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13 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Off-Topic Discussion For all discussions not related to PR. No Spam.

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Default Re: [BF3:Realitymod] A Project Reality / Squad inspired mod for Battlefield 3

Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
Not to mention that even BlueDrake who called his ARMA3 mod "Project Reality: ARMA3" regretted doing so because of these reasons given above. You would be far better off calling your project something totally different and just using the line "inspired by PR" than the whole trying to explain you are not related even thou you basically have the same name...
The only reason we had problems with the name was because we underestimated how aggressively people would attempt to steal accounts/assets/repositories hosted for it, or just generally undermine the project. I'm assuming the brand name was valuable enough, that when people realized hijacking the trademark was possible it just attracted bad actors.

However the reason we used the name was a very different circumstance, as the official Project Reality: ArmA team released an announcement asking the community to continue the project after official development was ceased, and released the codebase under a public license. So it was very specifically an attempted continuation of the official Project Reality: ArmA codebase that was discontinued, at that open request.

Using the word regret is misleading. We don't regret continuing the discontinued ArmA project under the same name, I just regret not preemptively preparing against malicious action sooner. Obviously this is less of an issue now, we have a much cleaner and more rigid legal setup that makes the same transgressions relatively impossible... but unfortunately none of that can reverse time.

Anyways, not that I really care. However someone told me we were mentioned here, and I just wanted to clarify that.

Didn't regret it, just regretted not protecting ourselves more to ensure the project's security. We would still like to continue the project one day under the same name, and we still retain all the accounts for it... however we just have bigger fish to fry for the time being.

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Default Re: [BF3:Realitymod] A Project Reality / Squad inspired mod for Battlefield 3

I recall you saying something else at the time but I'm not going to argue with you, my memory is probably off.

All I can say is I wouldn't recommend anyone to try and latch onto a name/branding of anything else as not only does it confuse things, but you then also have to live up to the expectations set by that name/brand, which is something that is very hard to do and the expectations are often unrealistic.
Even for Squad which while it didn't take the same name and only said it was the "spiritual successor of PR", has enough problems with trying to meet everyone's expectations and while it was really good for the KS campaign, from a fan/player base point of view, may would have probably been better off if it grew organically without any expectations.

Personally, if I was to hypothetically start my own game that was like PR, I wouldn't have it share PR's name or any relation to PR, other than the possible mention that I and any other possible PR devs working, have worked on PR in the past, even if I planned the gameplay to be exactly like PR's since unless you plan to only release the game once it was 100% complete with all the factions and full gameplay elements of the original game and have done it spot on or better, you're never going to meet the expectations and just end up being a disappointment, which won't be the case if you grow something from the ground up organically, which also leaves you with the flexibility to go in whatever direction you feel is right.

With the luxury of hindsight, that was one of the big failings of Squad's PR Campaign (Public Relations that is), but then again without that whole being PR's spiritual successor thing, they may have never got the KS money they needed, but I feel there where other ways they could have gotten it but then what do I know, I've never done a KS campaign or made my own game from scratch

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Default Re: [BF3:Realitymod] A Project Reality / Squad inspired mod for Battlefield 3

RUM is genius
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battlefield 3, venice unleashed
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