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21 Sep 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII Suggestions Suggestions from our community members.

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Old 2015-05-19, 13:59   #1

blayas's Avatar
Default Possible tanks, perhaps? .... Please ?

Hello guys , I wonder if in the future we could get some of these monsters ? perhaps asymmetric maps assuming a numerical disadvantage.

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger

Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II

Jagdtiger (monster)

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Old 2015-05-19, 17:09   #2
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Default Re: Possible tanks, perhaps? .... Please ?

If you're willing to make them, sure.

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Old 2015-05-19, 17:48   #3
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Default Re: Possible tanks, perhaps? .... Please ?

I'd love to have some of these babies to blow the sh** out of Shermans with, but like Arc said we've very low on modelers, 3 of us now I think? Could be wrong, and most have other projects as well).

Even if we could get our hands on a model for any of these, there's still prepping them for export, doing any materials if needed, actually exporting them and coding them in the editor, etc. The entire process for a team which can't always dedicate 100% of their time for one project can take quite a few weeks (assuming a model is already done, which can take months to perfect).

That's the downside of not having a dedicated studio, but on the other hand it is what makes modding fun for when you do have time to get a beauty into game!

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Old 2015-05-19, 18:41   #4
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You'll only see the Sherman (which you already know) and Panzer IV-F2, IV-D, III-J and Stug III-B (perhaps not all these tanks, but this is what we have).

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Old 2015-05-24, 13:41   #5
FH2 Developer
Default Re: Possible tanks, perhaps? .... Please ?

Note that the Jagdtiger wasnt even used in Normandy and the Kingtiger only with the preproduction turret by Porsche.

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