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24 May 2022, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR Changelogs The changelogs for recently released Project Reality versions

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Default PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

Greetings everyone! Today we are happy to provide you all with this highly anticipated update.
It took us a while but we believe this will answer many of your requests for better performance in PR:BF2. We currently have limited testing capabilities, but based on QA Feedback from everyone we have seen quite a remarkable improvement in performance with this patch! If you would like to help us with this and other testing, join the testing team!

The improvements in FPS comes from moving the logic behind some of the UI elements (BUIS, scope effects, thermals, etc) from in-game to the back-end PR service (which runs the PR Launcher and Mumble connection).
This improvement moves the HUD logic to run on a separate CPU core which improves speed and reduces stuttering while allowing the main game to have more freedom in using the primary core.

Given the experimental state of these changes we decided to make the new version opt-in for now. To activate the changes tick the "PERF BETA" option in the video settings for your profile.
If you did that it will show "PERF BETA" in the top right corner while playing.
If you don't see this or have any other issues, please make a bug report.

Next to these changes there are many other fixes and quality of live improvements of which the most important ones you can find below in the changelog. Some are rather significant so make sure to read on through.

One of these big changes is AAS layer usage. We have removed the 128 layers designation of being a longer variant of 64 with double the average play time. Now 128 layers can be used similarly as 32 as another gameplay variation layer. This can mean different factions, assets, flag routes or anything else. 16 will remain focused on providing a solid infantry experience with less heavy assets.

Enjoy the new update! With this behind us, we hope that we can now find the time to focus on the next big anticipated release: v1.6, PR:WW2!

v1.5.4.0 is available now for servers and clients!

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.5 Changelog (2018/June/2)
  • Updated PR Launcher. PERF BETA is now fully included. You are no longer able to turn it off.
  • Updated deployable roadblocks to make it harder to use them to bury caches.
  • Fixed Russian infantry having lower stamina loss when jumping than other factions.
  • Fixed a very rare crash when start PR.
  • Fixed a server crash when entering the Volkswagen Type 1 on Falklands.

  • Fixed BMP-1,Type 86 and BWP-1 AT-10/AT-9M14 missile moving back and forth during flight.
  • Fixed muzzle and turret projectile positions on multiple vehicles.

  • Added Polish F-16C, T-72M, Mi-24, Rosomak, BWP-1 and Spandrel one-man variants.
  • Fixed crash when entering PL PT-91 tank on COOP maps.
  • Fixed Russian Ziptie Medic SP using the wrong Medikit type - Was using MP one instead of SP.

  • Beirut
    • Swapped team order.
    • Updated DODs.
    • AAS64: Added spawndelay to IDF HMMWV.
    • Removed COOP128, updated COOP32 and COOP64.

  • Dovre
    • Swapped team order.
    • Updated AAS and Skirmish layers. Removed Skirmish 32.
    • Updated COOP64.

  • Dovre Winter
    • Swapped team order.
    • Updated AAS and Skirmish layers. Removed Skirmish 32.
    • Updated COOP64.

  • Operation Marlin
    • Fixed Skirmish layer not showing night sky.

  • Route E-106 - BETA
    • Further improvements to lightmaps.

  • Shahadah
    • Added COOP support.

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.4 Changelog (2018/May/22)
  • Fixed critical error with PR Launcher causing crash.
  • Fixed not being able to requests kits from crates on skirmish.

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.3 Changelog (2018/May/21)
  • Updated settings to have PERF Beta by default. Enabled for all active users as well.
  • Fixed thermal sights sometimes staying on when switching modes.
  • Fixed issue with optics shader not showing when switching from weapon with BUIS.

  • Updated bomb car AI to be more aggressive and aim to drive into the enemy.
  • Updated AI jets to not be able to drop bombs to fix crashing issues.
  • Fixed various IK issues with COOP vehicle gunners.
  • Fixed AI teamkilling at times by trying to use the horn.
  • Fixed crashes with Falkland and Polish factions on COOP maps.

  • Fixed Russian Gopher not having the correct sounds.
  • Fixed M1A2 Abrams TUSK causing launches of other vehicles into air on collision.

  • Fixed SMAW resetting to 250m when switching between spotting and launcher.
  • Fixed STG-44 not having sounds synced to animations.

  • Asad Khal
    • Added Skirmish64.

  • Bamyan
    • AAS32: Fixed Zu-23-2 truck not being teamlocked.

  • Charlie's Point
    • AAS64: made Docks and Peninsula flags neutral, moved NVA forward spawn further south.

  • Jabal Al Burj
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Added Skirmish64.
    • AAS32: added two more logistic vans to Syrian Rebels, switched one technical for Zu-23-2 truck, added 2 BMP1. Added TOW Humvee and LAV25 to US forces.

  • Karbala
    • INS64: Delayed two technicals and SPG, removed 1 SPG.

  • Kokan
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Removed Skirmish32.

  • Ramiel
    • AAS64: updated flag and asset layout.

  • Route E-106 - BETA
    • Added new lightmaps.
    • AAS64: Fixed flag bleed.
    • Various other minor fixes.

  • Shahadah
    • AAS64: Adjusted heavy asset spawn times.

  • Shijia Valley
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Removed Skirmish32.

  • Vadso City
    • Updated Skirmish layouts. Added Skirmish64.

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.2 Changelog (2018/April/29)
  • Fixed thermal sights sometimes not turning off

  • Fixed AA lock warnings not working.

  • Fixed Polish and Falkland SP medic kits.

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.1 Changelog (2018/April/26)
  • Fixed server crash.
  • Fixed BUIS lag on default settings (none PERF BETA).
  • Updated Shotgun Breacher/Buckshot Special Kit Icons slightly.

  • Fixed USA Para SP faction.
  • Fixed German and Russian Para SP faction not using SP kits.
  • Fixed various issues with Polish SP kits.

  • Assault On Grozny
    • COOP 32: Updated layer with Russian Iron Sight SP faction.

  • Dovre Winter
    • COOP64: Fixed minimap not being centered correctly.

  • Pavlovsk Bay
    • COOP16: Fixed US mortars and ACV not being locked to the team.

  • Iron Ridge
    • Re-enabled COOP.

PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog (2018/April/26)
  • Updated UI logic to help boost performance. Disabled by default, enable in video settings.
  • Updated scope blur shader to show up after zooming-in rather than fading in while zooming.
  • Updated Spectator Camera (prbot3) with a camera weapon that fires an invisible, camera-following round.
  • Updated ladders disappearing from a distance.
  • Fixed (major) cause of soundbug.
  • Fixed blank marker icon and misc issues in Militia and Insurgent Radio Commo-Rose.
  • Fixed Deployable DShK disappearing from a distance.
  • Fixed multiple sounds being saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed not being able to request kits from vehicle depots on Skirmish gamemode.
  • Fixed thermal vision sometimes showing up when pressing the Commo-Rose in a BattleRecorder replay session.
  • Fixed Hamas win/lose music not playing after a round has ended.

  • Updated Spectator Camera (prbot3, prbot4) vehicles to exclude bots from using it.
  • Updated IDF M16A2 DMR Deployed version to be used by bots.
  • Fixed Infantry layers having incorrect amount of tickets.
  • Fixed bots using Deployable Command Posts, Hideouts which caused issues.
  • Fixed German Rifleman having 4 grenades instead of 2.
  • Fixed Vietnam USMC SP medic kits using Epipen instead of Syringe.
  • Fixed crash when spawning the Deployable DShK, improved bot handling.
  • Fixed BF2 version of BMP-2 not being one-manned like before.
  • Fixed Flare counter not showing and POV cameras not switching for SP version of British Lynx.

  • Fixed multiple Handheld and Stationary heavy AT weapons having projectiles incorrectly aligned to the barrel.
  • Fixed all Handheld LAT and HAT muzzle smoke effects not being positioned correctly.
  • Fixed Deployable Milan Mira using the same name as the Milan.
  • Fixed Deployable Spike Fire 3P sound issues.
  • Fixed NL C7NLD AG36 animation issues.
  • Fixed Sterling SMG having misaligned 3P muzzle smoke and shell ejection effects.
  • Fixed FR HK417 marksman deployed prone animation issue.
  • Fixed multiple weapons having different 3P reload sounds than 1P.
  • Fixed multiple weapons having sounds and animations not synced.
  • Fixed being able to see inside receiver of certain Beryl weapons during certain animations.

  • Updated Mi-24 Hind flight physics.
  • Updated UH-60 Black Hawk flight physics.
  • Fixed US TOW mounted HMMWV having misaligned projectile position.
  • Fixed turret of Polish Zbik disappearing too soon.
  • Fixed armor values being incorrect on Polish PT-91 Tank cupola.
  • Fixed NH-90 co-pilot camera clipping through the side.

  • General
    • For extended details please see our Map Gallery.
    • Removed 128 layers representing longer round copies of 64. Now are used as alternative variation layers similar to 32.

  • Al Basrah
    • INS: Removed forward insurgency spawnpoints. Remade DOD.
    • INS 64: Removed delay of GB Warrior, added delay to non-respawning Scimitar. Added one additional logistics truck. Delayed bomb cars by 10 minutes. Exchanged GB Chinook for Merlin.
    • INS 32: Delayed GB Challenger 2 by 5 minutes. Removed non-respawning Warrior. Delayed bomb cars by 5 minutes. Added two additional transport trucks

  • Assault on Grozny
    • COOP 64: Made Militia mainbase uncappable.

  • Beirut
    • Removed AAS 32 & Skirmish 64.
    • AAS: Rework of flags and assets.
    • AAS 16: Added unscoped forces.
    • COOP: Fixed bad spawn points - by Double_13

  • Bijar Canyons
    • INS 64: Fixed wrong supply crate at MEC base

  • Black Gold
    • COOP 16/64: Fixed spawnpoints.
    • COOP 32: GPO fixes - by Double_13

  • Burning Sands
    • Fixed floaters and misaligned objects.

  • Charlie's Point
    • COOP 64: Moved 2 bad spawn points. Fixed bots getting stuck on Point Lookout and refusing to fall back.

  • Dragon Fly
    • COOP 16: Moved a spawnpoint onto navmesh at Central Housing flag.

  • Fallujah West
    • COOP: Removed empty DOD.

  • Fools Road
    • Complete rework of all gamemodes.

  • Gaza
    • AAS: Updated northern flag route.
    • AAS 64: Replaced IDF Merkava with delayed Namer. Delayed SPG Technical by 5 minutes.
    • INS 32/64: Replaced Bomb Truck with Bomb Car. Removed non-respawning IDF Merkava. Delayed respawnable Merkava by 5 minutes. Delayed SPG technical by 5 minutes.
    • COOP: Fixed invalid order position on Harbor flag.

  • Hill 488
    • Removed AAS 16.
    • AAS 64: Moved all center flags to same group. Increased flag radius's. Remade NVA DOD.

  • Iron Ridge
    • AAS 64: Added 1 transport helicopter to both forces.
    • AAS 32: Removed Polish transport helicopter.
    • Disabled COOP until some small things are fixed.

  • Karbala
    • Fixed misaligned flame effect on Oil Tower statics.

  • Kashan Desert
    • AAS: Delayed APC's on Canadian layer. Swapped 32 and 64 layers.
    • Added AAS 128 with USMC and helicopter CAS.
    • COOP 64: Fixed CF-18 SP version spawning in hanger instead of non-bot version, updated Avenger spawn position.

  • Khamisiyah
    • AAS 16: Removed heavy assets.
    • Added AAS 128 with neutral starting flags and helicopter CAS.

  • Kokan
    • COOP 32: Fixed wrong vehicle depot for Canadian Forces.

  • Korengal Valley
    • Removed INS 16 and 32.
    • INS 64: Replaced Littlebird with UH-60 Black Hawk. Removed Stryker. Added non-respawning logistics truck to Restrepo. Removed Taliban bomb car and .50cal technical.

  • Lashkar Valley
    • Rework of Skirmish and Insurgency layers.
    • Fixed misaligned sunflare.
    • Fixed DOD over map border misaligning the minimap
    • COOP 64: Moved spawn points in M4, removed floating cache.

  • Operation Archer
    • INS 16: Added ground assets. Removed 2 helicopters.
    • INS 32: Reduced Mk-19 HMMWV spawn time to 10 minutes.

  • Operation Marlin
    • AAS 32: Replaced FR VBCI and MEC BMP-2 with AMX-10RC and BMP-3 respectively.

  • Operation Soul Rebel
    • COOP: Excluded bots from using the Russian Cuba ATC vehicle.

  • Operation Thunder
    • Updated terrain textures, fixed various floaters, tweaked fog settings.

  • Ramiel
    • COOP: Fixed walls not showing.

  • Saaremaa
    • AAS 128 is now tank layer and 32 APC layer.
    • AAS & CNC: Removed spawn delays from transport trucks and jeeps.
    • Fixed missing ladder at Dam Powerbase area.

  • Sbeneh Outskirts
    • All layers now use same DOD with less exploitable areas.
    • Removed FSA main base gate to open up the entrance in the west.

  • Silent Eagle
    • Both sides now have paradrops over first flags. Delayed all APCs on 32 and 64 by 5 minutes. Fixed DOD issue in A1.
    • AAS 16: Replaced support BRDM with Tigr jeep.
    • AAS 32: Removed 1 CAS helicopter from both sides.

  • Ulyanovsk
    • COOP 64: Re-ordered flags.

  • Vadso City
    • COOP: Fixed spawn points and new navmesh - By Double_13
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

Cool nice one dear.

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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

interesting, good one on the PRBOT3, keep it up.
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

I love bugfixes
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

Nice. Great work
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

<3 amazing keep up the great work
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

FPS is awesome, as in the great past
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

Finally some coop updates.
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

Yes!!!!! for bringing alternative 128 layers back
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Default Re: PR:BF2 v1.5.4.0 Changelog

Awesome, it's nice to see such a long changelog!

EDIT: Just tried it, performance improvements are real. I can actually play at 1080p now at around 60 fps while I had around 40 and drops before on 1600x900

In-game: Cobra-PR
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