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12 Jun 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 Support Help and support regarding PR:BF2 installation and in-game issues

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Old 2013-12-26, 03:52   #1
Default Mumble appears to mute PR?

As the title says.

To be brief:
When I connect to a server I hear sound for a few seconds like I normally should.
In that time Mumble is connecting to the server and switching me to the servers channel correct?

After a few seconds my game mutes completely and I'm only able to hear mumble. (I'm still able to talk in Mumble though, and people can hear me)

What I believe is happening:

*Start game in launcher.
*Mumble and PR boots.
*Ingame sound works just fine.
*Connect to server.
*Twiddle my thumbs and listen to beautiful loading music.
*Join match
*Game loads deployment screen
*Oddly enough, I hear/see a ton of explosions behind deployment screen?
*Sound stops, mumble boots

I've already tried:
>Verifying steam cache integrity (I have a steam copy of BF2)
>Reinstalling PR
>Reinstalling BF2 + PR
>Reinstalling PR
>Google yet again...

Any ideas?

I've tried damn near everything I can think of and I'm out of ideas.

Thanks in advance. And Happy Holidays!
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Old 2013-12-26, 06:08   #2
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Default Re: Mumble appears to mute PR?

In general,
start PRMumble, generally located in your Battlefield 2 Complete Collection\mods\pr\bin\PRMumble directory.
PRMumble->Configure->Settings->TICK the Advanced tickbox in bottom Left->Audio Output->
You can now see which device is your default Audio Out device, it's either the name of your headset, or speakers, or "default device".

The important point here, the "Exclusive" tickbox might be ticked, so untick that, then click the APPLY Button on the bottom right.

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appears, mumble, mute, win
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