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29 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2021-11-09, 00:47   #1
Default HOG "Gate Keeping" Game with rules

After conducting research on the HOG forums and speaking with players who play there everyday. The research shows that HOG server is gate keeping the game by applying rules to players they do not like more harshly than their own members/friends .

Examples include when HOG members mine bases and receive no punishment. But when an unfavorable player does it they ban first and ask questions later. Not just this rule but other rules are used in the same way like chat spam or teamkilling. Teamkilling in a sense of shooting someone who is blowing up choppers in main and getting banned along with the player who is trolling.

I played for over 10 years on HOG and was banned for atacking close to a DOD area in a jet. Even after you implemented an auto kill timer for aircfraft going into DOD areas a few months ago which prevents what I did from happening ever again, the hog admins hold a grudge against me and wont let me return without a voice mask and a spoof name.

Two simple solutions

1. Shut down the HOG server for years of Abuse.

2. Implement a DOD zone similiar to Squad so these incidents will not happen in the future.
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Old 2021-11-09, 02:28   #2
Default Re: HOG "Gate Keeping" Game with rules

Third solution:
Give up ever playing PR again and find another game. I did. Although I miss some of my old player friends, I am definitely a happier person after NOT playing on =HOG= for 6 months.
Try it.
BTW - I was banned for calling out the admins on everything you mentioned. Never was told what "rule" I broke. Banned on =HOG= PR server, banned on =HOG= website, banned on =HOG= discord. The trifecta.
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Old 2021-11-09, 07:21   #3

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Default Re: HOG "Gate Keeping" Game with rules

Originally Posted by Joovy View Post

1. Shut down the HOG server for years of Abuse.

2. Implement a DOD zone similiar to Squad so these incidents will not happen in the future.
How about do what I have been telling CAS pilots to do for years... and stay AWAY from enemy half of the map. If your main base is bottom right corner of the map and enemy base is upper left hand corner of map, cut map in half diagonal evenly. You do this because on enemy half of map, they are more likely and easily capable to have anti-air there. Any enemy anti-air on your side of the map is an incursion on your air space reducing the diagonal cut of map to the radius reach of the anti-air vehicle. This could be an anti-air kit, FOB anti-air or the anti-air vehicle moving with the enemy tank armor brigade protecting their airspace, using their armor as bait to kill CAS.

Only way to 100% avoid that in enemy territory is higher altitudes to give AA rockets more travel time from ground to sky target so they can be evaded or not being seen at all above 2500 M ALT. Thats baseline of avoiding anti-air rockets, be faster than them and farther. If you dont have an anti-air position ANYWHERE on the map to bait enemy CAS to if chased you shouldnt go on that side of map either. Your friendly anti-air positions are places to run back to as a jet being chased.

These things are common sense combat procedures, I did not study them nor look it up. I INVENTED THEM TO KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE. Good chance this is not my first life keeping people alive for modern combat since WW1. Thank God for sending us these people who became our developers. They didnt know it when they were born or even as children, but that awareness of energy that gives life which we all come from, that clairvoyant non-physical being we call "God" in many languages, regions and religions knew it.

Things like this in my life line up and end up BLATENTLY showing its true purpose of why it happened, which becomes clear when what it prepared me for happens. It happened either to strengthen, teach or prepare me for what comes. Of every source I can learn from like World War and jungle combat veterans, these combat simulators of scaled down battles its likely because something big like World War 3 is coming.
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Old 2021-11-09, 10:22   #4
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Default Re: HOG "Gate Keeping" Game with rules

These are not server feedback forums.

After checking with HOG - you were actually banned for uttering racial slurs. Good riddance.

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