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01 Dec 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2019-08-05, 16:10   #1
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Default PR Nostalgia

Today I found myself listening to the Project Reality soundtrack composed by Scott Tobin who now composes for Squad and Post Scriptum.

Suddenly it reminded me of how much the award-winning Project Reality was a part of my life. Exactly for 13 crazy years since 2006. I may have fought thousands and thousands of battles, but it wasn't the kill counts, visuals or my interest in military tech that drew me to PR.

It was the comradery, teamwork and tactics. Of what people can achieve in tough circumstances with teamplay and coordination. The human element. PR was a tough game with punishing combat, large maps and complex asymmetrical design. It challenged you each time, but you tried to rise to the challenge with your squad and team.

I made so many real friends which was and still is absolutely amazing. For me PR grew out of its digital shell because the experiences made us connect beyond the internet. Personally, it helped me to learn how to listen to other experienced players. A few years in, I dared to become a Squad Leader which helped me learn leadership based on teamwork. Leading a group of six different people I never met or knew into battles maybe more than 5000 times. Fighting over objectives with dynamically changing circumstances, talking, listening, working towards a common goal.

Maybe it was the international community all around the world. Or the challenging gameplay that made you think instead of shoot. Or the totally dynamic combat situations and changing map layouts.

Perhaps it was the strength I saw in people pulling together.

Whatever it was, it was absolutely beautiful, and I wouldn’t trade those thousands of hours for anything else.

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Old 2019-08-05, 16:47   #2
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Default Re: PR Nostalgia

Awesome post Rezza! Haven't seen the PR experience described so well in a long time!

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Old 2019-08-06, 18:08   #3
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Default Re: PR Nostalgia

That Kashan loading music always brings back the excitement when it was used on the Battlefront? Kashan training server I tried a few times before taking the plunge.

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Old 2019-08-09, 17:36   #4

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Default Re: PR Nostalgia

You have a very similar experience to me.

I also started to play PR since when it wasn't that different from the original Battlefield 2. For young myself, shooting without crosshairs was revolutionary. But at that time, I was too obsessed with raising the rank in the original BF2, so I forgot about PR sometime.

After a few years later(when v0.5 released), I soon became leaning towards to PR rather than the original. I was fascinated by how the original BF2 could evolve so tremendously like this. It taught me how to use VOIP that I've never used before, how to be a useful team member and most importantly, how to speak English properly. I also met many good people in the game and made many great moments together. PR still gives me eye-opening experiences whenever I play. When EA(May the curse be upon them) murdered BF2 in 2014, only PR could relieve my pain.

Anyway, my favourite theme on the entire PR soundtrack
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Old 2019-08-09, 20:52   #5

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Default Re: PR Nostalgia

I remember the patch that had 0 deviation rifles, I remember that absolute shit map Al Fallujah region, the helicopter warm up disaster and shitaton island Lots of bad shit too.

AfSoccer "I just don't see the natural talent."
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Old 2019-08-11, 22:28   #6
Default Re: PR Nostalgia

Excellent post Rezza!
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Old 2019-08-13, 23:02   #7
Smile Re: PR Nostalgia

Well said pal!
its the game i always go back to, ive been playing it half my life now lol.
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Old 2019-10-21, 01:15   #8
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Default Re: PR Nostalgia

I played PR for probably 7-8 years, havent played in some time though, played the first round in a LONG time last night, rusty!!!!! I cant even remember all the changes PR has gone through, it has made for some very lasting memories though.
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