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20 Jun 2021, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:BF2 General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality: BF2 modification.

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Old 2010-08-30, 18:16   #31

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Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

Well about the physics of the suppression effect distorting your senses, I did say presumably. But I did read somewhere long, long, time ago about them explaining holly wood fire fights being very unrealistic and how there is little effect of flying bullets on the subjects. But this part, would be my educated guess:

The bullet travelling through the air, for certain guns, will have the bullet breaking the sound barrier. The sonic boom would be silent, however, the energy released from the bullet travelling through the air, dramatically, and briefly changes the air pressure around it; including temperature. This would cause a very brief moment of decreased hearing (if you ever noticed sometimes, it feels like your ear drum pops in and out (like a spasm) for a split second and then your head becomes warm in randomness; and you hear a short beep noise--this can also be caused by, which is said below this: from lack of sleep or stress).

I don't believe that this will change your vision, but stress can. Under fire, the subject is suddenly being rushed by cortisone running through the body because of muscle stress, fear, and mental stability trying to concentrate on the situation. Along with this, epinephrine will also be injected into the body; fast enough to create light-headedness and shortness of breath, which can make the your vision appear or feel flashy and hazy for a short moment... and then you start to feel active and alerted. Even for a veteran (but less dramatic), stress will always come, acting with fear to create the lose of awareness for a short period of time. This would also affect muscle reactions and tensions--you might feel jittery when firing your gun back or your leg muscles trembling when running away.

I'm not saying that the suppression effect is based on real life events, but perhaps those suppression effects would most likely be caused by stress and adrenaline so it would give them a lack of situational awareness like many have said above.

What I always wanted to see was, if you were wounded (like got shot in the leg or arm)--you won't be able to run efficiently or have decreased stability in the arms and deviation. But that's just me and Idk if the BF2 engine can do such a thing.
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Old 2010-08-30, 18:25   #32

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Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

I usually run away/take cover. Then I pop my head out and shoot randomly to enemy position.
THEN I DIE! Sometimes I stop and thing: What I would do in real life...? Take cover? yeah! but moment later Im assaulting them.
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Old 2010-08-30, 18:30   #33
Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

Originally Posted by ChizNizzle View Post
There is not much that can be done since the thing is just a shader effect im afraid.

I've told this couple of times that i had a strange bug, when suppression effect kicked in, my whole screan was black and then faded in. It worked really great, but, a bit TOO great since i didnt see anything...

So im suggesting a much more violent darkening of the scren or even full black for a fraction when effect starts, like you blinked/eyes are shit (if supression is prolongued).
This idea is a little bit darastic although very realistic; after playing paintball the first time yesterday one of my friends and I were going at it, he was on the second story a building so he had a little better of a position on me. Long story short, I ended up running like hell spraying with my eyes shut, I won us the round too.
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Old 2010-08-30, 19:56   #34

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Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

Originally Posted by AurianTitan View Post
What makes you ACTUALLY withdraw while under fire?
Nothing. There is no way to make virtual life valuable, which is the root cause of many game play issues in shooters - including PR.

There are times I try to get into safe instead of shooting back, but it usually happens only when I'm on the move and get under fire without warning.
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Old 2010-08-30, 20:03   #35
Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

Depending on the availability of cover, and whether I know where the shots are coming from, there is usually enough visual information that the I can still target the hostile and return relatively accurate fire, at least accurate enough to suppress him.

I think various physiological effects from the fight or flight response may be accurate, some side effects of being shot at may include increased heart rate, shaking and acceleration of reflexes, which may make it more difficult to aim a rifle (increase deviation?) and tunnel vision (add a blur effect that narrows the field of view).

Of course, these effects might be lower in soldiers, who presumably have been trained to a certain degree against these effects.

Additionally, it causes loss of bladder, which can be added with each soldier being able to leave a puddle of shame, with corresponding change in uniform appearance.
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Old 2010-08-30, 20:18   #36

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Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

When someone is supressing me I keep my head down and covered, then try to move to a safe zone preferable out of enemy line of sight. I warn my squad and ask for help and cover while i'm retreating. After all that it's HUNT TIME!
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Old 2010-08-30, 22:10   #37

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Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

Nothing. I just move and try to get a different angle to shoot the guy. Once a firefight has started, one of us has to die and I just do whatever I can to make sure that isn't me.

The Soviets may have only gotten as far as East Germany, but they took the rest of the continent without firing a single shot.

NObama 2012!
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Old 2010-08-30, 22:43   #38

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Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

yeah, i do value my "life" a little more in PR because it is a rather long wait to respawn and usually even longer to get back to the fight. as for shoting back, you have 8 clips with most kits(compaired to 4 from vBF2), so it makes supression a viable tactic. you dont have to be stingy with the ammo. and deviation has nothing to do with it. shooting to supress means you dont actually have to hit your target.

when im being fired at and supressed, i tend to shoot back in hopes of supressing my attacker. it usually doesnt work, so i would withdraw.

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Old 2010-08-31, 09:11   #39
Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

It's not the respawn time, it's the walking time. Definitely the walking time. Oh and more walking time.
When I'm getting shot at, I usually don't get suppressed and just die.
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Old 2010-08-31, 10:10   #40
Default Re: Suppression Effect: What makes you withdraw?

I haven't played PR in weeks but this thread got me thinking how I do play.

1: Do you think that since PR has a longer re-spawn time than other games, does that make you value your "life" more so you don't have to get transported back into position? (Or any other time consuming factor)
90% of the time I play medic, and half the time the squad prefers the medic in a rearward position. In most situations when surpressed I take cover, but not necessarily retreat unless its close (~100m)

2: Is there a PR mentality that you received while playing this game, and you just subconsciously withdraw under fire?
I retreat in nearly all FPS. It is as important to disrupt the enemies' situational awareness as it is to maintain your own. Withdrawing is an important way to throw your enemy off (So long as they don't have you pinned down in the open, in which case it's a sprint to nearest cover)

3: How about that you depend much on seeing your enemy so if you're suppressed, you don't shoot back?
A lot of the time surpression is exactly that, just bullets landing near you, as opposed to aimed fire. Firing back while blinded just gives your position away to everyone, allowing the enemy to pinpoint your position. Unless it's clear where the enemy is, my priority as medic keeps me thinking about my safety above killing the enemy.

4: Do you want to save ammo and not waste it on blindly shooting?
No, but once again shooting blindly is a job left to the AR. (and still something I don't like)

5: Or do you think suppression allows for an opportunity for moving to a better position to take out the target before he suppresses you again?
It does. In a quick skirmish with minimal cover, or being caught in the open, attempting to suppress and move is your only draw card.

6: Its not worth the engagement.
Probably the key to my mindset is stealth, so avoiding firefights is useful in a lot of maps, though hard to gather like-minded people in a squad.

7: The PR deviation is difficult so its not worth trying.
No different to being suppressed or unsuppressed if you're talking about deviation, though the double vision of heavy suppression can make it pretty damn hard to aim.

8: You don't want to lose a ticket for the team... YOU'RE A TEAM PLAYER! :P
Probably the least important in my mind. I just rarely think of tickets as a personal priority. Taking objectives costs tickets, its just a matter of doing your job efficiently, helping the squad work effectively, and dying as little as possible to keep ticket loss at a minimum.

9: Other?
Vehicles, explosives, lack of cover during an approach, being wounded is also a big one (since as I said before a lot of medics stay a little behind the squad), needing to rearm, recently lasing a target that's a little too close (covered under explosives I guess), squad just got annihilated, SL says "Ghostick, slow down"... I could go on.

But I suppose the word withdraw isn't very specific; falling back 10m and falling back to a flag 200m away are the extremes but I think of both as withdrawals.
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