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25 Jun 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2018-11-27, 03:15   #1

Psyko's Avatar
Default put squad v12 revive system into PR

Hi it's me, some of you love me, some of you hate me, but i want to make an argument for something i feel is in all our best interest!

I think it's time we had a discussion about this, because after playing squad v12, i find PR's infantry combat unplayable. U N P L A Y A B L E

I know that's a hard thing to hear, but i'm not going to mince words. If you want to question my knoledge of PR, look to the left, i have been a hard core PR fan since 2007, been a tester, played with all the DEVs, been in a bunch of tournaments and been through every community, i've seen the development since 0.8. My opinions mightn't have value, but my experience does. I probably have well over 40,000 hrs as my wildly conservative estimate. (as my doctor estimated it at least around 50k hrs) fun fact i'm going insane.

Now with that cringey yet necessary intro out of the way.

In squad v12 you can simply revive ANYBODY with one of your patches, your stamina doesn't replenish until you return to the medic to get finished up.

It works well and I'd like to see it in PR. I'm sure it was suggested years ago, but for some reason i dont remember that conversation, and i usually read most of the suggestion threads.

It's great, the momentum of battles isn't made worse, and the frustration level of the game is very low due to it. A good comparison is to play a round of post scriptum having gotten used to v12. And then notice how apoplectic you are at PS afterwards.

Relying on a medic in PR is like needles under the fingernails. The medic class is usually taken mostly by beginners becuase they feel like they should support the squad in some meager way before they get used to slightly more complicated weapons this means you constantly have shitty medics. And even when a medic is experienced the patient isnt. The patient cant be dragged, the patient usually gets the medic killed. Its horrendous, and annoying and YUCK!!!! I hated it years ago, and I still hate it now. But please consider the wasted hours and hours of my life reviving people and it just makes my gameplay experience rotten to the core. Whether im waiting for a medic, or I am a medic helping others it drives me crazy.

I think PR could use a boost to it's popularity by making the infantry combat less stressful, and stop focusing on ancient frustrating repetitive medic mechanics, and get people focused on teamwork and fighting.


*An upright squad leaves the squad leader to focus on their job, strategy....NOT worrying about the half dead anchor the SL is dragging through the terrain behind them to ultimately get RINCED at the objective.
*And it frees up one of the medic slots for a more useful role.
*Its much more forgiving on noobs, it'll keep them interested in coming back.
*The medic wont have to feel like the weight of the squad is on him, why do you think for years people avoid being medic and it's relished to the weakest fighter?
*The distribution of field dressing will be more diffuse and not be the sole burden of the medic, the medic wont have to run all over the place desperately trying to please too many people to ultimately get killed disappointing the whole squad.
*The medic/s can focus on just two injured members, while the rest of the squad can alleviate the burden, even during fire fight.
* The squad will be able to spread out more
*It will lower a lot of people's blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
* Players will return to try it giving us at least a temporary boost in server popularity
*your girl-friend's breast tissue will get bigger!
Need I say more?

Please consider implementing v12's revival system, it's awesome, and enjoyable, and i find myself screaming at people so much less. I dont have many more years in me, i'd like to enjoy whats left of PR with minimal stress levels.

If you dont, then PR is well and truly dead for me, and Squad is my new PR. And i really dont want to do that because I've invested far too much time in this weird social experiment to see it die this way. Also this is very possibly my very last suggestion for project reality. So it's kind of a final request.


love and kisses,

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Old 2018-11-27, 11:53   #2

Carti's Avatar
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

No, I feel like squad's revive system is really bad. It's much more realistic and fun if only the medic class can revive. For example half of your squad has been wiped (both medics are wounded), first you need to kill the remaining enemies or go for a sneaky revive after you pick up the medic kit.

Do not implement this.
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Old 2018-11-27, 12:55   #3
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

Then Psyko bye. You will not be missed.
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Old 2018-11-27, 15:39   #4

CAS_ual_TY's Avatar
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

Squids revive system is completely retarded. The only reason(s) it was implemented like this is that
- If you lose both your medics your fucked
- People are retarded and would rush into fire regardless of being a medic or not

Gtfo fanboiz :::::::::::

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Old 2018-11-27, 15:52   #5
PR:BF2 Developer
Project Reality Beta Tester
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

I believe that this kind of revive system was introduced in Squad due to lack of ability to take medic kit and revive the rest of a squad. Since in PR you can simply take your medic's kit, such revive system is not really needed.
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Old 2018-11-27, 16:02   #6
Supporting Member

sweedensniiperr's Avatar
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

None of the system are perfect. But I don't think it would benefit PR. Since you can't pick up kits("equipment") in Squad they introduced that system to not be terrible for gameplay.

Yes the new Squad system are miles better than what they had before, suprised it took them so long to improve it.

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Old 2018-11-27, 16:28   #7
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

The more casual a game is the less teamwork you have.
Thats why you need very simple revive mechanism so any noob can do it.
Best example:

I have played with you some times (even PRT) and I know why you prefer the simple mechanism.

Have fun with squad
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Old 2018-11-27, 17:06   #8
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

what squad should have done is that everyone can revive the medic, but only the medic can revive everyone else and heal.

their current system is fortnite tier trash.

imagine a 2 man recon team of breacher and lat just being able to revive each other.
imagine having to wait for everyone you kill to give up because a random lonewolf sniper could revive them even with no medic kit or crate within hundreds of meters

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Old 2018-11-27, 17:15   #9

VTRaptor's Avatar
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

Sorry, but I just can't read all of this xD.

Imagine being revived with field dressing by random guy and then bleeding out shortly after. Or being revived by noob in the middle of a firefight. Big nope.

inb4 blabla make dressings stop the bleeding
propably 2 difficult or h a r d c o d e d or it won't make sense in the end

Also, squad is U N P L A Y A B L E, because with introduction of V12 it is impossible to load onto the server - for me and many others.
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Old 2018-11-27, 17:22   #10
PR:BF2 Contributor
Project Reality Beta Tester
Default Re: put squad v12 revive system into PR

As Suchar said, Squad doesn't use kits and they therefore finally decided to remedy squads having to overrely on their medics. For PR this system is not at all necessary.

VTRaptor: but i only stopped for less than 10 secs and that fucking awesome dude put 2 of them
]CIA[ SwampFox: well my definition of glitching is using an enemy kit to kill the enemy
Just_Dave: i have a list about PR players, and they r categorized by their skill
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AlonTavor: Is that a German trying to make me concentrate?
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