internet will be unlimited or the company pays a fine.
Just happened in Connecticut.
It is with Comcast, now.

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dial, play
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