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18 Nov 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality WWII modification.

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Old 2017-09-27, 12:00   #11
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Default Re: Hedgerow Hell - hedgerows discussion

Originally Posted by shahram View Post
A simple PRWW2 can't be released
Release it
After all, prww2 is just a bunch of content files, pretty sure anyone could include it in pr and make it work.

assetruler69: I've seen things you smurfs wouldn't believe. Apaches on the Kashan. I watched burned down tank hulls after the launch of the single TOW. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Time to give up and respawn.
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Default Re: Hedgerow Hell - hedgerows discussion

Discussion about what this engine could possibly do is fine. Nobody was saying we were actually working on destroyable hedgerows - and we aren't. But if someone is willing to do the work, go for it! I'm sure it will have its place somewhere .

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Old 2017-09-28, 00:43   #13
Default Re: Hedgerow Hell - hedgerows discussion

Don't get me wrong but give me a right to see it as a sense of humor. AfterDune has said I have if not thousands but hundreds things to do just to release a simple PRWW2 and I am happy afterdune don't want to take this idea serious ( if he wants we must wait till 2020 ). after PRWW2 is released we can discuss adding something like tressfx hair for soldiers but please in this time don't introduce something.
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