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01 Dec 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality WWII modification.

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Old 2017-08-07, 12:32   #1

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Default Shermans M4/A1/A3 gun layouts for cmdr/AA?

forenote addendum:
ok I think I might have gotten this wrong, haven't posted this post yet but I think it's still a good discussion regardless. so I think that the M4 and M4A1 had .50 pintle mounts, and the M4A2-M4A3-M4A4 swapped the pintle mount to a .30 and placed the .50 onto the rear. i'm 99% sure but regardless everything is up for discussion

If my memory serves me correctly, there is only a M4A1 and a M4 sherman.
Although, there might also be an M4A3.
Anyways, who cares.

So, if my memory serves me right again, there are four seats to your average sherman:
1. Driver
2. Radio Operator
3. Gunner
4. Cmdr
(loader is not a real seat ingame)

And if my memory ser- i'll stop.
There should be a 12.7 PINTLE M2HB for the commander.
I don't think this is correct, although I may be wrong.

See, the pintle mount for the sherman was used for self defense along with AA fire, but mostly self defense. Here's the thing, usually you'd mount an M1919A4 on it because it's trigger ended just perfectly infront of the commander.

Now, the mount could be adjusted to have an M2HB i'm sure, here's my beef though.
The M2HB is so large that it'd cover the cmdr's hatch. Not only is this unrealistic in my opinion(imagine if the commander needed to button up, how the hell would he be able to close the hatch?), but it also looked awfully weird in the commander's perspective if I recall. almost like one of those weird BF1942 .50's ontop..

so, my suggestion is:
A. change the pintle M2HB to a 1919A4
B. change the pintle M2HB to a 1919A4 and add the anti-aircraft mount on the rear of the sherman with the M2HB

"but quickload, why would they put the M2HB on the back of the sherman? the crew can't access it"
well it's intended as an AA mount, you can't elevate the gun in a pintle position with a gun as big as the M2HB. also, the mount was to be used by nearby infantry or tank crew if they decided to use it as an additional gun or when the tank was not in contact aside from aircraft, i'm not 100% sure on the latter two though.

also while we're on the subject of shermans, what if the M64 WP shot hurt the infantry with similar mechanics of fire/molotov/tear gas ?

(and i know it's against the PR tradition to do things like specialize weapons and vehicles instead of using standard issue stuff, but it would be nice to have that 1 cool thing every now and then, for example on Fallujah West and Black Gold there's that 1 non-respawning honda red bike)
so, why not add a non-respawning(or not) sherman that has some cosmetic(or not) logs on the side, or tracks welded on the turret?

this one is the cosmetic(or not) thing i was talking about., think it's an M4A3E2

this one is what looks like an M4A3E2(76) jumbo with the two gun mounts I was talking about

what looks like a... M4A3(105) left, M4A3E8, and a M4A3 with a single 1919 pintle mount

and here we have a M4A3(76)W with only a .50 AA mount.

i can't tell what tank this is because of what it's wearing, but it might be worth sharing here.

and here's a completely unrelated but why not share it M4A3R2 crocodile

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Old 2017-08-10, 03:18   #2

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Default Re: Shermans M4/A1/A3 gun layouts for cmdr/AA?

ok so I think i've gotten it down by reading some stuff on my freetime:
early in the war, issued .50 AA mount,
sometime in the middle, AA mounts deserviced and replaced with .30 pintle,
sometime after that, crews deemed .30 unreliable and were replaced by the .50 AA mount.

some tanks had both because of transitional periods between switching them(or the crews didn't want to remove em)
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cmdr or aa, gun, layouts, m4 or a1 or a3, shermans
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