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Old 2018-05-15, 02:54   #151
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

Originally Posted by [R-CON]Harmonikater View Post
I fixed two bugs in the lightmap name and size generation, link updated. No idea why it worked for me before...

And I tested the statics you posted, they all loaded in fine for me. The logs don't say anything about them not loading, so not sure yet what's happening there.

Since you've all worked with 3dsMax lightmapping for quite a while, have you guys been able to derive straightforward "conversion factors" between editor lightmap settings and 3dsmax settings? E.g. if GILightsIntensity is x use Skylight Intensity y in Max?
(Ultimate goal here would be a fully automated process where we can create lightmaps with just a command line call)
BFHD is begging for true 2k lightmaps, the actual guide seems too complicated for me.

That would be an awesome graphic update.
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Old 2018-05-30, 02:13   #152
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

Originally Posted by dnamro View Post
I want to share my testing with 3ds MAX 2009 and Windows 10. I want to point out that if your having issues with trying to use older versions of 3ds max on Windows 10, if the BF2 tools don't work, it is probably a Win 10 security issue, not a BF2 tool plugin problem......
The best solution is to install a Win10 Enterprise LTSB (Long Term Service Branch) version. This gives you more control as an Enterprise edition and only updates security issues with no feature updates that screw with your system. Some features, including the Windows Store and bundled apps, are not included in this version... which is also a good thing. The LTSB version is designed to work as an OS in sensitive machinery or a kiosk that cannot afford to be affected by feature updates and Microsoft bloatware that affect the system integrity and the programs that rely on it.
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Old 2018-05-31, 11:36   #153
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

Is that possible to create new 3P Animation Template from existing animations?
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Old 2018-06-21, 06:17   #154
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

Any test on Max 2019?

Ok, tested, it's working
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Old 2018-09-08, 12:55   #155
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Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

It's been a while so not sure if I reported this before but it's currently crashing on staticobjects.con loading on all objects that use a bundlemesh as childobject (chain on a toilet, wire on a wiredfence etc, glass on a lantern). Removing those from loading fixes the problem. But IMO those should just be skipped from loading if they are a bundlemesh and not cause a crash.

Currently though at the end of loading in statics it still crashes with the following error:

timer ParseConFile: 21593ms
timer LoadGeom    : 240383ms
setupLightmapSettings() 3204
objName  dev_house
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1129.709961,-1118.170044,246.720001]
  dev_house=00=-112=24=-111 (1024X1024)
  dev_house=01=-112=24=-111 (512X512)
  dev_house=02=-112=24=-111 (256X256)
  dev_house=03=-112=24=-111 (128X128)
objName  bgf_house01
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1535.000000,-2256.189941,217.490005]
  bgf_house01=00=-153=21=-225 (256X256)
  bgf_house01=01=-153=21=-225 (128X128)
  bgf_house01=02=-153=21=-225 (128X128)
  bgf_house01=03=-153=21=-225 (64X64)
objName  b_haus02
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1403.220093,-2351.320068,247.559998]
  b_haus02=00=-140=24=-235 (256X256)
  b_haus02=01=-140=24=-235 (256X256)
  b_haus02=02=-140=24=-235 (128X128)
  b_haus02=03=-140=24=-235 (64X64)
objName  b_ruine02
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1768.300049,-2936.810059,253.959991]
  b_ruine02=00=-176=25=-293 (128X128)
  b_ruine02=01=-176=25=-293 (64X64)
  b_ruine02=02=-176=25=-293 (32X32)
  b_ruine02=03=-176=25=-293 (16X16)
objName  farmhouse
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-2387.890137,-961.740051,274.220001]
  farmhouse=00=-238=27=-96 (512X512)
  farmhouse=01=-238=27=-96 (256X256)
  farmhouse=02=-238=27=-96 (128X128)
  farmhouse=03=-238=27=-96 (128X128)
objName  farmhouse_destroyed
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-981.859985,-3631.570068,280.160004]
  farmhouse_destroyed=00=-98=28=-363 (8X8)
  farmhouse_destroyed=01=-98=28=-363 (4X4)
  farmhouse_destroyed=02=-98=28=-363 (4X4)
  farmhouse_destroyed=03=-98=28=-363 (4X4)
objName  guardhut
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-703.949951,-613.270020,246.669998]
  guardhut=00=-70=24=-61 (256X256)
  guardhut=01=-70=24=-61 (256X256)
  guardhut=02=-70=24=-61 (256X256)
objName  mg_bunker_01
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [2033.549927,-3268.160156,274.369995]
  mg_bunker_01=00=203=27=-326 (256X256)
  mg_bunker_01=01=203=27=-326 (256X256)
  mg_bunker_01=02=203=27=-326 (256X256)
objName  windmill
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [1298.300049,-1570.239990,317.040009]
  windmill=00=129=31=-157 (128X128)
  windmill=01=129=31=-157 (64X64)
  windmill=02=129=31=-157 (32X32)
objName  cafe_normandie_general
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-613.040039,-2916.090088,248.069992]
  cafe_normandie_general=00=-61=24=-291 (1024X1024)
  cafe_normandie_general=01=-61=24=-291 (512X512)
  cafe_normandie_general=02=-61=24=-291 (256X256)
  cafe_normandie_general=03=-61=24=-291 (128X128)
objName  cafe_normandie_dest
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-559.599976,-2936.750000,248.000000]
  cafe_normandie_dest=00=-55=24=-293 (1024X1024)
  cafe_normandie_dest=01=-55=24=-293 (512X512)
  cafe_normandie_dest=02=-55=24=-293 (256X256)
  cafe_normandie_dest=03=-55=24=-293 (128X128)
objName  dev_house
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1005.369995,-3094.979980,248.919998]
  dev_house=00=-100=24=-309 (1024X1024)
  dev_house=01=-100=24=-309 (512X512)
  dev_house=02=-100=24=-309 (256X256)
  dev_house=03=-100=24=-309 (128X128)
objName  bgf_villagehouse1
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1553.719971,-1866.069946,250.000000]
  bgf_villagehouse1=00=-155=25=-186 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse1=01=-155=25=-186 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse1=02=-155=25=-186 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse1=03=-155=25=-186 (256X256)
objName  bgf_villagehouse2
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [708.980042,-920.630005,245.000000]
  bgf_villagehouse2=00=70=24=-92 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse2=01=70=24=-92 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse2=02=70=24=-92 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse2=03=70=24=-92 (256X256)
objName  bgf_villagehouse3
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-3277.699951,2959.790039,262.450012]
  bgf_villagehouse3=00=-327=26=295 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse3=01=-327=26=295 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse3=02=-327=26=295 (256X256)
  bgf_villagehouse3=03=-327=26=295 (256X256)
objName  bg_russianvillagehouse2
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [429.299988,-2585.629883,255.729996]
  bg_russianvillagehouse2=00=42=25=-258 (128X128)
  bg_russianvillagehouse2=01=42=25=-258 (64X64)
  bg_russianvillagehouse2=02=42=25=-258 (32X32)
objName  house07
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [160.039993,-3212.879883,249.529999]
  house07=00=16=24=-321 (256X256)
  house07=01=16=24=-321 (256X256)
  house07=02=16=24=-321 (256X256)
objName  house09a
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1208.979980,-1710.030029,249.279999]
  house09a=00=-120=24=-171 (256X256)
  house09a=01=-120=24=-171 (256X256)
  house09a=02=-120=24=-171 (256X256)
objName  house09
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [73.470001,-2921.879883,249.459991]
  house09=00=7=24=-292 (256X256)
  house09=01=7=24=-292 (256X256)
  house09=02=7=24=-292 (256X256)
objName  house04
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-726.920044,-3168.819824,250.039993]
  house04=00=-72=25=-316 (256X256)
  house04=01=-72=25=-316 (256X256)
  house04=02=-72=25=-316 (256X256)
objName  frm_barn_clsd
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-2739.030273,-895.750000,256.440002]
  frm_barn_clsd=00=-273=25=-89 (128X128)
  frm_barn_clsd=01=-273=25=-89 (64X64)
  frm_barn_clsd=02=-273=25=-89 (32X32)
  frm_barn_clsd=03=-273=25=-89 (16X16)
objName  ukr_barn
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-208.470001,-3236.440186,249.380005]
  ukr_barn=00=-20=24=-323 (128X128)
  ukr_barn=01=-20=24=-323 (64X64)
  ukr_barn=02=-20=24=-323 (32X32)
  ukr_barn=03=-20=24=-323 (16X16)
objName  rock02
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [3678.530029,728.529968,270.660004]
  rock02=00=367=27=72 (256X256)
objName  rock02
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [2450.129883,-845.979980,260.359985]
  rock02=00=245=26=-84 (256X256)
objName  st_martins_church
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1006.750000,-2878.949951,250.000000]
  st_martins_church=00=-100=25=-287 (1024X1024)
  st_martins_church=01=-100=25=-287 (512X512)
  st_martins_church=02=-100=25=-287 (256X256)
  st_martins_church=03=-100=25=-287 (128X128)
objName  rathaus
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1623.329956,-2593.340088,250.419998]
  rathaus=00=-162=25=-259 (128X128)
  rathaus=01=-162=25=-259 (64X64)
  rathaus=02=-162=25=-259 (32X32)
  rathaus=03=-162=25=-259 (16X16)
objName  bgf_house01
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1628.370117,-2220.390137,217.520004]
  bgf_house01=00=-162=21=-222 (256X256)
  bgf_house01=01=-162=21=-222 (128X128)
  bgf_house01=02=-162=21=-222 (128X128)
  bgf_house01=03=-162=21=-222 (64X64)
objName  24m_1
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-1067.289917,-1705.010010,247.750000]
  24m_1=00=-106=24=-170 (256X256)
  24m_1=01=-106=24=-170 (128X128)
  24m_1=02=-106=24=-170 (64X64)
objName  7200f
 geomNode  $Dummy:geom0 @ [-2331.360107,-2200.890137,247.750000]
-- Error occurred in bf2_lightmaps_getLmFname(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\bf2\statics\; position: 1110; line: 39
--  Frame:
--   objName: 7200f
--   lodNum: 0
--   s: 0.1
--   pos: [-2331.36,-2200.89,247.75]
--   geomNum: 0
--   obj: $4m=0
--   ext: ""
--   lodPart: undefined
--   called in j loop; filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\bf2\statics\; position: 6824; line: 282
--  Frame:
--   lmSizeY: 256
--   lodObj: $4m=0
--   be: undefined
--   lmSizeStr: #("256.0")
--   lmFname: undefined
--   lmSizeX: 256
--   bakeInterface: undefined
--   fileOutName: undefined
--   j: 1
--   called in i loop; filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\bf2\statics\; position: 7857; line: 315
--  Frame:
--   objName: 7200f
--   geomI: 0
--   lastLightmapSize: 256
--   i: 29
--   lodNum: 0
--   geomNode: $geom0
--   obj: $root_staticmesh_4m
--   lmSizes: #(#("256.0", "128.0", "64.0"))
--   called in setupLightmapSettings(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\bf2\statics\; position: 7953; line: 320
--  Frame:
--   be_elementName: ""
--   mapChan: 9
--   objs: #($root_staticmesh_dev_house, $root_staticmesh_bgf_house01, $root_staticmesh_b_haus02, $root_staticmesh_b_ruine02, $root_staticmesh_farmhouse, $root_staticmesh_farmhouse_destroyed, $root_staticmesh_guardhut, $root_staticmesh_mg_bunker_01, $root_staticmesh_windmill, $root_staticmesh_cafe_normandie_general, $root_staticmesh_cafe_normandie_dest, $root_staticmesh_dev_house, $root_staticmesh_bgf_villagehouse1, $root_staticmesh_bgf_villagehouse2, $root_staticmesh_bgf_villagehouse3, $root_staticmesh_bg_russianvillagehouse2, $root_staticmesh_house07, $root_staticmesh_house09a, $root_staticmesh_house09, $root_staticmesh_house04, ...)
--   be_filename: ".tga"
--   pass_method: ""
--   PADDING: 3
--   defaultLMSize: "128"
--   called in btnImportBuildings.pressed(); filename: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\bf2\statics\; position: 18736; line: 616
--  Frame:
--   forLightmaps: true
--   fname: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr_repo\levels\reichswald\StaticObjects.con"
--   objSet: #($root_staticmesh_dev_house, $root_staticmesh_bgf_house01, $root_staticmesh_b_haus02, $root_staticmesh_b_ruine02, $root_staticmesh_farmhouse, $root_staticmesh_farmhouse_destroyed, $root_staticmesh_guardhut, $root_staticmesh_mg_bunker_01, $root_staticmesh_windmill, $root_staticmesh_cafe_normandie_general, $root_staticmesh_cafe_normandie_dest, $root_staticmesh_dev_house, $root_staticmesh_bgf_villagehouse1, $root_staticmesh_bgf_villagehouse2, $root_staticmesh_bgf_villagehouse3, $root_staticmesh_bg_russianvillagehouse2, $root_staticmesh_house07, $root_staticmesh_house09a, $root_staticmesh_house09, $root_staticmesh_house04, ...)
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Incompatible types: 7200f, and "=" <<
there is no object though called 7200f that I'm loading in staticobjects.con, so not sure what's going on here. It looked to happen on the object '4m' so removing that made it pass. So something wrong with that static? Or name too short? Can't think of anything else that makes this static unique.

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Old 2019-01-30, 10:41   #156
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

Well, last year I gave up on trying to get windows 10 and 3ds Max exporter to play together and just stayed working on a windows 7 system, but that laptop recently died.

So now I am running into issues with the BF2 exporter not working with this current build of windows 10. I have tested this version with Max 2019, a plugin that works with max 2009 and another plugin for max 9. For the older versions I am using compatibility settings for the oldest version of windows possible and running as admin. When installing the 3ds Max service packs and hotfixes, I did have one message about an issue with a Win 10 security Update. I did not capture the error message and I did not pop up again when I reinstalled the service packs.

Using the pause and debug button options in the exporter, I can see that there are .dat and .mat files created for the object, but that is as far as it goes. There are no error messages that I can see and no other files created. Without the debug, the .dat and .mat files are created and then deleted.

Any suggestions for further troubleshooting that I can do? Importing and other functions work. It is only exporting that is not fully working.

I recommend that anyone trying to use the BF2 plugins and any version of 3dsmax to stay away from Windows 10. 2018 is the oldest version that Autodesk says is certified for Windows 10. All 32 bit versions of 3ds max that I have tried have graphic artifact issues when using the pop up menu ( I have tested max 9 and 2009).
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Old 2019-01-30, 17:08   #157
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Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

Have you tried with a scene that you know exports correctly? I doubt it's an issue with win10. If anything either a problem with Max2019 9r with your export scene.

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Old 2019-02-01, 11:55   #158
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

yes, I have tried exporting scenes that I have exported previously on another OS.

When I tried max 2009 a year ago, with Max 10, I kept running into the same issue, but at that time reinstalling the updates fixed the problem temporarily. ... and Max 2009 is too old to receive any new updates

There are updates available for max 2019, but they are not installing either.

I am tired of fighting with Win 10 and 3ds Max in general. I will try again the next time I do a clean install of windows and 3ds Max. In the mean time, I will set up another system or set up with an older OS to export.

If anyone has better luck, please let me know.
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Old 2019-02-02, 16:21   #159
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

An issue in lightmapping. (using 0.46a plugin with 3dsmax 2014)
When I load everything into the scene and save it as an .max file, close 3dsmax and then reopen it, maxscript complains about "undefined" variables in function bf2_loadLightmapSizeTxt which I think related to unintialized global variable g_BF2LmTxtSizes.
I noticed that you use getLMSetting on opening the lightmapping rollout to initialize global variables, is g_BF2LmTxtSizes left out?
Also if I load staticobjects first then the terrain, maxscript complains about g_bf2_lightMappingSeaLevel. Storing global variables in $_TERRAIN object may not be the best idea, maybe you can store them in an external project file?
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Old 2019-02-06, 14:00   #160
Default Re: Experimental updated 3dsMax Tools. Newer Max versions support and more.

I am making progress with windows 10. Part of the export process is to run sceneparse. So I ran it seperately and got a error message indicating that it needed a dx9 dll file. So I run the directX end user runtime and it was able to run sceneparse without an error message.
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