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04 Jul 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2019-12-17, 15:39   #1
Default Was locked out from posting in map-modding ..but

Was locked out(?) from posting in map-modding ..but i still feel that i have to let all mappers aware of a absolutely unbelievable useful site
On that site it is possible to get geo-identical height-maps for any location on the planet!!!
It is satellite gathered landscape-height information available for everyone!
It is ..amazing!
Only issue is that the exported heightmaps are in *.png, so they need to be converted to *.RAW format, before they can be used in BF2Editor, and afaik, only photoshop can do that(?)
I would be next to hysterically happy, if any of you guys knew an app that actually could convert to the correct 16bitGreyscale RAW format, that is a prerequest for heightmaps in BF2Editor(?)
Amazing gem!
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Old 2019-12-17, 16:05   #2
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Default Re: Was locked out from posting in map-modding ..but

Wrong subforum

Needs 16-bit TIFF as source.

Really, your best bet is Photoshop.

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