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26 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2016-09-13, 20:41   #1
Default Vadso Std COOP issues?

Been messing around with Coop and the new Vadso Standard map seems to be a little bugged or unfinished.

1. The BTR-80As that belong to the Russian side show as grey empty vehicles on the British map, located on the far eastern end of the coast. When playing GB, one can use the two BTR-80As with any kit (not locked to crewman like it should be). These 80As are of the one-man coop variety, with a unified driver and gunner position. The BTR-80 does not appear on the GB map and does not appear to be usable by Britain. Otherwise they are normal, RU bots attack the vehicle as normal and whatnot.

2. Some of the Merlin helis show up with the name "killed" instead of AW101 Merlin or whatnot. One of the "tournament" wikis for PR also show this. Otherwise normally operated.

3. No cap zone on Airport objective. GB cannot establish a beachhead as the first objective cannot be capped. Driving around in the bugged BTR-80As, it seems that none of the other flags have cap zones either. Because no other GB assets spawn aside from the Lynx and Merlins before Airport objective is capped, this leads me to believe that the map is just unfinished. The cap zones are all there for RU and readily displayed as you roll into cap range, and the Airport cap zone is actually quite big. But it simply is not there and does not display for GB.

I couldn't find any other threads on this since this new Vadso Std map has only been around for a few versions and the previous one was quite different in layout. Leads me to wonder if it's just unfinished and someone overlooked it.

Also, Khamisiyah Large Coop has a Shilka that can be used by US. It is basically the same as the deal with the BTR-80A on Vadso; it appears as a grey vehicle on the US minimap and can be operated by US. Does not appear to suffer from the same all-kit bug as the BTR though, and is otherwise identical to the usual driver + gunner Shilka that the MEC operates on that map. Also Khamisiyah Lrg is horribly biased towards MEC as US lacks any sort of counter to MEC Shilka, BTR-60PB and BMP-2.

BTR-80As are available for use by GB (Vadso)
BTR-80As are available to crew for all GB kits, but require RU crewman if RU (Vadso)
Objectives have no cap zones (Vadso)
Merlin's name is "killed" (Vadso)
1 Shilka is available for use by US @ Bunker Complex (Khamisiyah)

Steps to Reproduce:
Take a heli to Airport Objective, stand on marker and attempt to cap with teammates.
Take a heli to eastern end of map, get in BTR-80A.
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