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12 Dec 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Old 2013-08-05, 21:50   #11
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Default Re: c++ 2012 not detected?

c:\program files(x86)\origin games\battlefield 2 complete edtion\mods\pr\bin\PRLauncher.exe

Try to run that, ...

I'm really stumped.
When you first installed BF2, did you install the C++ redistributable during the BF2 installation process?
would have been a pop up windows asking if you want to install it now.

I think the C++ redistributable in your BF2 Origin download was corrupted, but ORigin does a file integrity check before allowing you to isntall.

I'm really not sure where we can go from here.
Did you save the installation files from within Origin?
There is an option somewhere in settings to turn it on.

My opinion now is your Origin download was corrupted, when you installed it installed a corrupted C++ on top of your preinstalled win8 C++ redistributables.

You might have to unisntall BF2, all your C++ again, reboot, reinstall C++, (possibly redownload BF2), reinstall BF2 and check do NOT install C++ during the BF2 installation.

IDK, we've never seen this problem before. That's the best I can offer.

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Old 2013-08-06, 04:16   #12
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Default Re: c++ 2012 not detected?

Do you have Visual Studio installed at all?

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Old 2013-08-06, 16:22   #13
Default Re: c++ 2012 not detected?

I'm getting the same issue in windows 7, but I know my game ran fine only a couple of days ago. Since I ran the latest update (v1.0.32.0) I get the same error as this guy
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Old 2013-08-07, 20:49   #14
Default Re: c++ 2012 not detected?

My problem is fixed, i said to heck with windows 8 and re-installed 7. Now the game works perfectly fine as i have tested. Other games i had that didnt work due to some weird error are also now working. My issue was simply windows 8. Thanks for all the help guys, now time to play this game!
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Old 2013-08-08, 13:00   #15

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Default Re: c++ 2012 not detected?

I had the same issue, on a different set up than above, which has now led to another problem;

I have been able to play fine, last night was fine but today

I launched, it got to what seemed to be the end of the update then I got the same error from PR as above "Required Dependency Missing-Unable to detect reqired dependency: visual c++ 2012 update 1 x64"

I downloaded and installed the 64 and 86 update from Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 3 from Official Microsoft Download Center

I then restarted the game and it starts the updater but now gives me the following error

I am running Win7 and BF2 Hard copy not Origin, Any ideas or fixes yet and has anyone had the patchhold issue after updating C++?

EDIT** Please see Dan's Ezy fix in a bug thread, it worked for me, as simple as clicking on the x64 and x86 redist exe and click repair this allowed the game to actually run again, but for some reason I am back to having previous issues I had fixed like needing to delete profile and ctd/BSOD... at least dans fix solved one issue.

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2012, c++, detected, not detected
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