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03 Apr 2020, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Old 2020-03-02, 15:10   #21
Default Re: Beirut

Originally Posted by Outlawz7 View Post
Fixed, v1.6 still delayed.

Is there any statement from the devs on the status of 1.6?

PR needs a medic quick! Do you copy?

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Default Re: Beirut

Originally Posted by TBoy205 View Post
Is there any statement from the devs on the status of 1.6?

PR needs a medic quick! Do you copy?

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Old 2020-03-27, 19:42   #23
Default Re: Beirut

So, current APC balance on this map is really poor. BRDM-2+BTR-80 destroy 2x M113 whit no problems, and then Russian APCs are able to dominate IDF infantry in long Beirut streets whit almost 0 cover. Effectivly, good APC squad can easily have 40+ kills whit almost 0 loses by end of the round, whit 0 opposition from IDF, excluding possible Merkava, if it survives long enough to deal whit APCs (usually not happening). In same times, that same APC squad can hold off any IDF push almost alone in this point.

In my opinion, there is two ways to balance map.
1. By giving IDF M163 AAV whit 10 minute delay and 15 minute respawn time, IDF will get more effective light vehicle killer. Bad side would be bigger threat to Russian Mi-8 fleet, which can be offset by adding extra logi truck. Ultimately, IDF would get effective counter to Russian APCs, while they will be able to kill M163, but whit more work put in that fight. On plus not, this will also be able stop constant combat engineer behind IDF lines that mines every possible exit road from IDF main and is constantly supplied by Mi-8.
2. Replace or delay BTR-80 or BRDM-2 while Russians would get MT-LB at start whit .50cal to compensate. MT-LB is I think easier to be killed by M72 compared to BTR-80 and BRDM-2, but I didnt test this.
3. Maybe add TOW Humvee to IDF side and give Russians BTR-80A?

On other note connected to this map, I also think IDF needs logistic buff. Russia just has better logistic support compared to IDF. In practice, that means that Russian side will in longer fight place and rebuild more FOBs compared to IDF, while in same time able to destroy much more rear IDF FOBs. I think it is not bad idea to add one more M35 logistic to IDF.
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