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18 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2022-04-12, 17:57   #1
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Talking M-14s for the Argies

As many of you might know, the Argentine marines and special forces used the italian BM-59s which, although are different in its operating system, aesthetically it is very similar to the M14, both even use the same caliber and are successors of the Garand. It would be cool to see the automatic M14 (since its no longer present in the vietnam maps) on special kits such as the Alt Anti-personnel Kit and the Spotter kits
The British already have the M16 to represent their spec ops, why no the argies too?



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Old 2022-04-14, 12:37   #2
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Default Re: M-14s for the Argies

Hey there!

It is present in the Marksman kit, although that's the only kit that has it.

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Old 2022-04-14, 13:14   #3
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Default Re: M-14s for the Argies

Ye, iirc the Argies did use standard M14s as well for marksman/sniper rifles, would be nice to have a BM-59 for the spotter etc but it is pretty different from the M14 looking at it, more like a carbine than a battlerifle.

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