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20 Jun 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2014-01-26, 18:54   #1

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Default Launcher's key mapping editor is broken

Editing key mappings in the launcher's PR Mumble tab is broken. Only one mapping can be done during the lifetime of the process.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Start the launcer from the Project Reality BF2 shortcut.
  2. Go to Options > PR Mumble tab
  3. Try to make two new keyboard mappings. I tried to map functions Volume Down (10%) and Volume Up (10%) to keys F11 and F12 respectively.
  4. After making the first mapping (volume up -> F12), clicking the second function automatically maps primary mouse button to that function and it cannot be undone even after applying the settings and closing and re-opening the options dialog.
  5. The only way to make two mappins is to make one at the time, complely quitting the launcer via exit-button and then staring launcher again.
Expected behaviour:
Program doesn't interpret mouse click that changes focus from one function to anoter as an intent to map mouse button to that function.

Tested on:
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Old 2014-01-26, 21:32   #2
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Default Re: Launcher's key mapping editor is broken

same thing here....

btw, it was like this in previous versions..... i think i reported it.. not sure...
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Old 2014-02-16, 05:14   #3

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Default Re: Launcher's key mapping editor is broken

Bumping this as I was about to post it myself.

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broken, editor, key, launcher, mapping
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