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20 Jun 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2014-02-06, 22:28   #1

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Default Squad leader's markers end up at wrong places

I don't know if this is a bug, feature or just an Incompatible User Error, but I've been experiencing an issue where all the markers I place as a squad leader end up off the target almost every time. So, for example, when I find enemy fob at the middle of the map and try to spot it for the team, the fob symbol usually appears couple of large grids off sideways. Thus the distance is correct, but the bearing is not.

This is how I do the spotting:
  1. Place attack marker on the map by either aiming the targer directly or by clicking the map
  2. Pull out the SL radio or cell phone
  3. Check the distance from the map screen
  4. Face the right direction so that my compass is perfectly aligned with the attack marker
  5. Set the contact distance via commo rose
  6. Set target type via commo rose
  7. Check the map just to see that my fob/inf/whatever symbol is nowhere near the attack marker and the actual target

There seem to be no common reason when my spottings go right or wrong. Sometimes the first one is off and when I try to repeat the procedure, suddenly it goes just fine. Then there are days when I can try two or three times in a row and all the map symbols end up at the same spot way off the target.
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Old 2014-02-06, 23:18   #2
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Default Re: Squad leader's markers end up at wrong places

The markers are done by python code, which is run on the server, and a change in rotation only happens when you change your position. So, when placing SL markers using the radio, after you have faced the right direction, just before you place it, move forward a little bit. Then you'll get accurate markers

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Old 2014-02-08, 16:24   #3

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Default Re: Squad leader's markers end up at wrong places

Oh, I see! Now it makes perfect sense because I've always been very careful about NOT moving when placing markers Thanks for the explanation!
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