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29 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Default Re: Overall population drops when HOG is up

Originally Posted by Joovy View Post
The overall game population drops when the hog server is operating and the proof is on

You can see on the population graph on that website that on 8/4/21 Hog server went down and Unit-777 Server took over for 4 days straight, operating a full server at all times with the server maintaining over 80-90 players until 8/8/21.

The HOG server is up right now and has 60 players and game global population of 600 players daily. When unit 777 was up for those 4 days the game averaged over 1000 players daily. This means 400 players who want to play are banned on HOG and only play when an admin abuse free server is up. Having almost half the daily players banned on hog is a joke and really shows how lop sided the banning sytem is on HOG is.
Nice analysis, but I doubt your maths holds up if you consider factors like that you were up on the weekend, and HOG during the week in your specific example. (Not to mention the conclusion about 400 banned players).

R-Devs you need to step in and shut down HOG for the good of the game. Hell you can see the population shift right before your eyes. Do somthing.
Players can choose which server to play on and we are not gonna mingle with their ability to do so.

And a final note on the reoccuring topic of HOG breaching the license agreement:
HOG is not in breach of the server license agreement. There are admins on the server when it's up. There is a (public! - unlike other servers) ban appeal forum in which appeals are dealt with, and my personal opinion is that also the quality of gameplay and admining has significantly improved in the past year.
You can PM me if you have proof of the opposite.

Server feedback can be posted here:

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