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Old 2009-01-23, 10:06   #21

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Default Re: Torrents? What are they?

Ancient, that link comes up as a big white box for me.

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Default Re: Torrents? What are they?

IMO torrents are a ancient medium, i exclusivly download my "stuff" from news servers.

More reliable, more complete and most important better speeds!

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Old 2009-01-23, 11:26   #23

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Default Re: Torrent?

Originally Posted by waldo_ii View Post
Person A is on a network, and has 100% of a file. This person is a seeder.
Person B connects to the network, starts downloading from person A.
Person C connects to the network when person B is at 50%. Person C downloads part from person A, and part from person B at the same time.
Person D connects while A=100, B=75, C=25. D will download from all three.
Person B reaches 100%. Since person B is a douchebag, he will now disconnect from the torrent.
Person C reaches 100%. Since he is cool, he will stay around for a while and let people download off of him.

It keeps going.
I think im Person B, i never have the patience to stick around, plus it slows my internet connection so down that i cant actually use firefox...

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Old 2009-01-23, 18:37   #24

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Default Re: Torrents? What are they?

I think I'm person D, has such a slow internet connection atm for some reason that nobody wants to dl off him, and he's taking over 7 hours just to dl himself

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