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19 Jan 2019, 00:00:00 (PRT)
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PR:WWII General Discussion General discussion of the Project Reality WWII modification.

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Old 2016-01-05, 03:20   #1
Christopher Chance
Default Most Epic D-Day Invasion

An amazing game, and what a match. Invaded the beach, but thing's got rough. I ended out separated from my entire squad, but tried to advance the lines. So a small group of 4 of us formed an unofficial squad behind enemy lines, and went hunting for some FOB's. Little did we know we would actually come upon one, and sabotaged the enemy. Amazing gameplay check it out guys!
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Old 2016-01-05, 23:54   #2
PR:BF2 Contributor

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Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

In one game, I've also seen a squad leader rallying up the people that made it to the beach wall for an assault whether they were his squad members or not, it's basically like how it happened, due to the confusion and loss of manpower, the highest ranking officer takes charge.

I love every bit of it and that's an impressive beach assault and a lovely bit of behind enemy lines part.
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Old 2016-01-06, 00:39   #3
PR:BF2 Developer

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Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

Nice video, I like watching it. Some feedback tho, the music over powered alot of the talking and ingame sound some of the times, kinda killed the immersion. But cool none the less

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Old 2016-01-16, 10:25   #4

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Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

Ive had the best WW2 Omaha experience in this mod.

Ive played quite a few, i.e. MoH, DoD, BF, Darkest Hour, etc but none of them comes close to the well balanced and well ambianced experience in scale, realism and suspense like this version!

This is what I have always wanted WW2 Omaha to be in a game and it's now finally realized!
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Old 2016-06-05, 21:49   #5
Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

Scale Models
FB page :

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Old 2016-06-06, 07:52   #6
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Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

If you like WW2 action figures, have a look at this Youtube channel: It's someone who creates these little 'movies' with action figures. It's actually quite cool, really well made if you ask me.

For example:

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Old 2016-07-21, 20:52   #7
Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

@Christopher Chance - That was awesome dude. Thanks for sharing that video. PS:The music choice was dope. I just bought inception on Youtube like a week ago - cuz of the music!
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Old 2016-08-14, 22:46   #8
Christopher Chance
Default Re: Most Epic D-Day Invasion

Thanks TikTik! Yeah Inception is one awesome movie to boot.
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dday, epic, invasion
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