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16 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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Default PRTA One-Life Event - Swordfish - 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

One-Life Event - Swordfish

PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Swordfish | 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Op. Marlin
Time/Date: 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

The situation

Terrorist threats in the east part of Beirut have reached a critical point. UN has deployed forces primarily to secure the French embassy and the UN outpost. Routine peacekeeping patrols on other key areas were also on the agenda.

Syrian wing of MEC forces is exploiting the unrest to go after the industrial and logistical parts of the city, also aiming for the TV station for propaganda purposes.

Considered a direct attack on UN forces, France has deployed troops to help defend the city an douse all hostile activities in the region as both sides scrape against eachother in the frantic fight to take control of the area.

Mission intel

French Army assets: 2x Trans Truck, 2x Logi Truck, 1x APC
MEC assets: 2x Trans Truck, 2x Logi Truck, 1x APC
No mortars, no TOW, no AA.
Both teams hold in main for 10 minutes.

One life?

Fight in the upcoming One-Life event and be a part of one the most thrilling rounds of PR you have ever played! Every decision you make on the battlefield might be your last, as there is no forgiveness with the no-respawn policy. Work closely with your squad mates, keep them alive and listen to every order your squad leader gives you, take your squad on an epic and immersive path to victory as a squad leader or even command the battle if you can take the pressure. Tactical movement, situational awareness, suppression, retreating and many other skills are vital to the well-being of your squad and team. Remember, the lives of others depend on your actions!

One-Life, or perma-death events are created to bring you the ultimate emotional experience PR has to offer. Although the events have a slightly altered game mechanics, the core gameplay stays exactly the same. However, competitiveness and continuous action take the back seat to the incredible adrenaline rush of having just one shot at the mission and planning every move with utmost care.


Once you give up, or the revive timer hits zero and you are forced to respawn (you get 1 on the death count), you are not eligible to play any more and will be automatically removed from the server with a temporary ban for the duration of the event.

Although the event does not feature sign-ups of any kind, chain of command is to be respected at all times. If there is a CO present, squad leaders must act out his orders unless specified otherwise - Same goes for squad members. Any insubordination is a kickable offense.

There are no other rules (except standard PRTA Server Rules), so the outcome is completely in the hands of the team.

Additional tweaks
  • Realism changes. Besides the obvious one-life policy (applies to vehicles as well), there is a variety of other tweaks to bring the gameplay closer to reality ranging from improved bullet characteristics and damage to a revised stamina system. Taking weapons from crates and spawning on FOB/RP is also disabled. Wounded states are also changed, meaning you can be critically wounded for 15 minutes and must not get shot in the next 10 minutes from being revived to regain the revive ability.
  • Technical changes. Commander slot is disabled, and CO's have to lead from an existing squad, named properly starting with a CO in the squad name. Round start timer is also increased to 5 minutes with an additional 10 minute hold in the main base. Squads can only be created when spawn-in is available, to give everybody an equal chance. Scoring is disabled. Vehicles don't cost tickets.
  • Deployables changes. To place an FOB, 3 large crates are needed and for deployables, additional 3 large crates are needed. Double the value with small crates. You can now deploy statics up to 300m from the FOB, if the necessary crates are in 200m range. Number of FOBs is 2 per team. Maximum deployables is 50 + 8 HMGs per team, this includes foxholes, razor wires, sandbags etc. - they all can be used on one FOB or split in any manner if 2 FOBs are built. AT, AA and MORTAR emplacements vary depending on the scenario.
  • Insurgency & civilian changes. As the approach to each cache in 1L mode will be much slower and cautious, the number has been lowered. Blufor needs 100 intel points to get info about the second cache, and it will take 20 minutes to reveal one. If you capture an insurgent with the restrainers, you will get 100 IP, however you can get 10 IP by killing insurgents in a range of 100m. Shooting and killing a civilian will deduct 50 IP, destroying a civilian car will deduct 25 IP. Blufor also doesn't get a ticket boost when destroying a cache. Respecting ROE is a must. When you down the second civilian, you die - therefore the server will automatically remove you. It only takes 10 seconds after dropping and INS/HAMAS kit to become a civilian, and 10 seconds after getting in a civilian vehicle for the vehicle to become a civilian vehicle. However being in close proximity to armed fighters for any amount of time will reset the timer and you can be shot for helping the insurgency.
Authors notes

After a successful first test of the Conquest V2 system of multiple flags, a new iteration will be used for this event, with 9 flags in total randomly picked out of the 20 locations available on the map, amounting to 167960 possible combinations of flags. This makes it more focused with an "ideal" 4-1-4 system, but the way teams go about picking flags is still at their discretion, which means there is more scouting needed even at the start of the game. Also starting tickets lowered to 77, so that if one team wants to successfully mount a last stand, they actually have to hold the last flag. Lower flag count also means that if one team is losing heavily, the out-capping process is not so lengthy, which creates a better endgame capability without needed admin/GM presence. The names of the flags are of course irrelevant and the radiuses are not as written.

Feedback after the event would be much appreciated and can be posted here: One-Life Feedback Thread

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Heavy Death
Default Re: One-Life Event - Swordfish - 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

Possible flag locations:

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Default Re: One-Life Event - Swordfish - 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

at least I can now play with the new computer.does the map have to be down loaded or is it the normal map??
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Heavy Death
Default Re: One-Life Event - Swordfish - 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

No downloads needed, just come and get into it.

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Default Re: One-Life Event - Swordfish - 19:00 PRT, 19th January 2019

Really hope I won't be late this time. Will set up alert on phone.
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1900, 19th, 2019, event, january, onelife, prt, swordfish
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