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29 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2021-10-23, 03:22   #1
Arrow Prdemo file analyzer

Morning gentlemen,

i wrote a little application to extract some of the information inside a .prdemo file.
The gameservers make them public together with the .bf2demo (replayfile).
You can find them for HOG HERE and for VG COOP HERE.
So far this great onlinetool was the only way to view them. However, it can only do 1 file at a time and you can't even copy the chat. Instead of a graphical representation, my tool will simply convert the .prdemo file into a human readable textfile.

With all DATA checkboxes ticked, 2000 files took me 7 minutes. Chatlog only took 4 minutes.
If you choose the verbose options, please reference the PR Tracker protocoll and use a hex converter like this one
To crosscheck the extracted textfiles you can use the "search in files" option for notepad++(ctrl+shift+F).
Both verbose options are very slow, i don't recommend using them on many files at once.

Known bugs:
  • When extracting multiple files and one of them is broken (happens when the server crashes) the extracting process will stop. It will be the last one extracted. You can confirm this by using the verbose/less verbose option. If a .prdemo does not include a MESSAGETYPE_ROUNDEND ( 0xF0 ) at the end, it's broken. Simply delete it or rename it to FILENAME.prdemoBROKEN or somehing.

Not implemented:
  • timestamps
  • teamkills marked as such
  • statistics
  • programming skills


My pastebin

great to gather examples of adminabuse, send them to the developers and get ignored because they do not care about how their players get treated. clownemoji
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Default Re: Extract information out of .prdemo files

Nice tool, thank you!

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Default Re: Extract information out of .prdemo files

Well done, man! Cheers!

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chatlog, demofile, prdemo
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