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12 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2017-08-08, 19:43   #1

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Default Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

* AREA 94 *
19th August
18:00 PRT (UTC)
Black Gold CnC STD
Password: reeducks


This text was created by Frontliner. The whole idea of this gamemode is coming from him thus the text is written from his perspective. We, AREA 94, are only contributing by hosting the event. This gamemode was coded by [R-DEV]AlonTavor.

CnC Redux Playtest

Hello PR Community! My name is Frontliner and I want to invite you, the community, to playtest a reworked version of CnC with me on the 19th of August at 18:00 PRT (19:00 GMT).

A few years ago, when Squad was still fresh, new and borrowed heavily from PR, I was devising a redone version CnC for the game to use; utilising the superior engine. I figured it would most likely be easier to do and the reworked features could be made more accessible to the players. Unfortunately, as we all know, delay followed delay, so I never posted it - as issues kept piling onto the Squad Dev team I thought the chances of them ever considering creating another game mode would be too low and probably not worth the hassle. So, I just had the design plan laying around on my HD somewhere. A few weeks ago I asked [R-DEV] AlonTavor out of curiosity if the stuff that I had planned was possible with the BF 2 engine - to my surprise almost all of it was, (to quote him: "Do not underestimate the power of this engine") and since Alon was intrigued enough to try it I handed him a redone design document, of which he was able to python(IIRC) the majority of what I wrote down within a few hours(again very much to my surprise).


xxx: Whoever designed CnC in the first place
Wicca: Took some inspiration from his War of the Faction events
[R-DEV]AlonTavor: Coding
CAS_ual_TY: Hosting the server to give us the opportunity of testing it.

What's different? And what is it about?

TL;DR version first:
  • FOB count increased from 1 to 2
  • FOBs generate tickets based on map position (zones)
  • FOBs generate more tickets the more emplacements you build (levels)
  • Tickets are used to buy vehicles
  • Vehicles are requested by SLs
  • First team to get the necessary amount of tickets wins

Wait, what? (a.k.a. "long version")

Ok, so the first alteration is changing the amount of FOBs from 1 to 2. This makes the game mode more dynamic as it forces the teams to split their defenders up, instead of turtling in one hard to kill spot, waiting for the area attack to drop. It also means that more than 2 spawnpoints (main and FOB) are available and the split up defenders make it easier to destroy enemy FOBs with your squad as you don't have to face a swarm of 50 people. The closer you are to your opponent's main base the more points an FOB yields. The battlefield now features 5 zones labeled I-IV plus a null point zone close to the mains for spawn protection and base camping prevention's sake. This is to emulate real life territorial control more strongly as armies will try to push and establish FOBs closer towards the enemy in order to push their lines back and win the battle.

FOBs have the ability to level up. This increases their point yield and makes "super FOBs" actually desireable for once. However, in order to compensate for how easy it is normally to build full FOBs with just 2 crates, crates are now used up when you build stuff, and the cost of emplacements has been increased as well. This places more emphasis on good and stable supply lines in virtually all stages of the game than in any other mode and makes logistic squads very valuable. Outside of the levels being used to gather more points off the same FOB location, they also work as unlock requirements for vehicles and air assets. Low-class vehicles such as jeeps and trucks can be bought from the beginning, IFVs and Tanks need FOB levels 3 and 4 (out of 4) respectively for example.

Tickets double as a resource and winning condition. Since you can only win once you reach a pre-set amount of points, it might be smart to invest into lower class gear over high tier gear. Two examples:

1. Instead of investing into a Tank, you could invest into one of the ATGM carriers. Though nerfed, these AT vehicles are still very powerful against everything vehicular IFVs and down and should not be underestimated by the Tanks either even if they are comparatively cheap. Skilled crews can be very much work around their limitations and make them worth the investment if used correctly.

2. Instead of investing into CAS, you could focus on ground AAs first. They can be bought more early, are cheaper and can use their earlier spawn time to lock down opposing (Trans/CAS) Choppers and Jets sooner than these would like. Vehicles are requested by the Squad Leaders. The correct Squad name gives your SL the ability to request vehicles given a necessary FOB level and tickets. This makes the SL more important than he's ever been previously and places a lot of emphasis on those doing the job who can do the job, who can work with their peers to achieve a common goal. This makes the mode much harder than others, but it's also more satisfying to win once skilled teams face each other. The ultimate goal is to reach a certain amount of tickets dictated by the combat layout. Since a few factions lack very important capabilities it'll be hard to balance around that for every level. As such combat is divided into Light, Medium, Heavy and Ultra Heavy Layouts limiting the amount of assets and asset types that can be called in allowing the game mode to operate with minor adjustments on both 2kms as well as 4kms, with and without CAS.

I know it's quite a bit to swallow, but truthfully the mechanics tie into one another in a reasonable fashion. FOBs are good, tickets are good, pushing the enemy out is good, establishing FOBs further into the enemy territory is good. These are core aspects of winning in AAS as well, meaning the way you play the game mode is largely the same. One could say that the only difference in this regard is the asset request mechanic and lack of flags.

I will release the CnC design document on my google drive under
Since it's not finalised yet and basically still contains elements of brainstorming/explaining my reason for some of the design choices I'll probably have to rewrite the document in a different manner sometime next week, but it should contain all the informations you need. Keep in mind though that the formatting is a bit messed up.

The Playtest

The playtest will be conducted on Black Gold as the map features the most variety in assets available out of all maps. Granted, not all assets are available but it should give you a good idea of how it could be if there were no restrictions.

Winning condition: First team to have 10,000 tickets to spare wins.

2x Scout vehicles: VN-3
4x Light APCs: ZSL-92A
3x Heavy APCs: ZSL-92 25mm
2x IFVs: ZSL-92B 30mm
2x MBTs: ZTZ-99A2
2x AAVs: Type 95 SPAAA
1x ATM: WZ550
1x M Att Helo: Z-8KA
2x Jets: Su-30MKK Flanker-G, J-10 Firebird

2x Scout vehicles: BDRM-2
3x H APCs: BTR-80A
2x IFVs: BMP-3
2x Tanks: T-90A
2x AAVs: 9K22 Tunguska
1x ATM: 9P148 Spandrel
1x M Att Helo: Mi-24V Hind-E
2x Jets: Su-27SM Flanker-B, Su-34 Fullback

Both teams spawn with a set of logis, trans trucks, two light APCs and two helicopters. Everything else is up to your teams.

The following list contains informations about the assets regarding their call-in timer, respawn timer, tech level requirements etc.:
The zones are as follows:

Blue = Zone 0
Green = Zone 1
Yellow = Zone 2
Orange = Zone 3
Red = Zone 4

CH on the left, RU on the right

Test Server

We hope to provide you with a training server so players can work around with this stuff by Wednesday, giving those interested in joining or even leading during the event enough time to prepare and familiarize with the asset request mechanics and additional functionalities.

Password: redux

The currently coded commands are the following:
@b ,@buy: purchase your asset given enough tickets
@co, @constructions: shows the list of assets being called in
@f, @fobs: allows you to easily monitor your FOBs' status, income, levels and zones
@z, @zone: shows you which zone you are in to avoid confusion
@s, @shop: shows the name of the purchaseable assets
@cs, @checksupply: shows the remaining payment points of nearby supply crates
@ca, @cancel <name>: cancels the latest asset with the corresponding <name> you purchased it under

Clans and Units can secure a Spot!

Since it would undoubtly be very hard to organize this as an open, public event, we would appreciate those interested in leading replying here, so that hopefully we can figure out an acceptable balance between the two teams before the event begins. Those signing up as SL with their clan mates/friends get the password to the event in advance.

To sign up send a message to CAS_ual_TY and have one representative on the AREA 94 teamspeak server, 1h before the event starts.

We are running out of slots pretty quickly!
Not a joke! No one expected this, but after around 12h already 30-40 slots are gone! So sign up QUICKLY!

You can sign up as (I need an EXACT number of people together with a SECURE confirmation!):
- SL leading a pub squad (No.1 priority!)
- Squad of 6-8 players
- Squad of less than 6 players, but taking in pubs
I wish you and your team the best of luck. May the better team win!

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Shit graphics, fire whoever did those.

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Do we have to download this?
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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Originally Posted by Coalz101 View Post
Do we have to download this?
No. 100% server sided. The only thing you have to do is typing in a password announced here 30min prior to the event

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

seriously mectus did you do those in paint?

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Server will be up soon with some mod debug settings so you can mess with it.
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Old 2017-08-08, 20:46   #7
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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Great work guys. I'm very eager to see how this plays out.

You know that I'd be down to lead a squad if I had a PC, proper internet connection and was in civilization basically.

Good luck and record stuff!

Cheers, Murkey.

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

So if you put a fob near the enemy base aka camping main, you get more points? That part sounds utterly retarded.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Old 2017-08-08, 21:31   #9

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Using highly professional graphics design, I made an example scenario, of what you can do if this happens:

On a serious note tho: You should also consider that you can just spawn in some assets which are immediately going to rape that FOB. Spawn in 3 tanks at once and let them attack that FOB -> FOB gone. If they get damaged they can retreat quickly without problem. We will also make a more strict set of rules for this event punishing baserape harshly.

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Default Re: Command and Control REDUX - 19th August 18:00 PRT - AREA 94

Assets have limit ?
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1800, 19th, area, august, command, control, prt, redux
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