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PR:BF2 Suggestions Suggestions from our community members for PR:BF2. Read the stickies before posting.

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Old 2006-02-18, 06:42   #891

Zantetsuken's Avatar

I really want to see some things in this mod, most of it has already been suggested I've seen, but to back those posts up...

MK23 .45
the Glock Model 18 semi and full automatic pistol (would have kinda bad accuracy and for the Special Forces only)
Desert Eagle .50

Assault Rifles
HK 416

Machine Guns
a vehicle/stationary OCSW air-bursting grenade machine gun (other lesser mods have the lesser .50 cal version that is being made only to tide the military over until the OCSW comes out - like I said, other mods have the lesser .50 cal, I wanna see the 25 mm abg version of what it was meant to be)
the Russian Kord .50 cal

Sniper Rifles - mostly semi-automatics, be nice to have silencer/suppresors on em
HK PSG-1 supposedly more of a SWAT/law enforcement weapon
SR-25 custom built for the USMC

EDIT: should have remembered this, but as for aircraft, I would like to see a C-130 equipped with the MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Burst) END EDIT
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Old 2006-02-20, 13:25   #892

How anyone can follow a realism mod and ask for a Desert Eagle .50 is beyond me. Hollywood induced weapon selections suck donkey balls..

I have always liked using the SR25 made for the SFs (Knights SR-25 MK 11 MOD 0 Navy Rifle) in games.
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Old 2006-02-20, 14:13   #893

Peter-SAS's Avatar

I'd really like to see more guns, with lots of accessories. I just love accessorising *says in camp voice*

But i guess from the latest screenshots, you're doing just that. I played AA exclusively to modifiy the SopMod M4

I think you should really try and borrow alot of things from Flashpoint. Like sight sway, breathing etc.

Alot more customised Maps suitable for AAS. I could help on this, once I work out that bitch of an editor.

We need maps that actually place control points on strategic objectives. For example, invading a costal town would require you to take the docks first for example, and then move on to the power station... And securing the main roads.

Ingame: Peter-SAS
Class: Whatever the SL wants
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Old 2006-02-22, 13:42   #894

well seems every1 got everything covered here, so ill just say ..hurrrrryyy the fook up vanilla bf2 1.2 is getting unbearable to play
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Old 2006-02-23, 14:26   #895

would be cool to c soldiers limp or have to crawl when wounded badly... maybe walk in crouch stance when hit and prone when nearly dead is that possible to do in bf? and as for tomcats Q about hoppin in reality, probably would work as the enemy would just look and think wtf?!!?!?
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Old 2006-02-24, 17:05   #896

I'ld love to see a SIG 551 SWAT rifle in the game. here are some infos about this rifle:

and here is a picture:
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Old 2006-02-25, 22:45   #897
Retired PR Developer

It's a realism mod for the US marines, Arabs, and Chinese, and you are asking for a SWAT weapon. Doesn't that sound kind of ridiculous?
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Old 2006-02-26, 14:23   #898

are there any british/american forces that use the g36? - if yes, i would love to see it ingame
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Old 2006-02-26, 18:14   #899
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Default Another 17 ideas to make this the game-of-the-year... =D

Hey guys..! My first post here at the forum. Just tried the .25 release, awesome stuff man.
Anyway, I noticed some strange stuff in that sand-dune map (Oasis). In a sand-desert, roads are not mossy green/browns, but, just the same sand color, but with a different texture. Second, it seems it is done on purpose, but the radar in that map is lowered so that it looks like a stationary radar, and not a mobile one. If done on purpose, maybe is a nice idea to put a static mesh around the bottom of the radar, so it looks stationary, but not as fake as it does now. You can still put C4 around it, cause you can put the C4 about 2 meters away from the radar and still blow it up.

Some more ideas:

-The blackhawk should be able to move stuff around like a light jeep or even the artillery . The artillery is probably the same sort of mesh as a vehicle, but with a speed of 0, so, theoreticly you could move it around and place it in a more-strategic position. Maybe even to put a sky-crane or something like that in it. So that it takes a 2-man crew to move things, one pilot, and a co-pilot who looks thru a camera on the crane/rope.

-Blackhawks could have speakers for a nice apocalypse-now effect. Playing your favorite music while engaging the enemy.

-Enemy vehicles should be enterable while occupied. For example: A hummer is standig stationary with only the driver in it, you should be able to go and sit next to him.. ghehe next to your enemy in the same car.

-Vehicle drivers should be able to un-holster the pistol bij holding control and shoot out the windows. Just like looking around bij holding control in a heli, but than with a pistol. (maybe as couter-measure against enemies entering your vehicle)

-It should take some time to enter/exit a vehicle. It's just not possible to beam yourself in or out a tank.

-Entering a helicopter should only be possible while the heli is at the ground and only at the position of the doors. So no more "I need a ride!"...."Hop in!" while flying.

-You should be able to sit on a moving tank without much problems. Now its possible too, but when the tank is moving you dont get killed but you 'sink' into the tank.

-When a tank fires its main-gun next to your ears, you should be deaf and dizzy for a while, so watch out where you're standing.

-In a desert-map the MEC should have longer sprint-times than the US. Right now even the M1As are having trouble in Iraq due to the heat and dust. Imagine what it would be like to fight in 40 degree celcius while you're used to lets say.. 20 degree. Also there should be an enormous dust cloud behind vehicles in desert-maps. Especially behind tanks. Maybe it would be possible tho keep the tracks of vehicles visible for a certain amount of time, like in Command & Conquer: Generals. Maybe even the footprints of soldiers.

-Much longer spawntimes. Take something like 2 minutes and a team HAS to work as a team if it would like to survive.

-Objective-based maps where you have to attack a base as one team with a huge armada of tanks and/or blackhawks, while the other team has to defend their base. This done with a last-man standing effect, so dead will be dead until the next round. The rounds will probably only take little time, so someone killed at the beginning only has to wait something like 5-10 minutes and should have the option to follow the others, while not being able to send any form of communication to the still living teammembers.

-I dont know if there is a maximum map-size. There is a maximum player-amount, but map-size.. It would be really awesome to have a map just like that new sand-desert one, but that enormous. Big enough to get lost with your humvee.

-Ow yeah.. Speaking about humvees. What about a TOW mounted on top of the hummer? So that a regular base has two .50 hummers and one TOW-equipped hummer.

-Maybe its possible to give forces like the MEC advantage of more fire-power while the US has the advantage of more technology. For example: No team-radio at the MEC, but shouting around. It may be possible to link the micophone input to a sound-entity linked to the player model. Only radio-communication between the squad-leaders and the commander. However, the ones driving a vehicle should always have radio-communication.

-Jungle-maps at night. With amazon-like rivers, that could function as the quickest way of troop insertion as tanks are not very useful in a jungle.

-Flare-guns for lighting up the area in a night map.

-More boats. Maybe something like the one on this picture:
Would be a nice one to function as troop-transort over water.

Greets, Leander.
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Old 2006-02-26, 18:24   #900
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And some more ideas:

-Gunner doesnt have ammo to spread. Instead a humvee has the function of re-supplying the troops. This wil force people to take a hummer instead of a tank.

-Heat effects in desert-maps like in GTA:san andreas.

-Blackhawk equipped with fast-ropes. If possible, it would be just perfect for insertions.

-Silenced assault-rifles. (nice with the fast-rope inserions during night-maps)

-Player animations for commandos like "follow-me" etc..
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mod, realism
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