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07 Aug 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default PRTA One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings - 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings

PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings | 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Korengal Valley INS Alt
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

The situation

Late in the night of June 27, 2005, two MH-47 Special Operations Aircraft of the Army Special Operations Command's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) (SOAR(A)) approached Sawtalo Sar. As one of the aircraft performed a number of "decoy drops" to confuse any possible enemy on the ground as to the specific purpose of helicopters, the other inserted, via fastrope, a four-man Navy SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team in a saddle between Sawtalo Sar and Gatigal Sar, a peak just to the south of Sawtalo Sar.

The team, surmising that they would likely be compromised, retreated to a fallback position. Within an hour, the SEAL Reconnaissance and Surveillance team was attacked by Shah and his men who were armed with RPK light machine guns, AK-47s, RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenades, and 82mm mortars.Three of the four team members were killed, and the only survivor, Marcus Luttrell, was left unconscious with a number of fractures and other serious wounds. He regained consciousness and was rescued by local Pashtun, who ultimately saved his life, but later on captured by Taliban, who held him as a hostage for interrogation and negotiation.

After the broken transmission from the SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team, the position and situation of the SEALs became unknown. Members of SEAL Team 10, U.S. Army, and aviators of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment were prepared to dispatch a quick reaction force, but command for launch from higher special operations headquarters was delayed for a number of hours. A quick reaction force finally launched, consisting of a UH-60 Black Hawk, two Up-Armored HMMWVS, and about 40 infantry personell.

One life?

Fight in the upcoming One-Life event and be a part of one the most thrilling rounds of PR you have ever played! Every decision you make on the battlefield might be your last, as there is no forgiveness with the no-respawn policy. Work closely with your squad mates, keep them alive and listen to every order your squad leader gives you, take your squad on an epic and immersive path to victory as a squad leader or even command the battle if you can take the pressure. Tactical movement, situational awareness, suppression, retreating and many other skills are vital to the well-being of your squad and team. Remember, the lives of others depend on your actions!

One-Life, or perma-death events are created to bring you the ultimate emotional experience PR has to offer. Although the events have a slightly altered game mechanics, the core gameplay stays exactly the same. However, competitiveness and continuous action take the back seat to the incredible adrenaline rush of having just one shot at the mission and planning every move with utmost care.


Once you give up, or the revive timer hits zero and you are forced to respawn (you get 1 on the death count), you are not eligible to play any more and will be automatically removed from the server with a temporary ban for the duration of the event.

Although the event does not feature sign-ups of any kind, chain of command is to be respected at all times. If there is a CO present, squad leaders must act out his orders unless specified otherwise - Same goes for squad members. Any insubordination is a kickable offense.

There are no other rules (except standard PRTA Server Rules), so the outcome is completely in the hands of the team.

Additional tweaks
  • Automatic temporary ban of dead players. There will be no way to respawn after you die as you will be temporarily banned from the server which lasts for the duration of the round.
  • Vehicles have no respawn. Vehicles now spawn only once and do not respawn! There is also no delay on spawning avaliable vehicles so everything is avaliable right away in the main base. In the case of a amphibious assault the non-amphibious vehicles spawn on the mainland when the designated CP is captured. In some more scenario heavy situations, vehicles may spawn if a certain flag is captured.
  • Kit request on crates is disabled. To avoid situational exploits, change of kits will require a trip to the nearest vehicle depot, or a fixed crate found in the main bases.
  • Commander slot is disabled. If you wish to lead the whole team as a commander, your squad must be named CO an you have to use an Officer kit at all times, however the squad specialization is free. (CO APC, CO ARMOR, CO CAS etc.)
  • Round timer is set differently per event. If neither team is victorious by the end time, tickets will be the judge, resulting in a "Minor Victory" for the winning side, as opposed to "Complete Victory", if all the flags had been captured or all objectives destroyed.
  • Start timer is increased to 5 minutes. This gives more time for the teams to prepare their strategy and roles. Squads can be created at 4 minutes.
  • Both teams hold in main bases for 5 minutes. This creates time for players to claim the vehicles and get organised, while the CO is presented with the squad layouts and capabilities.
  • Wounded time is back to default of 5 minutes. Due to client-bound restrictions, the time to revive fallen/critically wounded soldiers stays 5 minutes.
  • Revive time is increased to 10 minutes. After a soldier is revived, he will be killed instantly if shot to death again. After 10 minutes, he will regain the option of critically wounded. This encourages medevac actions back to main.
  • Tickets reduced to 200 per side. Tickets are now an additional end-game factor as they represent overall army morale. Deaths of soldiers, loss of vehicles and loss of ground will have a negative impact on the side you are playing on and in the case of losing tickets/breaking morale, the army forfeits the battle and surrenders.
  • Scoring is disabled.
  • Rally points are disabled. To prevent any transport exploit and to increase realism.
  • Only 2 FOBs per team. To place an FOB, 3 large crates are needed and for deployables, additional 3 large crates are needed. Double the value with small crates. You can now deploy statics up to 300m from the FOB, if the necessary crates are in 200m range.
  • Max static deployables is 50 per team. This includes foxholes, razorwires, sandbags etc. A team has 50 in total at disposal, they all can be used on one FOB or split in any manner if 2 FOBs are built.
  • 2 TOWs, 2 AAs, 8 HMGs. As with deployables, that is the total available number per team and they can be used in any combination between built FOBs, except mortars, which have to be bound to one.
  • Mortars limited per map size. 1km map has none, 2km map has 1, 4km map has 2.
  • Max 3 hideouts. Due to guerilla nature of insurgent/rebel factions, they have more freedom.
  • Only 2 caches to destroy. As the approach to each cache in 1L mode will be much slower and cautious, the number has been lowered.
  • Intel gathering is different. Blufor needs 100 intel points to get info about the second cache, and it will take 20 minutes to reveal one. If you capture an insurgent with the restrainers, you will get 100 IP, however you can get 10 IP by killing insurgents in a range of 100m. Shooting and killing a civilian will deduct 50 IP, destroying a civilian car will deduct 25 IP. Blufor also doesn't get a ticket boos when destroying a cache.
  • You can only wound 1 civilian. Respecting ROE is a must. When you down the second civilian, you die - therefore the server will automatically remove you.
  • Civilians are much more important now. It only takes 10 seconds after dropping and INS/HAMAS kit to become a civilian, and 10 seconds after getting in a civilian vehicle for the vehicle to become a civilian vehicle. However being in close proximity to armed fighters for any amount of time will reset the timer and you can be shot for helping the insurgency.

Authors notes

Another POW mission, this time more heavily leaned on the escort as oposed of only an immersion factor like in BHD previously. OPFOR will have 15 minutes to prepare in the addition of 10 minutes holding in main, BLUFOR has to wait 25 minutes in total to leave main. There will be two caches to destroy and a VIP to rescue from captivity and bring to main. Each objective is worth 1 "point", (including the whole surviving BLUFOR team returning to main after completing two objectives) and BLUFOR requires 3 points to win. OPFOR must not execute the VIP under any circumstance in the first 60 minutes from BLUFOR release, except in the case of BLUFOR rescuing the VIP and bringing him back to main, otherwise 1 point goes to BLUFOR. After the 60 minute mark has passed, the VIP can be executed and BLUFOR fails the objective. Caches can be detroyed at the BLUFOR discretion.

To summarize, OPFOR must protect the active caches and the POW, but can execute the POW after 60 minutes have passed from the live game (85 minutes from round spawn).
BLUFOR has to gather 3 objective points:
Cache destroyed - 1 point/cache
POW saved and brought to main - 1 point
All the remaining surivors fall back to main for extraction after completing 2 objectives - 1 point.

So blufor three ways to complete the mission
1. Destroy 2 caches + rescue the POW (Total success)
2. Destroy 2 caches + fall back to main and call the mission (Partial success)
3. Destroy 1 cache + rescue the POW + fall back to main and call the mission (Partial success)

after the event would be much appreciated and can be posted here: <Link to be added.>

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings - 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings - 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

This is a proper set up and build up for the mission.
Really interesting and very keen to join, hope I can make it.

Will be though cookie for US though..

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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings - 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

Very fun, can't wait for the next one.
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Default Re: PRTA One-Life Event - Op. Red Wings - 18:00 PRT, 1st JULY 2017

edit: question is nul
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