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27 Nov 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Arrow C13 Battle #2 Nuijamaa

PRT Campaign 13

VOG have won their first battle, and what a battle it was. Both teams set out with relatively centralised deployments, with some light early aggression from both sides resulting in no real gain. Eventually VOG performed a strong skirmish operation in the back of RPX frontline to disrupt supplies and FOBs. While this had little immediate impact on the stable RPX frontline, it allowed VOG to follow up with another encirclement, wreaking havoc among the RPX line, leading to the flag and the surrounding area being mostly cleared. RPX reacted quickly to this, forcing a quick offensive on the flag to retake a foothold near the flag, barely preventing VOG from raising their own banner. As VOG had no time to fortify their positions, and with the strategically important flag a valuable boon for both teams, they had to commit just as much as RPX now. This led to over a half hour of intense close quarters infantry fighting, with no clearly discernable front line . Neither side can truly say they won that fight but with reinforcements running low, RPX managed to barely retake their lost flag to secure those extra 25 points on the scoreboard.


PR Tracker Replay
Score Screen

We journey back to good ol' Saaremaa, an all time classic!

Date: 02nd of December 2017
Time: Battle start 20:00 PRT
Server Password: Announced 19:45 PRT
Map: Saaremaa AAS ALT
Teams: USMC (RPX) vs RU (VOG)
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here

Only a few slots remain open so make sure to sign up soon if you want one.

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Default Re: C13 Battle #2 Nuijamaa

What a battle.

With a reasonable ticket lead, Vanguard Operations Group won its first victory. The overriding factor for this success, was partly owed to VOGs capability to take the initiative and keep it to the end of the battle and partly due to an explicit wish from Riam Pax, of not wanting to take it back.

Because of this, VOG managed to speed up the fighting around the contested flag zone at Forrest Farms. Almost round through. The increase in speed was executed through a series of ongoing attacks, entering this quite restricted field of battle, from several different angles and with forces of different sizes, however, almost always strong enough to create a large reaction from the RPX defenders. Confronted with this pattern of ongoing VOG created change, Riam Pax slowly but surely lost its otherwise solid defensive capability. A capacity we have seen Riam Pax perform solidly, from the very first preparation battle on Dovre. However, not this time.

At 3:56, while RPX was capping the Forrest Farms flag zone, VOG send it its first wave, consisting of two squads, counting 10 players in total. Perhaps both a reconnaissance and a fixing unit? Regardless, a few minutes after, RPX had hit it enough, for it to move south again and regroup. Thus first VOG attack repelled.

Below a few images from the Vanguard Operations Group buildup of attack directions.

First move by VOG, to the flag zone at Forrest Farms. Riam Pax has not yet captured it.

Very shortly after Riam Pax capture the flag zone and defeat this, the first VOG attack entering from the south

VOG respond by mobilising a larger attack force south of the flag. Meanwhile, north west of the flag, VOG has also manged to send in a small motorised team, fairly deep into the RPX rear. Furthermore, south west of the flag, VOG seem to have a flanking force ready. Perhaps for flanking security, perhaps for a flanking attack?

Riam Pax in a rare attempt to retake the initiative south of the flag. At this point almost en entire RPX squad has been send north to encounter the small motorised VOG unit. This was also the first time that VOG with a small force, managed to divert the Riam Pax concentration in the flag area.

While VOG loose the fight of the south access to the flag, it is already aiming to flank and cut of the RPX rear as well. So this is one way of speeding up the battle. Through an ongoing emphasis on putting the defending side into the reaction mode. Simply by constantly changing the direction of attack. Luck is also a factor though. The luck in this situation, is the RPX lack, of wanting to take the game to the other side. Also, note how Vanguard Operations Group keep having a strong force near the river. This force allocation was probably kept this long into the round, because of the initial Riam Pax landing, in this very area, at start of the round.

As the fighting south of the flag takes place, at the road, a fight for the access to the flag, VOG has managed to build up a stronger force in the RPX rear.

From here ill leave you with the opportunity to watch the replay. As you will see, this pattern, more or less, continues through out the round, ending however, with the fighting moving into the flag area it self.

Sum summary, the second battle of campaign 13 became a speedy battle of attrition, once again focused on a flag zone, as the main field of battle.

Define irony. A bunch of guys playing PR year after year. A game teaching initiative as the prime mover.
However, in regard to EA, these guys never took the initiative.
We who play these kinds of games are the first generation of war robot pilots.Today we pilot a camera in 3D heaven,Tomorrow...
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